Best Paintball Gun Reviews 2021 – Top 12 Markers & Buying Guide

Finding the Best Paintball Gun in the current era can be a bit tricky with so many budget-friendly and high-end options available in the market.

Problems like air leakage, low shooting accuracy and range, difficulty in assembly and disassembly, low comfortability while holding and carrying, extreme kickback after each shot, and noise are common in most paintball markers.

Furthermore, batteries run out during the play, feed neck problems, huge noise, and tons of wiring and parts to be taken care of (cleaning and maintenance) are also common in paintball guns.

So how would you find the model that suits your style of play whether you are a beginner or a pro?

The good news is,

After hours of research and data gathering, we have compiled that data into our list of the top 12 best paintball guns which are categorized as traditional, and high-end markers.

We have eliminated most of the ordinary units. Only high selling and positively reviewed models are on our list. Each gun in our list is best in its way.

Our carefully written buyers guide is precisely designed to reflect the things to consider before purchasing a marker.

Whether you are an entry-level, intermediate, or professional paintball player, we are 100% sure you will the best paintball marker according to your style of play.

Let’s dive into it.




Tippmann Cronus 

  • Woodsball Friendly
  • Feels like a real rifle
  • Durable & easy to maintain



EMEK 100 mechanical

  • Upgradable
  • Adjustable sights
  • Accurate Shooting




Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R

  • Durable
  • Ultra-smooth shooting
  • Easy to maintain




  • 105PSi Operating Pressure
  • Latest GP Core Drive Train
  • Blade & Scythe Triggers



DLX Luxe X 

  • 20 – 30% more efficient
  • 3x times more Powerful Battery
  • USB-C charging port


Best Paintball Gun

Best Paintball Gun

In my humble opinion, the best paintball gun is one that shoots smoothly and accurately without any significant kickback. It must not be a pain in the ass while disassembling or cleaning.

The top paintball guns should be highly air and battery-efficient (if electronic). It should possess a decently sized barrel with enough porting to shoot and accurate shots. Quality ON/FF ASA, an ultra-efficient bolt engine, super comfy rubber grip, and the overall feel should be spacious enough to work without any restraints.

The trigger has to be smooth and easy to shoot. There should be tons of customization options available as well. Zero air leakage is also a feature of high-end paintball markers.

Above mentioned features are just my opinion. I am not saying you should agree with me, but being an expert and analyst, I have listed the most necessary and functional specs of the best paintball marker.

List of Top 12 Best Paintball Guns of 2021

Paintball GunRatingPrice
Luxe X Limited Edition⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro Paintball Gun⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
DLX Luxe X Paintball Gun⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Dye M3S Paintball Gun⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker⭐⭐⭐⭐
Planet Eclipse Etha 2⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Empire AXE 2.0 Paintball Gun⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Dye RIZE CZR Paintball Marker⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tippmann A-5 0.68 Caliber Paintball gun⭐⭐⭐⭐

Paintball Gun Comparision Table 



 Luxe X Limited Edition
  • Stylish Milling
  • USB charging
  • Exclusive S Trigger

Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro Paintball Gun
  • 105PSi Pressure
  • Uses 50% less air
  • Blade & Scythe Triggers

DLX Luxe X Paintball Gun
  • 20 – 30% more efficient
  • 3x Times more battry life
  • USB-C charging port

Dye M3S Paintball Gun 
  • Self-cleaning eye pipe
  • E.voke compatible
  • No LPR



Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R 
  • Comfy Rubber Grips
  • Flawless Shooting
  • Extremely Durable

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical 
  • Fire and Safety Mode
  • Super easy to clean
  • Quiet and Smooth shooting

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker
  • 15 Balls per Second
  • Woodsball legend
  • Classical Stock

Planet Eclipse Etha 2
  • Zero Jams
  • Pal enabled
  • Accurate at long range.

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun
  • Venting ASA regulator
  • Multiple firing modes
  • Anti-slip grips

Empire AXE 2.0 Paintball Gun
  • Big Gap between Grips
  • Easy Maintenance
  • High-end Performance

Dye RIZE CZR Paintball Marker
  • 14” DYE Core barrel
  • Low profile design
  • Air efficient

Tippmann A-5 0.68 Caliber Paintball gun
  • 200 Round Hopper
  • Tool-less Field Strip
  • Heavier and Stable

 1.  Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R Paintball Gun Review

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R Paintball Gun Review


  • A complete rebuild kit
  • Tool-less front grip where 9-volt sits
  • Ultra-comfortable rubber grips
  • Locking clamping feed neck
  • Pal compatible
  • Fully customizable trigger
  • Pop ASA
  • Velocity adjuster is at the bottom of the gun
  • Pull up, tool-less, improved Gamma core.
  • Super smooth shooting
  • Gamma Core Drivetrain
  • Smooth spool valve operation
  • Rapid-release bolt mechanism
  • Hoseless air transfer
  • 135 psi operating pressure
  • 2 piece 14-inch shaft barrel
  • Weight: 2+ pounds
  • Aluminum and composite manufacturing

 GTEK 170R Review 

Probably the best mid-range price paintball gun in the market. There are tons of positive reviews about GTEK 170R.

The updated version of 160R is lightweight, durable, super smooth while shooting, it has a lot of space to hold both grips, the gamma core is high air efficient, and it will give that high-end marker feel in mid-range price tag.

The previous 160R model and planet eclipse guns in general are known for having air transfer pipe that transfers air from the tank into the regulator, and back into the paintball gun.

To get rid of that air transfer tube, planet eclipse had to rearrange a lot of things in this marker. Now the regulator is inside the grip frame which is the same as most high-end guns nowadays.

It has the same grip frames and trigger frame feel as the previous 160R had.

Why choose the GTEK 170R paintball marker:

  • To free up space, planet eclipse moved the 9-volt battery into the foregrip. Getting rid of that battery freed up a ton of space in the rear grip frame.
  • Just like CS2 and other advanced guns, GTEK 170R’s regulator is adjustable on the bottom of the grip frame.
  • It comes with the latest pops ASA ON/OFF/. It is much easier to clean and service the regulators now.
  • It comes with an OLED screen on the back of the trigger frame. Kinda cool.
  • In the previous model, there were those scythe triggers with S-shape.
  • Now GTEK 170R comes with a blade trigger. Both are super cool. It all depends on the fingers and your preference.
  • Eye covers can be accessed without tools in It is usually a pain in the ass to clean and remove those eye covers. So it is a lifesaver feature.
  • This marker is using the low rise feed neck.
  • GTEK 170R is still using the gamma core engine which is air efficient, gentler on paint, and overall reliability.
 The efficiency of Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R: 

Your gas tank will always be full during the play. This marker does a fantastic job of saving the air. Gamma core does come into play. Air efficiency is a quality of top paintball guns.

GTEK is using breach sensing technology. Its purpose is to cover the firing chamber amid shots that will save tons of air.

No need to worry about pinching wires in GTEK 170R

During the disassembly, there were loads of wires on the GTEK 160R. Players usually end up pinching or breaking the wires while finding the right slots to inset those wires down the frame.

In the GTEK 170R, we don’t need to worry about wiring, solenoid, or anything. This the same setup style that planet eclipse is using in the CS2 paintball marker where solenoid, manifold, and everything is in the frame assembly.

 170R’s Weight: 

This marker is super lightweight considering the parts that are being used inside. It only weighs 2.5 pounds.

The lightweight frame and durability of the material increase the mobility on the field. It releases the pressure from the shoulders and the elbows.

  • Compact, lightweight, and durable
  • No wiring problem on the body
  • Gamma core is air efficient
  • No 80 pipes
  • Fairly easy to clean
  • Tool-less eye cover removal
  • Super smooth while shooting
  • Little sound and recoil
  • Low rise clamping locking feed neck
  • Super comfortable while handling and moving around
  • Less comfortable for big handed persons

 Final Verdict 

In my unpopular opinion, GTEK 170R may be the best medium-level paintball gun in the business.

It is close to those high-end markers in stability, accuracy, comfort, weight, air efficiency, and technology while maintaining that old school look.

It requires minimal maintenance. 170r is super easy to clean and handle. The Gamma core engine can handle brittle paint in tournaments.

The little changes and tweaks they have done to this gun make it more appealing and reliable. I highly recommend it.


Does the barrel fit all paint size?
The standard barrel size of GTEK 170R is .689 caliber. It comes with barrel inserts. Will fit most standard paint.

 2.  Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball Gun Review

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball Gun Review


  • F & S: Fire and safety mode
  • Hose-less air transfer
  • Quite on the field
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Super smooth operation
  • Locking lever feed neck
  • Close to 10BPS firing rate
  • Lightweight
  • 12” barrel
  • Super upgradable
  • Highly efficient Gamma Core spool valve
  • Aluminum internal body
  • GRN composite outer body
  • Tool-less grip disassembly
  • External ball detents removal using Allen wrench
  • Air-powered only
  • No batteries

 Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Reviews 

The mechanical version of ETHA 2 is Planet Eclipse’s EMEK 100 which is in my opinion the best mechanical paintball gun under 300. EMEK 100 has 99% positive feedback from paintballers.

This entry-level marker uses the high-tech Gamma core technology. The main objective of Tippmann was to make something so strong and durable that would replace though old Tippmann 98 models.

Rental players are hard on stuff, guns in general. That is why you would see those old models on the rental display.

Tippmann knocked it out of the park with their sturdy, durable, highly efficient, quiet, and air efficient Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 with improved ergonomics.

Why chose Planet Eclipse EMEK 100:

  • Strong as a concrete wall. Excellent for rental players.
  • Super quiet, handle fragile paintballs, and doesn’t kick much.
  • Single trigger mechanical frame with high-quality gamma core.
  • A great option for entry-level players under $300.
  • This top paintball gun is medium size with quality rubber grips to ensure a tighter grip when you run, dive, slide, or crawl.
  • The improved ergonomics release the pressure from the wrist and shoulders. Overall, feels comfortable in your hands.
  • It comes with a small barrel, but you can always upgrade it.
  • Because of its simple mechanical construction, it is far easier to maintain and clean than an electronic marker.
  • Fast feed rates. That is where pal enabled system comes into play. Require zero agitation to run the paint down the feed neck.
  • Keep playing game after game. It won’t fail in any situation. This marker is battle-tested.

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 pal enabled system


There is a small pushrod that fits through the bottom of the feed neck. As the bolt comes forward, it forces some of the air through the feed neck resulting in continuous agitation of that small rod.

When you pull the trigger, the air that normally goes out through the barrel, funnel up through the top causing the rod to jump up. It is super quick.

When the rod pops up, it pushes the button on the pal enabled loader, causing the loader to agitate. It keeps the paintballs fall freely into the feed neck without any battery of CO2.

Considering we are using a mechanical gun and gravity-fed hopper, the feed rate and shooting accuracy are way beyond any gravity-fed hopper, and mechanical gun.

Note: Pal loaders work fine with any other mechanical gun that doesn’t have the pal enabled system.
  • Super lightweight
  • One of the most durable mechanical paintball guns
  • Low recoil
  • Low pressure = 200 PSI
  • Sturdy rubber grip
  • Balanced and improved ergonomics
  • Crazy shooting accuracy
  • Gamma core system makes it more reliable
  • Easy on little paint
  • Small barrel

 Final Verdict 

In conclusion, I will give 10/10 to Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 marker. I would even say that EMEK 100 is the best paintball gun as far as mechanical markers are concerned.

Considering the budget, this marker works with a pal hopper, it is lightweight, long-lasting (true), highly accurate, feeds fast with the help of pal loader, and doesn’t make much noise.

Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with wires, batteries, and electronic parts. Cleaning them is a pain in the ass too. Switching back to old school badass guns once in a while will freshen up things.


How far can EMEK 100 shoot?
An approximate effective range of 100ft+.
Is EMEK 100 fully auto?
Is EMEK 100 pal enabled?
All the new models are Pal enabled.
What size Allen wrench is needed for EMEK 100’s feed neck?
There is a lever that will tighten and loosen the feed neck. You don’t need an Allen wrench.

 3.  Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Marker Review

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker- Review


  • Least expensive Tippmann gun
  • Medium-high Accuracy
  • Tactical Version has a classical stock
  • 15 – 20 BPS.
  • Best for Woodsball
  • 45+ meters range
  • Semi-automatic mechanical trigger.
  • Long-Lasting & Durable
  • Tight rubber grip
  • Open bolt blow black
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Stock Barrel length: 9 inches
  • Caliber: .68 caliber
  • Material: Nylon body.
  • Vertical grip
  • Co2 and HPA air capability
  • Gravity-fed

 Tippmann Cronus Review 

The Tippmann Cronus Tactical is the same gun as the standard Cronus, it just comes with a load of accessories to make it look more like a fully-fledged gun with an adjustable stock.

Tippmann is the highest quality gun makers in the market, and their Cronus marker is an affordable choice for beginners – intermediate paintballers.

Despite being a budget-friendly choice, Tippmann Cronus Tactical is an accurate, durable, robust, and lightweight gun with a 9-inch stock barrel.

Speaking of budget-friendly guns, check out our reviews on markers under $200.

Though it is not as upgradable as the other models like the Tippmann 98 paintball gun, it gives great value for the money.

Why chose Tippmann Cronus Tactical

  • This highly rated paintball marker is reliable, affordable, and it is Tippmann for GOD sake. We all know that a Tippmann gun is always gonna be reliable no matter what.
  • Cronus is made from Nylon which is known for its elasticity, strength, prone to breaking and deformation.
  • It is extremely easy to disassemble and clean part by part without any mechanical skills, or experience with top paintball guns.
  • The tactical version has a classical stock that can stop at different positions. 4 positions in total.
  • This top-rated paintball marker has a rubber grip that fits with your hands well, and it is comfortable. It won’t slip even if you sweat like crazy.
  • There is a foregrip at the front which can be moved around after loosening the screw. It gives the gun a smaller or longer feel depending on the user.
  • It has a suppressor/barrel shroud which comes off easily with a simple turn.
  • The tactical edition comes with an A5 barrel which is kinda common barrel used by paintballers.
  • This model is precisely engineered so that it would last for several years. I have not heard any complaints about the rattling sound of its internal parts. It is solid as a rock.
 Carrying handle: 

This gun is the same as the previous model except for the addition of the carrying handle. The carrying handle is easy to disassemble. You just need to roll two screws.

Though the carrying handle is not made from hard plastic but is made from composite which is highly durable under pressure. It won’t break even if you dive, slide, or roll during the play.

You can sight through the bottom or top. There is a hole in the middle that can be used to mount a rail. It works like a riser if you want to mount red dots, scopes, or sights.

You can use it as a carrying handle or sight. There are endless options that are kinda cool for a traditional paintball gun.

 Design & hidden features of Tippmann Cronus Tactical: 

The M4 Rifle & Cronus marker is pretty much identical in design. Military simulation lovers can enjoy being a soldier without being an actual soldier.

It is not much heavy which is perfect for a beginner as it is easier to carry around and use.

Despite being a lightweight marker, it is 80 – 90% accurate with a 15 BPS (balls per second) shooting speed. The vertical grips help a lot in the accurate shooting.

Shooting speed is necessary for tournaments and in heated battles where everyone is after your ass, and the only way to save yourself is to shoot them first. That is where the firing rate comes into play.

The internal gas line makes it easier to handle while keeping the line safe. Exposed gas lines are a pain in the ass and prone to damage.

 Customization of Tippmann Cronus Tactical: 
  • This model is one of the most customizable markers available in the market.
  • There are multiple rails on the body offering a variety of attachments from scopes, flashlights, and red dots to lasers.
  • I would recommend using a flashlight or laser sight in low light conditions. These upgrades are not only fancy but useful as well.
  • Barrels are replaceable at a cheaper price.
  • Carrying handle, suppressor, and stock is upgradable as well.
 Tippmann Cronus Tactical paintball marker is Beginner – Intermediate friendly: 

There are many highly advanced, expensive, and technologically awesome paintball guns in the market that are just too much for beginners. Tippmann Cronus is designed to keep entry-level players in mind.

Features like lightweight, tight vertical rubber grip, and shooting speed is par with a beginner to intermediate level player. Probably the best and budget-friendly choice for noobs.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Has a tight rubber grip
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to carry
  • Budget-friendly
  • Strong Nylon body
  • Prone to breaking and deformation
  • Multiple customization options
  • Minimal recoil while firing
  • The barrel needs an upgrade for better shooting

 Final Verdict 

Tippmann Cronus Tactical is a good choice for new to intermediate players in any type of game. This model is on our best paintball gun list due to its ease of use, lightweight, accuracy, affordability, and simplicity.

It is just a standard paintball marker with 99% positive reviews from paintball pros.

It has an in-line bolt system, a .68 caliber, an enhanced ergonomic design. Cronus is gravity feed, it works on Co2, nitrogen, and HPA. Ticks all the boxes.

Opt for it if you are a noob.


Tippmann Cronus use co2 and compressed air?
Tippmann Cronus can either use compressed air or co2. HPA is recommended for more accurate velocity and stability though.
What is the caliber of Cronus?
.68. 50 cal. won’t fit this gun.
Can accessories be bought separately if someone already has the Cronus gun?
Yes. They will fit.
What is the FPS of Tippmann Cronus, and is the semi-auto?
Around 290 – 340 FPS. Yes, this marker is semi-auto.
Can you put different barrels on Cronus marker?
Yes. It is a specific type of thread called A-5.
Are the sights adjustable?
No. But, you won’t face any problems.

 4.  Planet Eclipse Etha 2 – Pal Enabled Paintball Gun Review

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball Gun Review


  • Lock and load battery system
  • Highly upgradable
  • The spring bolt system is installed for optimum performance
  • Flawless shooting accuracy with close zero jams
  • Tool-less grip
  • 1000 shots at 4000 PSI
  • 2 piece 14.5” micro honed barrel
  • Super lightweight
  • Gamm core spool valve drivetrain powers Etha 2
  • Super lightweight with a durable body.
  • Precisely engineered enhance performance on the field.
  • Item weight: 2.198 pounds
  • Length: 21.85 inches
  • Height: 8.5 inches
  • Width: 1.535 inches
  • Composite nylon outside manufactured
  • High-grade aluminum interior
  • Pal enabled
  • Hose-less air transfer system installed
  • Led screen to monitor ramping and firing rate.

 Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review 

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 pal enabled is an updated model of the same series with a lot of additional cool features.

The best paintball gun is one that is lightweight, durable, should never affect your play, and fires fast with accuracy. Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is a gold standard in the marker market at an affordable price considering the technology involved.

Etha 2 is super lightweight, it only weighs 2 pounds. With all the additional gear like tanks, hoppers, clothing, and stuff you will be wearing, a lightweight gun is a lifesaver. The ergonomics help to release pressure from the shoulders and elbows.

Why chose Planet Eclipse Etha 2 pal enabled:

  • Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is a quite paintball gun. The original gun was quite louder. Etha 2 has been designed to suppress most of the noise.
  • The ASA can be switched ON & OFF while attaching or detaching the tank.
  • This marker is super easy to clean and requires minimum maintenance.
  • There is no hose or 80 pipes in Etha 2 like the CS one. After screwing the tank, press the silver button on the side, air will be off. Press it again, air will be ON again. Kinda cool.
  • Grip spacing has been improved which makes it easier to hold and shoot. It has no screw. Just manipulate a few tabs and the grip will come off.
  • The integrated regulator has multiple adjustments for velocity.
  • This marker is compact which makes it easier to carry around.
  • 9-volt batteries will go up in the front grip. No tools are needed for the disassembly.
  • The firing performance is significantly enhanced by the spring return bolt system.
  • Semi-auto mode offers 15 BPS with minimal breakage.
 Design of Planet Eclipse Etha 2 

The exterior is made from high-grade composite Nylon to withstand the pressure of tough terrains. Its body won’t deform or break during dives, slides, and rolling.

Internal vitals are manufactured from aluminum to eliminate the rattling sound. Aluminum is non-corrosive, lightweight, and durable. This marker provides great value for money.

 Gamma Core technology: 

Gamma Core is the workhorse in this marker. This core in the Etha line gets rid of spring, assembly, and other stuff that was in the original Etha. The bolt system works well.

The gun is essentially powered by the Gamma core that is designed to function well even in the harshest condition, it gets rid of any electronic adjustment, or fine turning in that was used in different conditions.

The gamma core bolt is built on breech sensing technology with a pneumatically latching spool. Its purpose is to release the perfect amount of air for each shot to maintain a flawless firing rate and accuracy.

 Planet Eclipse Etha 2’s Pal enabling system: 

What does the pal system mean?

Direct agitation of the paintballs has been accomplished within the loader using breech pressure from the pal enabled marker.

As the gun shoot, any back pressure that the bolt creates during shooting the paintball will be funneled up through the feed neck.


Everything else on the gun looks like the standard Etha 2 except for the feed neck. The feed neck is slightly wider and that is where the pal system sits.


There is a small pushrod that fits through the bottom of the feed neck. As the bolt comes forward, it forces some of the air through the feed neck resulting in continuous agitation of that small rod.

There is an inner aluminum body that sits inside of the NYLON external body. They have drilled a hole in the body through the feed neck where that small rod sits.

When you pull the trigger, the air that normally goes out through the barrel, funnel up through the top causing the rod to jump up. It is super quick.

When the rod pops up, it pushes the button on the pal enabled loader, causing the loader to agitate. It keeps the paintballs fall freely into the feed neck without any battery of CO2.

Note: You can use any hopper on this marker. It is not necessary that you only use a pal compliant loader.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Ultra-durable
  • Reduced recoil
  • Rarely needs any maintenance.
  • Super easy to clean.
  • Beginner – Intermediate friendly.
  • Multiple customization options are available.
  • Provides excellent value for money.
  • With pal enabled system and gamma core, it will never jam on you.
  • Highly accurate at long range.
  • A bit expensive than normal Etha

 Final Verdict 

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 pal enabled has so many options for upgradations. The marker is lightweight, durable, slick, and compact in design, highly accurate under any situation, and it is a beginner to intermediate friendly.

Thousands of paintballers are using this best paintball marker for tournaments and I haven’t heard complaints about it not be performing well.

The update pal enabled Planet Eclipse Etha 2 eliminates the loader agitation factor. Now you can shoot cleanly without worrying about shaking the hopper to feed the gun.

Highly recommended.


Is Etha 2 mechanical?
No. It is an electrical gun that runs on type D batteries.
Is this marker .68 caliber?
Nowadays Etha 2 units are .68 caliber types, but there are .50 versions too.

 5.  Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun Review

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker Review


  • Powered by 9-volt that sits on the front grip
  • A beginner to intermediate speedball marker
  • ON/OFF level with the ASA regulator
  • High-quality aluminum barrel
  • Only two hex wrenches required for al screws
  • Anti-slip rubber grip
  • Integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes.
  • 0 – 300 Gauge included
  • Shoots more than 15 balls per second
  • Shockwave board with several firing settings include semi-auto, burst, PSP, Mill, etc.
  • Non-threaded feed neck. It clamps on the gun.
  • E-trigger
  • Venting ASA regulator
  • Pressure operated poppet engine
  • Has multiple firing modes
  • 250 – 325 FPS adjustable
  • 12-inch stock barrel
  • .68 caliber fully automatic electronic
  • Weight: less than 2 pounds
  • Laser eye on the inside

 Empire Mini GS Review  

Probably the most cost-effective paintball marker in the market as far as mini versions are concerned. The newer version has rectified many flaws that were previously known to the older model.

Both the old Empire Mini and the new Empire Mini GS have the same shockwave mainboard, same firing modes. 3 shots, PPL, semi-auto, etc.

The newer version is lightweight, less than 2 pounds to be precise which makes it helpful for beginners to carry it around without adding extra pressure on the shoulders and elbows.

From feed neck, strong durable body, electronic trigger, rubber grip, ASA ON/OFF, firing speed, and to the efficient air usage, everything has been precisely designed for optimum performance under any weather condition.

Why chose the new Empire Mini GS paintball marker:

  • The new GS comes with an ON/FF relay. It makes removing the tank much easier. 0 – 300 PSI Gauge sits on the side.
  • This marker can shoot over 20 balls per second, but there is no need to go that fast in the tournament.
  • Original Empire Mini had a threaded feed neck. It had many flaws like unthreading, people could snap them off, come loose, and it completely ruins the body when it came time to change them.
  • The newer Empire Mini GS clamps on the top of the body. Only one set screw holds the feed neck. It makes it easier to customize down the road.
  • The newer models have rubber grips that are non-slippery even if you grip them with muddy hands.
  • In the original model, the battery was connected with a wire harness which often ripped, broken, smashed or malfunction during a speedy battery change.
  • Empire Mini GS has tabs instead of wires which is much more convenient.
  • Internally, both models are pretty much identical.
  • On the upper board, instead of a magnetic switch which caused several problems in the past, Empire Mini GS opted for a standard microswitch which is much more efficient.
 Performance of Empire Mini GS: 
  • This marker is super silent with hardly any kick-back after each shot. That is why it is on our best paintball gun list.
  • 275FPS is its average shooting speed right from the get-go. You can go higher than this, but not recommend during a tournament battle.
  • Use the Allen wrench to regulate the velocity regulator at the back of the gun to get a consistent FPS.
  • Empire Mini GS is super air efficient. You can easily fire 10 – 11 pods 45/4500 HPA tank. That is around 11000 paintballs.
  • Empire Mini is one of the best paintball markers in terms of firing accuracy considering how tiny the gun is.
 Maintenance and Durability: 

The gun’s frame is made from milled aluminum which is known for its toughness, strength, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight.

Other holding parts are manufactured from high-grade rubber for easy grip and non-slippery grip. Overall, this marker is highly durable.

Empire Mini GS is like a complex machine when it comes to cleaning the eye sensor and internal organs. Though external cleaning is super easy, it is pain in the ass for a newbie in the maintenance department (sensitive parts only).

  • Improved Ergonomics
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Rapid shots with a quick recoil
  • Anti-slip grips
  • Micro-switch trigger so that you never miss a shot
  • Efficient air usage
  • Multiple firing modes.
  • Super cost-effective considering the technology
  • Improved high quality LED indicators
  • Easy to program
  • Beginner – Advanced level is friendly.
  • Super easy to remove the tank with an ASA lever.
  • Not suitable for large hands.
  • Internal maintenance is such a process. You must disassemble it completely to clean the eye sensor or mainboard.

 Final Verdict 

Empire Mini GS is a lighter, durable, accurate, advanced, and budget-friendly paintball gun with minimum flaws.

This marker is highly functional, easy to use, offers quick recoil, and an ideal choice for beginner-intermediate players in the stealthy contest. It is quite like an assassin.

Not the best paintball gun in terms of size. Not suitable for large hands. But, this mini marker is ultra-comfortable for normal-sized hands.

Even with gloves on, grips could be slippery if there is any mud or paint on the gloves, but Empire Mini GS has a rubber reinforced grip which is anti-slip.

I highly recommend this marker. It won’t disappoint you.


Can Mini GS be used in tournaments?
Yes. This marker is highly recommended for any type of paintball tournament.
How many firing modes does Mini GS has?

This marker has the following firing modes:

  • Semi-auto/NPPL
  • Ramping/PSP
  • Full auto/NXL
  • Ramping/Millen
Does it come with different barrels?
Mini GS only comes with a stock barrel. You need to purchase additional barrels yourself.

 6.  Empire AXE 2.0 Paintball Gun Review

Empire Axe 2.0 paintball gun Review


  • Highly air efficient
  • Accurate shooting
  • Strong external aluminum body
  • Tool-less engine maintenance. Push-button bolt removal.
  • Lightweight
  • Easier to clean than its predecessor
  • Rubber front grip
  • Only two Allen key sizes
  • Easy to remove the trigger
  • Easy on paint & and doesn’t kick back much.
  • 2 piece 14-inch barrel
  • Clamp-style feed neck
  • In-line bolt mechanism
  • Pressure controlled poppet engine
  • Non-slip grip
  • Break-beam anti-chop laser eyes

 Empire AXE 2.0 Review 

The latest and improved version is lightweight, stylishly designed, air efficient, super accurate, easy to clean, and reliable in any situation.

This unit is pretty much similar to its predecessors with some highly advanced improvement. The newer Empire AXE 2.0 comes with a 2 piece 14-inch barrel which is a standard size for pro-guns.

They got rid of the threaded feed neck which is great. This marker has a clamp style feed neck. There is a base underneath where the neck sits on.

Why chose the improved Empire AXE 2.0

  • Empire AXE 2.0 is bigger than the Empire Mini GS. There is more space to hold the grip and the overall feel of the gun is a bit bigger and bulkier.
  • The overall style and design are a bit different.
  • Empire AXE 2.0 has an eye cover which makes it super easy to clean. It is only one screw away.
  • In previous models, the eye sensor was located on the mainboard which was hard to access. The entire gun had to be disassembled to reach that eye sensor.
  • Instead of screws, Empire AXE 2.0 has a push button on the back which will directly open the bolt. Just press the button and the bolt will slide off.
  • The same microswitch trigger system is used.
  • High-quality rubber grip on the front instead of aluminum which could be slippery under sweaty conditions.
  • The battery plugs in on the front just like Empire GS. There is no wire harness connected with the battery which is could be messy at times. Batteries just snap in/out with ease.
 Empire AXE 2.0 doesn’t come with a gauge: 

Empire AXE 2.0 doesn’t have a gauge. Which is kind of strange. It is recipe for disaster. People can screw it up by not being able to see the pressure which is a 200 standard.

 How to adjust Pressure: 

The input regulator controls the pressure coming from your tank and going into the gun. The screw at the front should start at the flush position.

The velocity regular on the back should be turned all the way in, and complete rotation counterclockwise (out) to give you the factory standard velocity.

You will achieve 270 – 280 FPS. With minor adjustments, you are good to go.

 Overall performance: 

This newer version has the same shooting experience with a lightweight frame to reduce the pressure from shoulders, but the overall functionality, accuracy, sound pattern, and ergonomics have been significantly increased.

The lighter and stronger aluminum body encourages players to run, jump, crawl, or slide all day long without worrying about marker damage, or fatigue. The compact size helps a lot.

 Maintenance and cleaning: 

With a single push on the button, the whole bolt will come right off, and there is an eye cover where you can access it externally without opening the entire paintball marker.

By taking care of these two things, maintenance and cleaning have become super easy. In previous models, the eye sensor was located inside the gun which was a pain in the ass to access and clean.

  • Operates smoothly with high accuracy
  • Lightweight and durable. Made from high-grade aluminum
  • Strong and anti-slip rubber grips
  • Feed neck clamps on the body instead of threading. More convenient.
  • Super easy to maintain and clean.
  • Easy on paint.
  • Adjustable firing modes.
  • Bulkier than its predecessors
  • Awesome colors available
  • Gives great value for money.
  • No pressure gauge

 Final Verdict 

Empire AXE 2.0 is the bulkier, lighter, more accurate, more convenient, more durable, and advanced version of previous Empire models.

Manufactures made it easy for players to maintain and clean this little beast. Although this marker doesn’t have the gauge to measure incoming pressure, if you can follow our above-mentioned steps, you will be good to go.

I like that Empire went out of the box and inserted a feed neck that clamps to the body instead of a threaded feed neck.

It has not only increased the chances of not ruining the body while threading or unthreading, but it is much easier to unscrew and take the feed neck off.


Is AXE 2.0 good for speedball?
Yes. This marker is super lightweight, fast, and it operates on low pressure.
Is AXE 2.0 full automatic?
Yes. Just hold the trigger and you will get a burst of paint.

 7.  Dye RIZE CZR Paintball Marker Review

Dye Rize CZR Paintball Marker Review


  • 4th generation self-cleaning eye pipe
  • Internal anti-chop eyes
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Multiple color coded O-rings
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Dual-density sticky grip
  • Latest redesigned ramp solenoid
  • Latest Rize fuse bolt for optimum performance
  • Low profile design
  • .68 caliber
  • Recommend air source: HPA
  • Four firing modes.
  • 2 piece 14” DYE Core barrel
  • Quick-release macro line hose
  • Hyper 3 regulator
  • Ultralite ON/OFF Airport
  • Dye lever lock
  • Adjustable clamping composite feed neck
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturer defect

 Dye RIZE CZR Reviews 

The next version of the Rize series is Dye RIZE CZR which has a clamping neck instead of a threaded one. It is a more bulky, stylish, accurate, strong, and lighter paintball gun with incredible accuracy.

Dye has been known for its high-quality precision-honed barrels. Dye RIZE CZR has a similar kind of magic to it. This marker comes with a 14-inch 2 piece Dye core barrel. The accuracy is flawless.

Let see why the player should choose Dye RIZE CZR:

Why choose Dye RIZE CZR

  • Lever locking clamping feed neck made of composite.
  • It has a hyper 3 regulator. The regular allows high output pressure.
  • Dye RIZE CZR and Max Rize are very similar markers, but CZR is bulkier and more accurate.
  • You got much more room to work with this marker. There is a big gap between the two grips. Other models made it difficult to work with both grips.
  • The fusion bolt system allows it to operate at 135PSI. Dye RIZE CZR shoots little paint and it stays consistent with its operation.
  • It is super air efficient. It also shoots brittle paint.
  • The old dye models had solenoid issues. This marker has a newly revised ramp solenoid that ensures high-class performance. Much better internal system.
  • This model comes with the latest blade trigger.
  • This fully programmable gun comes with 4 different firing modes. Now you can keep up with other tournament guys.
  • The Dye ON/OFF airport system is really handy. Not a lot of guns come with this feature, but Dye RIZE CZR follows the old school rules.
  • This best paintball gun also comes with the macro line hose system which is also cool.

Pro tips when you pull out the Fusion bolt system

Use the right Allen wrench that comes with the package. As you unscrew the cap, only the cap rotates indecently, not the bolt engine.

You got to be extra careful. Don’t rotate the cap too much otherwise, you will remove the cap from the bolt.

 The fourth-generation eye pipe system: 

The eye pipe system sits down into the breach and in front of the gun. It has an integrated ball detent and it has a self-cleaning feature.

If you break a paintball, it will not get your break-beam eye dirty. Instead, it gets the plastic eye cover dirty which can easily be cleaned.

When the bolt tip comes through, it will clean the eye pipe for you. There is no need to disassemble the gun and clean the eye sensors anymore.

Either it will self-clean, or reach your finger in it, pull the eye pipe out and clean it. Very simple.

  • High-quality anti-slip rubber grip
  • Dye core 14” 2 piece barrel
  • Super lightweight durable body
  • The self-cleaning eye which is easy to maintain
  • Shoots around 15BPS.
  • Can work at 135PSI to shoot little paint too.
  • Pro-level accuracy
  • Lengthier than previous models.
  • 4 different shooting modes use air efficiently
  • Provides value for money.
  • Composite clamping feed neck with locking lever
  • Electronically efficient
  • Macro line hose is not much popular.

 Final Verdict 

Dye took all the good features from their previous models and combined them into one Dye RIZE CZR.

Dye RIZE CZR is a top-rated paintball marker for people who already had a paintball marker and looking for something more of a mid-level to the advanced unit.

The lightweight, long-lasting, accurate, and bulkier version of the RIZE series has the latest eye covers that are self-cleaning, and a fusion bolt mechanism.

This marker is sleek in design with enough gap between the two grips to work with without any trouble.

I like the ergonomic, I like how the gun feels especially that comfortable trigger and grip.


What caliber does Dye RIZE CZR be?
.68 cal.
Types of Gas it works on?
Dye CZR works on either compressed air or co2. We recommend compressed air for a smooth and constant shot.

 8.  Tippmann A-5 0.68 Caliber Paintball gun Review

Tippmann A-5 0.68 Caliber Paintball gun Review


  • High-grade aluminum body
  • Lightweight
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Larger front grip
  • External firing and safety switch available
  • Multiple firing modes
  • Powered by: C02, compressed air, and nitrogen
  • 200 round hopper
  • Wider internal bore
  • Highly accurate under any weather
  • No batteries needed
  • Cyclone feeding mechanism
  • Tool-less field strip in less than 60 seconds
  • Open bolt blowback semiautomatic shooting
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • Range: 150 feet
  • Barrel: 8.5 inches
  • Total length: 20 inches

 Tippmann A-5 Reviews 

Tippmann A-5 has been around for quite some time now, and they have never disappointed. The bigger and badass brother of Tippmann 98 is a highly durable gun with remarkable features. A premium choice for beginner to intermediate players.

The reliability and durability of Tippmann markers have always been high-end. A-5 is precisely designed to offer speed and quick feed rates with the help of a patented cyclone feeding system.

Since the whole operation is pneumatic, the whole pain in the ass of batteries, recharging, wires, and electronic components is gone.

This marker is slightly heavier than other guns which makes it a bit realistic. You will feel you are holding a real AK-47 or any other gun.

Most high-end models are super lightweight which is awesome, but I found heavier and guns more realistic.

Why choose Tippmann A-5

  • Tippmann A-5 maker is made of high-grade aluminum which is known for its corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. Other parts are made from hard plastic.
  • You will get a low profile hopper with improved design.
  • Fire paintball as quickly as your finger touches the trigger with the help of the Cyclone feed system that links the feeder sprocket to the air system.
  • You will get 15 balls per second which is a kind of standard firing rate.
  • This marker is highly air efficient.
  • A 200 ball low-profile loader with an off-set design for a better vision.
  • Cocking knob is still on the side. Pull the piece before you are ready to shoot.
  • The newest feature is a little selector that goes from safety to fire. It is really helpful for entry-level paintballers.
  • There is a significant gap between both grips. Holding and firing the gun is just comfortable and smooth compared to other models whose grips really to each other.
  • It is not that expensive and it provides excellent value for money.
  • The ratchet system will wear down once you shoot thousands and thousands of paintballs. You can replace them will metal with more durable ones.
  • If for some reason your cyclone feed goes bad or the hose blows off which is rare, with the help of manual assist, you can cyclone manually without relying on CO2.

This gun can last for years without any upgrades, but there are tons are customization options available in the market at cheaper rates.

It is super easy to upgrade to a 3-position E-grip selector switch kit, response trigger, or the barrel.

The 8.5-inch aluminum ported barrel is generic, nothing fancy. For the people that are just starting, use this stock barrel to get a feel for your gun. You will understand the differences between higher-end paintball barrels and stock barrels.

 Cleaning and maintenance: 

This marker strips down in less than 2 minutes without any external tools. You will hardly find any paint breaks into this marker.

There are several replaceable parts available in the market at a cheaper price if for some reason any parts break down.

It hardly requires any maintenance and cleans it after 3 – 4 games. No need to clean after each game.

  • Close to 150 ft. firing range
  • Highly durable aluminum body
  • Phenomenal accuracy
  • Tool-less assembly and disassembly
  • Shock-absorber enabled
  • Multiple firing modes
  • Super easy to shoot with improved ergonomics and longer front grip
  • Two years limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Nearly endless customization options
  • Small stock barrel

 Final Verdict 

Probably the best mid-range paintball gun in the market. With so many customization options, cyclone feed, 200 round hopper, strong and lightweight aluminum body, bulkier and spacious grips, and super accurate firing rate, Tippmann A-5 smashing the competition in this price range.

For a beginner who wants to play with an easy to use type of marker which is going to be a long term investment or an intermediate player who wants to upgrade his/her playstyle, Tippmann A-5 offers comfort for both types.

I love this marker. I love its smooth shooting with little kick-back, and its cyclone feed that sits on the site so that vision can’t be distorted.

I highly recommend this top-rated paintball marker. Opt for it.


Is Tippmann A-5 semi-auto?
Does it come with a loader?
Yes. Tippmann A-5 comes with a cyclone feed loader.

 9.  HK Army Luxe X Paintball Gun  Review– Limited Edition Milling 

HK Army A51 Luxe X Paintball Marker - Limited Edition Review


  • Stylish milling design
  • Model inteli-connect wireless system
  • Ice-coated friction technology
  • Opti-breach chamber technology
  • Max-flow inline regulator system
  • Flex-power battery
  • Impulse style threaded XL barrel
  • Flip Lever ASA
  • USB charging port.
  • Battery spacer included
  • All important parts are disassembled without tools.
  • Only 600 HK Army Luxe x limited editions will ever be made
  • The latest X-core bolt system
  • Pro-lock frame system
  • Freak XL barrel (latest) system
  • Newly designed S trigger system
  • Weight: 1 pound and 13 ounces
  • .68 caliber


 HK Army Luxe x Review 

The newly designed, limited edition HK Army Luxe x is a lifesaver with its tool-less disassembly. It is super lightweight, incredibly smooth on paint, accurate, highly air efficient, and comfortable.

The DLX version of the HK Army markers is the top-rated paintball markers from their DLX technology.

This battle-tested model has the modern features of top paintball guns and the grace, comfort, accuracy, convenience, and beauty of a tournament marker.

Though there is tight competition in the market, many consider Luxe X the best paintball gun as far as comfort and shooting are concerned.

Why choose the limited edition HK Army Luxe x

  • Both the old and new HK Army Luxe x are based on the same body, but the milled and machined design on the limited edition is beautiful and kinda different from the original.
  • Eyes covers carry the milling design in them as well. The body of the ASA lever carries the milling as well.
  • The limited-edition comes with an angled trigger guard to fit the overall aesthetics of the marker.
  • The flip lever ASA is the same as the original, but the body of the ASA the carries same milling as the main does.
  • Milling lines continue through the bolt cap as well.
  • The man the match is the completely different shaped trigger that comes with the limited edition.
  • Though triggers can be separately purchased for the original Luxe X, these triggers are limited edition.
  • The S-shaped triggers come forward rather than flat which makes them ultra-comfortable while shooting. I recommend these S-shaped triggers.
  • The regulator, bolt, and main engine of the HK Army Luxe x paintball gun are the same as the original Luxe X.
  • Break down is tool-less. Disassembly of the main parts still doesn’t need any tools.
 Battery Spacer: 

The new versions of the Luxe X models are coming with a battery spacer inside of them. It makes sure that the battery doesn’t shit when it is inside the frame.

If the battery gets disconnected from the terminal, the gunshots will be off. The spacer eliminates any wiggle or rattling so that you never miss a shot. These little details make a gun high-end.

  • Battery spacer included
  • High quality machined and milled body
  • Effortless disassembly of the main parts
  • Ultra-comfortable trigger and grip
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Zero percent wiggling
  • Laser accurate
  • Swift shooting rate
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Same high-end modern features as the original Luxe X.
  • It is a limited edition. Only 600 guns will ever be made.

 Final Verdict 

The limited-edition version of the HK Army Luxe x paintball maker is ultra-stylish, more accurate, and stable.

The main difference between the original and the limited edition is the S-shaped trigger. This limited edition trigger is extremely comfortable while shooting and ergonomically improved.

Overall manufacturing and design are carried in such a way that wiggling or rattling sounds are eliminated. This marker is stable and balanced.

HK Army Luxe x maker gives excellent value for the huge money you are paying. Get one before it runs out.

 10.  Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro Paintball Gun Review

Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro Paintball Gun Review


  • Quick-release eye covers
  • Operates at 105PSI
  • Micro USB port for programming
  • Tool-less battery changing
  • Shaft FL barrel tech with .681” / .685” / .689” inserts
  • High quality non-slip rubber grips
  • 2 X AA battery working
  • Tool-less disassembly
  • Enhanced ergonomics
  • Smooth, streamlined custom milled body
  • SL5 inline regulator
  • Two 16bit microprocessors
  • Low profile feed neck
  • Multi firing modes
  • Weight: 1.9lb. (Including barrel, feed, pops, batteries)
  • Total length: 21.5”
  • Height: 7.8”
  • Width: 0.9”
  • Material: T6 grade aluminum body and barrel
  • Hoseless air transfer tech.
  • Barrel length: 14.5”
  • Barrel tip: Shaft FL carbon fiber
  • Bluetooth: BLE module on-board
  • GP core drive train
  • Comes with an extra scythe trigger

 Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro Reviews 

In my unpopular opinion, Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro might be the best paintball gun presently.

The previous model (CS1) had a mixed review in the market. It was a good gun in terms of shooting and reliability, but the CS1 paintball marker was a huge gun, and players weren’t accustomed to it.

With the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro, they set out to make it feel a little better and appealing by adding the features of previous guns like Etha 2 and adding up a lot of new features that have never seen before.

Why choose Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro

  • It comes with a super comfortable blade trigger, but planet eclipse also gives a scythe trigger.
  • It comes with three different SHAFT FL barrels with .681” / .685” / .689” inserts
  • The barrel is 14.5 inches long which is sort of longer than other high-end markers.
  • CS2 Pro is a lot smoother for easier pit cleaning. No extra grooves on the body which take some time to clean.
  • This model comes with the latest GP drive core train that operates between 105 – 110 Psi. The biggest benefit of this bolt is that it will shoot some of the worse brittle paints.
  • The bottom once again has that pop ASA which is super easy to use and saves a lot of space. Convenient overall.
  • In tournaments, the situations can get dirty, rainy, and muddy more often. This model will shoot smoothly in any hazardous situation with pinpoint accuracy.
  • GP core drive train uses only 50% of the air compare to other Gamma core cycles.
  • All the electronic parts like battery, sensors, and solenoid are mounted directly into the frame of the gun. The body is smooth and clean. No longer attachments to the body.
  • Two AA batteries fit directly into the front grip via the tool-less quick-release cover.
 The GP core drive train of the planet eclipse CS2 Pro: 

The GP core drive train is precisely designed to function flawlessly under any environment.

The gamma core is an exceptional engine with high-class performance, and it can take the abuse of cold, heat, and wear & tear of the situation over time.

GP core will offer similar performance with more precision and it is more durable. This is the area where CS2 Pro excels and is considered one of the top-rated paintball guns presently.

 Two-bolt tips: 

Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro is offering two bolts. One with a soft rubber tip, and the other with a hard tip. The purpose is to handle the most fragile paint without breaking them.

 The key differences between Planet Eclipse CS2 & CS2 Pro: 
  • Milling is slightly different. There is a little bit more milled off on the CS2 PRO than the CS2.
  • They weigh almost the same.
  • CS2 Pro comes with a full FL barrel kit while CS2 does not.
  • CS2 Pro comes with a scythe and a blade trigger while CS2 comes only with a blade trigger.
  • Extremely user-friendly comfortable
  • Two fully adjustable high-performance triggers
  • Almost everything is tool-less
  • GP core 50% more air efficient than standard Gamma core
  • 3 bore size inserts with aluminum tips
  • Super accuracy and fast shooting with little sound and kick back
  • Super comfortable rubber grips
  • The frame is clean and low profile without any external attachments
  • Two-bolt tips are given to shoot the brittle paint.
  • Operate at 105psi.
  • Expensive

 Final Verdict 

Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro is not that much expensive that CS2, but with all those upgrades and tiny little details that Planet Eclipse couldn’t give the CS2, CS2 PRO is a complete package of technology and accuracy at its best.

Right now, Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro is probably the most advanced in the market. They are offering two different triggers with a complete set of Shaft FL barrel kit, and an advanced GP core drive train.

Even the bolt tips come in two different shapes (Soft tip and hard tip) to shoot even the worst of the brittle paints that we often see in tournaments.

This marker is super-efficient, durable, long-lasting, comfortable, user-friendly, and futuristic at the same time.

Best Paintball Gun in my opinion. Go for it before it runs out.

 11.  DLX Luxe X Paintball Gun Review

DLX Luxe X Paintball Gun Review


  • Latest Luxe Max-Flo regulator
  • Trigger pivot: Single pin
  • Improved solenoid valve performance
  • Multi-stage power core
  • 8 inch XL insert
  • 8 solid colors
  • Locking lever feed neck
  • Ceramic Elastomer (internal)
  • Quarter-turn electronic mount pins
  • Hose-free Gas routing
  • Super smooth trigger
  • 20 – 30% more efficient Luxe X core
  • Operating pressure: 100 – 130 PSI.
  • 3x times more powerful and long-lasting battery
  • Weight: about 2.2 pounds
  • .68 caliber
  • Freak XL barrel technology
  • Hard caster lithium battery
  • USB-C connection
  • High-quality hinge ball detents
  • An internal charging circuit
  • Player feedback: OLED and voice menus

 DLX Luxe X Reviews 

DLX Luxe X is almost a perfect paintball marker that is precisely designed to win tournaments without getting too many shots. It is an absolute gem in the market.

The ultra-durable DLX Luxe X is 20 – 30% more efficient than its predecessor. It is gentler on the paint. It has a locking lever ASA, smooth trigger, ultra-comfortable grip, the latest LUX X core bolt, and its disassembly is almost 100% tool-less.

The trigger guard is wider than the previous model. A lot of space for the fingers.

With so many modern features coupled with the old school shooting experience. Luxe X is easily among the top 3 best paintball guns ever made.

Why choose DLX Luxe X

  • A locking lever feeds the neck with thumbwheel adjustment so that you can tighten or loosen any hopper you want. There is a little knob on the feed neck that locks the lever in place so that it won’t slide up or down.
  • A redesigned Max-Flo regulator at the front grip. At the bottom of the front grip, there is a velocity meter. Kinda cool front grip.
  • The eye cover just pops out without any Allen screws.
  • The trigger is super smooth and easy to shoot. There is only a screw that holds the trigger to the grip which is easy to remove.
  • DLX Luxe X has the latest bolt system that is way more efficient and gentler on the paint.
  • Quality spring connectors to keep the current flowing at all times. You will never miss a shot.
  • The rubber just pulls up and out. The screws you see on the grip are not screws. Those are tabs that hold the grip.
  • The battery inside is tightened by battery spacers. These are small tabs that should be turned in the opposite direction to remove the battery plate. No screws are needed.
  • These tabs are used to eliminate the wiggling of the battery. In previous models, batteries tend to disconnect from the terminal for a fraction of a second. That disconnection led to missing shots which can be dangerous in a tournament play.
 Luxe X core: 

The bolt comes out without any tools. Just pop it right out.

The latest bolt in this model is known as Luxe X core which is said to be 20 – 30% more efficient than Luxe Ice. It operates between 100 – 130 PSI.

It is extremely gentler on paint and super smooth during shooting.

 Effortless disassembly of DLX Luxe X paintball gun: 
  • The frame of this marker comes off without any tools.
  • Firstly, remove the bolt from the marker, then there is a little latch on the back of the gun, flip it forward.
  • There is a little latch near the trigger guard as well, flip it backward.
  • Then, just split the frame from the bottom part of the gun. No need for the tool. Quite a cool feature.

One of the main purposes of this tool-less disassembly is cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes there is paint in the lines of the gun after being shot. It is easier to clean the gun this way. In the previous model, it was a pain in the ass to open up the gun. These small features make DLX Luxe X one of the best paintball guns on the market.

 Additional Feature: 
  • This model is using a cellphone type lithium battery. It is three times more of the life of the previous LUXE ICE battery. The battery just slides out after undoing the tabs. The battery will last a very long time.
  • The high-end paintball marker is fully programmable. There is a default voice guidance as well.
  • The USB port inside of the grip where the battery is located.
 Ease of use: 

It is all about making things better, easier, comfortable, and simpler for the players to use. DLX Luxe X has stepped up big time. Not only thing marker features some of the most advanced and futuristic specs in the game, but it is super easy to use and maintain.

USB-c allows you to charge your Luxe marker from almost anything. You can even use a car, camera, or laptop’s charging port.

  • Extra space in the trigger guard
  • No wire connection between the frame and body. Completely wireless.
  • Pro lock feature.
  • Disassemble the frame from the body in less than 10 seconds by turning two latches.
  • Super durable body.
  • Lightweight
  • 300% increased battery capacity.
  • USB port for easy charging
  • Lowest maintenance LUXE model ever made.
  • Supreme shooting experience.
  • Mind-blowing shooting accuracy.
  • Self-cleaning components included
  • Almost zero kick-back
  • A bit pricy

 Final Verdict 

By staying true to the Luxe’s original design and ergonomics, DLX has managed to pull off the best paintball gun in many departments.

The key differences between the Luxe Ice and DLX Luxe X are

  • The improved reg
  • Improved tool-less disassembly
  • 3 times more battery life.
  • 20 – 30% extra efficiency

The improved tool-less disassembly is a lifesaver for a clumsy person like me.

I have already talked about its endless features above, but I will say it again that DLX Luxe X gives a true 20 – 30% more efficiency with minimum maintenance (lowest maintenance Luxe).

Even the smallest component of this marker is easy to work with, clean, maintain, and access.

A must buy.

 12.  Dye M3S Paintball Gun Review

Dye M3S Paintball Gun Review


  • .688 & .684 ultra-lite backs included
  • Durable sticky rubber grip
  • MOSAir wireless charging
  • 12000 shots on full charging
  • 2 tool assembly
  • Huge colored OLED screen
  • Micro USB software & update cables
  • Ultra-comfortable Mag-Reach trigger
  • Flawless ergonomic design
  • MOS Air including Prism Interface
  • Latest hyper 6 regulator
  • Internal pressure monitoring sensors
  • High-end in every department
  • Entire high-grade aluminum construction
  • FL-21 bolt technology
  • Operates at 115PSI
  • Self-cleaning eye pipe
  • 14” UL-S (ultra-lite) two-piece barrel
  • 3rd generation eye pipe
  • Weight: under 1 pound
  • No exposed plates or screws
  • Quick-release bolt tech:
  • Lockdown2 clamping feed neck
  • E.voke compatible

 Dye M3S Review 

Dye worked their butt off to produce Dye M3S which is high-end from top to bottom. This marker is super lightweight, extremely durable, offers wireless and USB port at the same time, ultra-comfortable during the shoot out, and it feels good in hands.

Right off the bat, you will notice a significant change in the feed neck locking lever. In the previous model, the lever moved around a lot and there were tons of micro-adjustments before fitting any hopper. Now, the lever is larger with a knob on the opposite side to make those tiny turns to fit any hopper you want.


Another obvious change is the front grip which is considerably larger than DYE M3. Spacing is a bit different too from the grip frame to the regulator.

The high quality patented sticky grip is tool lees. Just pop the thing out.

 There is no LPR (low-pressure regulator) in Dye M3S: 

You will notice the design of the grip frame has changed, and the section of the body near the grip frame has also been changed. The reason is, there is no LPR Dye M3S.

The operating pressure of the bolt to cycle back and forth and to move is the same pressure used to shoot the paintballs at a velocity which is about 150PSI. So, there is no need for an LPR.

There is no need to run the secondary pressure through the solenoid to achieve bolt movement as well as another pressure to achieve that required shot velocity.

Most of the high-end guns like DLX LUXE, CS2 PRO are not relying on the LPR anymore. Kinda welcoming change to the Dye M3S.

Why choose Dye M3S

  • Mag Reach is really helpful in tiny little adjustments needed before the play. The overall design of the trigger is also high-end.
  • Controlling that trigger is the MOSAir board. The best part of it that huge OLED screen with 5 player profiles, 3 training modes, 7 play screen options, and 3 custom boot screens.
  • It is extremely easy to change pressure and go through settings with the help of OLED.
  • You will notice that the gun is compact in and smaller without the LPR.
  • Without LPR, the internal board needs only one pressure sensor to monitor the pressure. A much cleaner setup with less wiring unlike the block of wiring we find in DYE M2.
  • Dye M3 has that long-lasting rechargeable battery that can be wirelessly charged, or via USB. The wireless charger is included in the package.
  • Dye M3 is using the all-new FL-21 bolt kit. It operates between 115 – 125PSI. It is a bit more air efficient than Dye M2. The bolt is designed to shoot fragile paint in any condition.
  • There is a valve inside the FL-21 bolt which shuts down the shot chamber by not letting air blowout at the end of the bolt. It doesn’t waste air.
  • This marker fast and accurate with little kickback.
  • The ultra-lite 14 inches two-piece barrel kit has a venting holes pattern for super quiet shots and low ball spin. The holes are designed to change the pitch of the shot.
 Dye M3 is e.Voke compatible: 

With e.Voke compatibility, your Dye M3 is ready to send crucial information to your i5 paintball mask’s e.Voke. There are so many options like customizable audio alerts, shot count, and kinda cool time tracking.

  • Dye barrels are super durable
  • Holes in the barrel makes in quitter while shooting
  • Smooth micro-texture sticky rubber grip
  • Wireless charger and a wire USB charging available
  • Connect your i5 mask’s e.Voke with Dye M3’S e.Voke
  • It comes with a new high-performance hype6 regulator
  • FL-21 bolt is extremely air efficient
  • This gun is a beast at shooting. Pinpoint accuracy
  • Long-lasting battery plus a MOSAir huge OLED screen
  • From feed neck to barrel tip, everything is updated
  • One of the best shooting Mag-reach triggers in the business.
  • A whole lot pricier than its predecessor

 Final Verdict 

I wouldn’t say that Dye M3S is the best paintball marker in the business, but it is among the top 5 without a shadow of a doubt.

The only complaint is about is the price. It is very expensive, but we can understand Dye is trying to compete with Planet Eclipse in the high-end paintball marker market.

I highly recommend picking one of these new Dye M3S guns if you are a Dye product lover. It is a whole lot updated version than its predecessors from top to bottom in features.

Though the outside is the same as Dye M2’s body, it is not the same gun. Internals are different. There is no LPR, only one pressure sensor is operating, the bolt has a valve inside to efficiently use the air, and it only operates at 115 – 124psi.

Try this marker, it is expensive but provides great value for money.

Most Functional Buying Guide for the Best Paintball Gun

We talked to beginner, intermediate, and pro paintball players on the offline and online market about the possible defects and problems that a gun poses during the battle.

Most of them complained about the air leakages, weight, barrels, manufacturing material, accuracy, smoothness, grip and trigger comfort, reliability, design, and size of the marker. Most importantly, the huge money they are paying to get that satisfaction.

There are tons of things to be considered before purchasing the best paintball marker.

We have tried our best to highlight some of the most important things to be considered before purchasing a paintball marker.

Though our buyer’s guide will cover the most realistic factors regarding a paintball marker for the general player level, we are emphasizing this beginner-level player in mind at the start.

Beginners can easily get overwhelmed by the sea of paintball guns on the offline and online market which can affect their buying decision.

Our buying guide will help them to understand what features they must prioritize before making a purchasing decision.

Let’s start with some basics.

How many types of Paintball Guns

I am covering this topic just for the newbies in the paintball industry. I think they might wanna know everything about the paintball guns.

There three main types of paintball guns. Pump, Mechanical, and Electronic. The working mechanism is kinda the same for all, the only difference lies in the technology and the firing rate.

Some are expensive than others based on the technology and comfort.

Let’s get into it.

  • Pump Paintball Guns
  • Mechanical Paintball Guns
  • Electronic Paintball Guns
 Pump Paintball Guns: 

Pump paintball gun

Pump paintball markers are the oldest, and the most basic types of markers. They are manually operated. Think of a shotgun, these markers are identical to them. The player needs to pump and cock the gun and the chamber.

These are not semi-auto like the most high-end markers. A lot of players in the pro circuit still play pump guns because it slows the firing rate, but enhances the skills and precision.

You can’t just pull the trigger and fire semi-auto mode, you need to pull back, and fire.

 Pro-tip for beginners: 

To go into the rapid-fire mode, you need to hold the trigger and keep pulling. That’s how you can speed up your firing rate in close range combat.

Pumps are slowly regaining their popularity with the help of Azodin KPC & Azodin KP3.5 KAOS pump paintball markers.

 Mechanical Paintball Gun: 

Mechanical paintball gun

Mechanical guns are mechanically activated. You can say goodbye to the batteries, wires, complex boards, and chips. These guns require manual labor with the help of springs, sears, valves, and compressed air or co2 for the fuel.

These guns are most commonly used in the field because they are much cheaper than electronic guns.

Some of the mechanical markers like Cronus and EMEK 100 are super lightweight, durable, highly accurate, and well respected due to their legendary performance in the woodsball industry.

Though they are not as efficient as some of the top-rated electro paintball guns like CS2, MINI GS, DYE M3S, but these are budget-friendly due to less complex parts.

Mechanical markers don’t need much maintenance and cleaning after the game. I love mechanical guns because they are so simple to use. I highly recommend one of these if you are just starting your paintball career.

 Electronic Paintball Guns: 

Electronic paintball gun

Electronic paintball guns are powered by batteries and other complex technology including solenoid, and a high-quality bolt engine.

These are the most efficient marker with the highest firing rate, incredible accuracy, durability, and super comfortable triggers.

These guns are not cheap. For a beginner, there are some electronic guns like EMPIRE MINI GS which are not as expensive as other tournament markers. Though it is a high-end marker, I have seen beginners using mini GS to sharpen their skills.

I will recommend a mechanical marker for beginners. There are tons of sensitive parts in an electronic unit, and it is difficult to maintain and clean.

Not to mention how complex it can get to disassemble some of those electronic units. You have much fewer things to worry about in a mechanical paintball gun.

Style of Paintball play

Style of play does depend on the type of paintball gun you are choosing to play. You are likely to shoot more paintball in a speedball game which is a fast pace game with limited breaks in between plays.

Woodsball is played in the woods with old school pump or mechanical guns. You are likely to shoot way less paint than speedball.

Let’s shed light on both types of guns.

 Woodsball Paintball Guns: 

Woodsball involves a larger playing field with a natural environment filled with trees, pits, rivers, and whatnot.

The woodsball guns are not flashier in color. They are more like blackish or camo type markers with long-range shot capacity.

90% of woodsball guns are either pump or mechanical guns. Slow firing rate is the style of play considering the huge battlefield and stealth style mode.

A woodsball gun has to be reliable and durable with less complicated parts to worry about.

So models like Tippmann Cronus & Planet Eclipse Etha 2 (not mechanical), and EMEK 100 are excellent choices for this mode of play.

And besides, you will hide in the woods the whole time. A flashier gun will expose you for sure.

These guns offer fantastic durability, stable and accurate shots, reliability, and air efficiency. You will need these things because you will be out there for the whole day.

Why woodsball play is important for beginners

Everybody starts with woodsball. I mean it. Speedball is more of an adrenaline type of play where things move way faster than you imagine. To sharpen the skills, woodsball is the primary choice of every beginner.

Woodsball is cheaper as well. You don’t need to spend $100 on entry and paint. The woodsball guns and other equipment are also budget-friendly compared to speedball.

 Speedball Paintball Guns: 

Speedball fields are artificially made with a lot of bunkers and other objects. This style is more robust and fast-paced compared to woodsball.

This is a straight battle. A crazy amount of paint is being shot in a speedball game. Agility and swift movements are needed to save your ass.

Markers like CS2, DYE RIZE, MINI GS, LUXE X, and other high-end electronic or mechanical guns are needed that can shoot 15 – 20 balls per second.

You can select a colorful gun with deadly accuracy and durability in the mode because adrenaline is the keyword for Speedball.

Following are the features of the Best Paintball Gun

Best paintball gun

 Weight of the Paintball Marker: 

Most high-end expensive markers are lightweight because they are made of high-grade materials.

Any extra weight will put extra pressure on the arms and shoulders that can result in early exhaustion.

A paintball game can last for several hours, your arms and shoulders will be aching all day long. It will significantly affect your performance.

Consider purchasing a gun whose weight is not over 3 pounds because the gun will not be the only thing you will carry around. Proper paintball clothing, a paintball goggle, tank, and hopper will be bugging you too.

Some people do like heavy markers because they provide more a realistic feel in woodball play mostly.

Pro-tip for a beginner:  If you are purchasing any marker from an offline market, assemble it with hopper and tank, and run 200 – 300m with that paintball gun. If your shoulders start to hurt, then you are not suited for a heavier unit.
 The material of the Paintball Gun: 

Most high-end guns are made of carbon fiber or aluminum. Both materials are corrosion resistant, prone to breaking or deformation, and extremely lightweight.

Lower end guns use hard plastic or composite to manufacture the body. If you are an entry-level player, consider purchasing a gun that is using either aluminum or carbon fiber.

You don’t need to worry about breaking or corrosion if you are opting for your carbon fiber or aluminum. Beginners tend to damage their markers during dives or slides that is why I am suggesting either one of them.

If you are going for a budget-friendly option like Tippmann Cronus, Tippmann 98, or stormer, composite is also fine, but never purchase a soft plastic gun or something prone to breaking and rusting.

 The grip of the marker: 

Both the front and rear grips are as important as the gun’s barrel is. Nowadays most modern guns insert batteries, regulators, and whatnot in the grips to save up some space, but the basic purpose of a grip is to provide a comfortable feel while shooting paint.

For a big handed player, markers like Empire Mini GS, and GTEK 170r are not suited because of the compactness of those markers.

My point is, if the grip handles are too close to each other, it will benefit the player whose hands are not than large, but for large-handed players, it is a nightmare.

Grips should be spacious. There should be enough room to work with. I will also recommend choosing a gun whose grips are long enough to fit both hands. I just don’t like shorter grips.

 The material of the grips: 

There are different types of grips available, but I love to use reinforced rubber grips due to their anti-slip properties and overall shooting comfort, hence the basic purpose of a grip.

 Design of the Paintball Marker: 

Paintball is a funky and badass sport. The overall ergonomics and of the marker is very important. Paintball guns are available in a variety of shapes and sizes like some with 80 pipes (air transfer tube) and some without it.

In some markers, the trigger guard is wider than other models, grips longer and wider than others, and some are heavier than others.

In the end, it all boils down to individual preference. I like lightweight, longer, and comfortable markers like CS2, DYE, luxe X, etc.

As a beginner or intermediate level player, choose a marker that is spacious and lightweight with excellent ergonomics. It will help you to stabilize your game. We have covered all such markers in our list.

 Accuracy of the Paintball Gun: 

What is the point of a high-end marker if it can’t shoot straight enough?

Accuracy depends on many factors like the length, porting, and quality of the barrel. The material the gun is made of. What type of bolt engine you are using, and the paint you shoot that day, outdoor conditions, how well the marker is made, and the price of the gun.

All of the advanced paintball guns in our list are accurate. You don’t need to surface through the internet.

 My opinion: 

I have found out that decently weighty, but not too heavy markers are more stable. That weight adds stability to the gun and you will get a very smooth and stable shot.

The reason is that extra weight resists movement like jerking the shoulders, arms, moving the wrists, and fingers too much. So your marker usually sits in one position.

You will move your hands, fingers, and shoulders a lot if your marker is super lightweight. It is just natural. That extra movement will cause the gun to move too. So accurate and stable shots will be 30 – 40% less than a decently weighty gun.

 Type of gas/propellant – Compressed Air vs Co2: 

Co2 has been around since the beginning of paintball. The first-ever gas used to propel the paintballs. Compared to its counterpart it is an unstable gas.

Co2 is the cheaper way to go for your marker. It costs less to buy the tank compared to compressed air.

When it gets warmer, it converts to gas from liquid form which can cause an increased spike in pressure. The velocity will always be changing if it gets hot.

With co2, every 4th – 5th ball you shoot, the velocity is going to drop causing less efficient shots. Can be a pain in the ass in a tournament situation.

Compressed air is the natural breathing air in a compressed form. Compressed air not changing whether it gets hot or cold.

If you want your best paintball marker to be efficient, and to get more shots per tank without filling up much often, go for compressed air.

A bottle of compressed air is made from super durable fiberglass and weighs 50% less than Co2’s metal container.

A paintball game can go for 5 – 6 hours normally, you don’t want to carry a gun that feels heavy. Paintballers wear a ton of gear. So lighter the better.

In the longer run, compressed air tanks provide great value for money because, they provide more shots per tank, and they are lightweight with better accuracy.

Compressed air shots are always going to be accurate. I highly recommend it if you can afford it.

 Comfortable Trigger: 

Different people have different trigger preferences. I am talking about the trigger shape, but in general, a trigger should be snappier and comfortable to shoot.

Usually, paintballers use both fingers alternatively to shoot rapidly. So a snappier trigger with improved ergonomics is always preferred.

Make sure your marker’s trigger is either made of high-grade aluminum, carbon fiber, or any other quality material.

A well-manufactured trigger is lightweight which makes them more efficient while shooting. Otherwise, customize your gun and purchase a new one.

I hate those hard plastic triggers. Those are the worst types. Beware of them.

Trigger style: I will recommend the latest blade trigger or the scythe triggers.

I found them super comfy while shooting, and my fingers feel relaxed. But, it is really up to the player. Different players have different style preferences.

 Types of paintball triggers: 

Mechanical Triggers: Some are into mechanical triggers which are slightly harder than electronic triggers.

These are a bit slower than their counterparts. 8 – 10 shots per second is their average performance. Mechanical triggers are reliable and budget-friendly since there are no batteries and wires are involved.

 Electronic triggers: 

These types are superfast. 18 – 20 shots per second is the average. They could be much lighter than their competitors, but electro-pneumatic triggers are expensive.

Electronic paintball trigger uses an electro-mechanical actuator under the control. You just need to touch the trigger to activate the sensors.

The majority of the pros use electro-pneumatic trigger including me. They are kinda convenient and comfortable to shoot.

How to Select a Paintball Gun Barrel

Picking a barrel has science to it and some preference to it. If you are hunting for the best paintball gun, read this portion of the buying guide very carefully.

Let us bust some common myths first.

 Commons myths: 

People usually purchase long barrel because they think it will shoot further, but in reality, it is not gonna make any difference in how much further it shoots.

People think that accuracy is determined by the barrel, in reality, accuracy is not determined by the barrel. It is determined by the paint you are shooting that day. Probably the most frustrating thing.

Your day is going to be dictated by the paint you are shooting that day. You can improve it by using a very good barrel and purchasing good paintballs, but it is what it is. Crappy pain equals a crappy day.

 Barrel material:  

Barrel Material

The sound signature of the going to be determined by the porting on the barrel, and the material it is made of.

 Carbon fiber barrel:  

carbon fiber is a very strong and rigid material. It is not malleable at all and you can’t bend those barrels no matter how hard you try.

Due to its rigidness, the sound after the shot is going to be snappy. Carbon fiber has a snappier sound than aluminum. Best paintball guns use carbon fiber barrel tips most of the time.

 Aluminum barrels:  

Aluminum barrels are lightweight, strong, corrosion-free, they work excellent in hot and cold conditions, and they are cheaper than carbon fiber barrels.

Both materials are really good, but if you have to choose one, carbon fiber barrels are a tiny better perhaps.

 Porting on the barrel:  

porting on the barrel

The porting is all those little holes that are drilled on the barrel. It allows the gas/air that is traveling behind the paintball down the barrel to stabilize the shot at the very end.

When the ball comes out at the end of the barrel, air dissipates into the environment leaving a big explosion behind. It doesn’t cause the shot to have so much energy that causes the ball to hook one way.

The energy breaks away at the very end with the help of those small drilled holes to keep a stable and straight shot.

Recommend barrels are ported ones. If the barrel is not ported or there are only a few holes in it, the ball will be going everywhere. Sufficient porting on the entire barrel is a must.

  Length of the barrel:  

barrel length

The optimum barrel length is anywhere between 14 and 17 inches. Anything less than that will be not as efficient.

It is not like those stock 12-inch barrels are bad. Those are some good, quiet, and efficient barrels, but less efficient than a 14 – 17 inch barrel.

  The caliber of the barrel:  

Caliber is another important category of the barrels. Paintballs are made by different manufacturers. A humble suggestion is that you go to the paintball field and ask them what caliber paint they are using.

You can also purchase yourself a caliber measuring device. Pass the pain down the device holes. The bore size should be too snug, but snug so that it traps the air behind the ball evenly. It will ensure an accurate shot.

Big bore size and a small ball is a nightmare. When the ball travels down the barrel, it is going to wobble, and at the end, it will lose its trajectory. We want accurate shots. No compromise.

  Pro-tip for beginners:  

Barrel Bore

  1. Insert a paintball down the bore size of your barrel. If the ball is dropping down smoothly without any resistance, the bore size is too big. You will get the inaccurate corkscrew type of shots.
  2. If the ball stuck down the barrel, blow into the barrel and notice if the ball is come out of the barrel very fast, that bore size is perfect then.
  3. You know by yourself when you blow into the barrel, the ball will come out like you are shooting from your mouth.
  4. If the ball doesn’t come out quickly after blowing some air into the bore, or it is stuck for good, that bore size is too snug. Leave it.
  Control bore:  

It is the inner diameter of your barrel. It ranges from .67 – 6.89 caliber. People think that longer control bores are better for accurate shots which I don’t agree with.

Anything greater than 5 – 6 inches of the control bore is wasted, and anything less than 3 inches is also not good enough. Anything in the middle should do the job.

Types of bolts/engines/cores of a paintball gun

The internal engine that shoots the paint using compressed air or co2 is called the bolt or core of the gun.

There are different types of bolts ranging from price, efficiency, durability, and reliability, but the basic purpose of all bolts is the same.

If you can afford an expensive paintball maker, then check out if that gun is using one of the following bolts.

 Gamma core bolt engine 

Gamma core is designed to function well even in the harshest condition, it gets rid of any electronic adjustment.

The gamma core bolt is built on breech sensing technology with a pneumatically latching spool.

Its purpose is to release the perfect amount of air for each shot to maintain a flawless firing rate and accuracy.

Most of the best paintball guns in the industry are using the gamma core bolt.

 Luxe X core:  

Luxe X core is said to be 20 – 30% more efficient the Luxe Ice. It operates between 100 – 130 PSI.  It is extremely gentler on paint and super smooth during shooting.

These cores are pretty much exclusive to luxe models, but if you get a chance to try on the luxe guns, check out if the gun is using one of these bolts.

 GP CORE engine:  

These are the latest bolts that are only found in expensive guns.

The gamma core is an exceptional engine with high-class performance. It can take the abuse of cold, heat, and wear & tear of the situation over time.

GP core will offer similar performance with more precision and it is more durable.  GP core drive train uses only 50% of the air compare to other Gamma core cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What guns do pro players use most often?
In the current era, markers like CS2, DLX LUXE X, DYE M3S+, GTEK, EMPIRE MINI GS, and CS2 PRO which is currently the best paintball gun.
Which paintball gun is the most accurate?
Accuracy depends on the paint you are shooting that day, barrels, the material the gun is made of, bolt/engine, and the quality of the marker. Right now, CS2 PRO and DLX luxe X are probably the most accurate markers.
What is the best paintball gun company?
Right now, planet eclipse is dominating the marker market. Tippmann is also a legendary figure as far as quality paintball markers are concerned. The dye is also in the competition.
Can a paintball gun kill you?
Paintball is a safe sport. The Player wears full gear including a paintball mask, elbow pads, knee pads, proper clothing, and other things to avoid fatal hits. But in general, a direct shot can cause some damage, but it won’t kill you. All it can cause is some bruises and cuts, but a hit on the eye, jaw, or ear can be pretty much serious. That is why safety equipment is never ignored.
What is the fastest paintball gun?

In my unpopular opinion, the following guns shoot the fastest:

CS2 pro Electronic
DYE M3S Electronic
Dye CZR Electronic
GTEK 170r Electronic
LUXE x Electronic
How much does a paintball gun cost?
Paintball guns can range from $100 – $1800 depending on the type (pump, mechanical, electrical), functions, efficiency, durability, range, warranty, comfort, and accuracy.
Do you need an ID to purchase a paintball gun?
No. There are no such laws in the USA that prohibit the possession of a paintball gun. They are not considered firearms.
Is it legal to use a paintball marker in self-defense?
Yes. But, if you are up against a genuine firearm, you better save your ass by running away. It won’t do you any good.
How bad do paintball shots hurt?
If it is not a close-range shot, then imagine get stung by a bee. In the worst-case scenario, you will receive some bruises and welts, nothing too dramatic. The power of the shot usually depends on the type of paint, and type of marker.
Are paintball markers too loud?
No. depending on the quality, the sound may vary from hissing to popping noise. Sometimes the noise patterns more are snappier, but nothing close to the actual gunshot.
What hurts more, paintball shots, or airsoft shots?
Airsoft BBs may travel faster, but paintballs are significantly larger than BBs. I would say paintball hurts more sometimes but the difference is not great. If you want an in-depth answer, check out the following thread:
Can paintball shots break windows?
Yes. Paintball shots travel at 280 – 300 Fps normally, a typical glass is not a big deal to break. Such speed is enough to break window glasses.
Can a paintball shot dent a car?
A close-range shot can leave some minor dents along with the huge paint splash. That stains are more dangerous. They can damage the car’s paint job leaving permanent stains behind.

An Energy and Environmental Engineer, athlete, and social worker. I love the grittiness and thrill of paintball. Nowadays I am reviewing paintball products with an open mind & honest words.

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