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5 Best Paintballs 2023: Woodsball, Speedball, Beginner to Pro

Freddy Miller

Hey, Freddy here again.

Let me tell you why you should buy proper paintballs: There are only a few options that don’t suck. Trust me; you don’t want to face those typical problems I’ve seen too many times over 15 years.

Imagine hitting an opponent, but the paintball doesn’t break, leaving no mark – bummer, right?

Or how about soft paintballs that break in your barrel, jamming up your precious gun?

Don’t even get me started on imported, low-quality ammo that either arrives as a messy stew of broken paintballs in terrible packaging or doesn’t even shoot remotely in the direction you aim (-_-).

But fear not, my paintball friends. Choosing the right paintball rounds, considering your preferences and needs, will make a world of difference to your whole paintball experience (^_^).

Picture yourself accurately hitting your target with fin-stabilized First Strike sniper rounds that fly farther and straighter than ever. 

Or maybe you’re all about scoring the most “boom” for your buck, buying cheap bulk packs of 2,000 rounds that are decent for any game scenario, and you’ll still have money left to take your girl out for a fancy dinner.

Or perhaps you’re a beginner looking for a taste of the paintball life? A 500-round test package will be your best bet.

Do you have specific requirements, such as speedball, winter play or good old shooting practice with rubber bullets? I’ve got you covered.

Also, consider the caliber, whether it’s .43 for most pistols, .50 for some low-impact guns, or .68 for standard paintball markers. If you buy the wrong caliber, it either won’t fit or won’t shoot straight.

In short, picking the right paintball ammo will elevate your game and maximize your fun on the field. And you will not have to go through the same frustrations as I have.

So, here are my top picks. Also, check out the quick buying guide at the end.

My Top 3 Picks

Best for Speedball
71UGv9BUCyL. AC SL250

Valken Graffiti Paintballs

Best for Tournaments

  • High Quality & Accurate
  • Eco-friendly PEG material
  • Designed for Speedball
  • Preferred by Pros Worldwide

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Best Value

Valken Infinity Paintballs

Best for Recreational Play

  • Designed for Woodsball
  • Durable & Accurate
  • Non-toxic & water-based.
  • Cost-effective

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best for snipers
810J5lDIo5L. AC SL250

First Strike FSR Paintballs

Best for Snipers

  • Compatible with First Strike Conversion Kit + some mag-fed guns
  • Highest Range & Accuracy
  • Biodegradable, thick fill

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Let’s take a closer look.

Top Paintballs 2023: Product Reviews

The first one is the one I recommend the most often to people for most types of play.

Valken Infinity Paintballs 2000 rounds .68 caliber

Best Value Paintballs

Great for woodsball and most types of recreational play.

Let’s quickly review the Valken Infinity Paintballs and why you should consider investing in these paintballs.

First, they come with some great features that make them worth it. These paintballs are made with virgin rubber, making them more durable and less likely to break when fired. 

Plus, their outer shell is thick enough to provide consistent accuracy while still breaking upon impact. And they come in various colors so you can customize your look.

Plus, these paintballs were designed for woodsball players. They won’t break inside your marker and are non-toxic, so they don’t harm the environment. 

And since they’re water-based, you can use them right out of the box without additional prep. 

They’re also very affordable paintballs – you get a lot of bang for your buck.

These balls are a great option for normal play unless you are playing professional paintball tournaments or have specific requirements. They work great for almost any type of paintball game mode.

Now, one minor downside to these paintballs is that their packaging could be better. But despite that, the balls arrive safely, and they work great.

I highly recommend the Valken Infinity if you’re looking for an affordable option for recreational paintball that delivers accurate shots.

Valken Infinity

Best Value Paintballs

  • Made with virgin rubber for durability and accuracy
  • Variety of colors available
  • Designed for woodsball players, non-toxic and water-based
  • Cost-effective and reliable shots

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First Strike FSR Paintballs

Best for Snipers and Accuracy

First Strike FSR Paintballs are more accurate and shoot further than any other brand of ammo. If you are playing speedball, avoid these — they are meant for snipers.

These paintballs are hands down the best for snipers looking to get the edge on their competition with long-range and accurate shots.

These babies come in a range of wicked colors and sizes, but let me tell you why these First Strike projectiles are perfect for those who crave accuracy and precision.

They’re aerodynamically shaped with fin stabilization technology, which means they fly farther and straighter than any other paintball out there.

Forget about trying to improve your aim using “spray and pray” (also known as shooting a high volume of bullets) or backspin gimmicks (changing to barrels designed to add spin to the paintball); instead, try these paintballs. 

The First Strike FSR Paintballs have “fins” on the pellets, making them spin and providing accuracy without a customized barrel.

Before you get too excited, remember that these bad boys might not be compatible with your current paintball gun. 

But fear not. First Strike Conversion Kits are available for all Tiberius Arms markers so you can upgrade your gear with these awesome paintballs. And don’t worry – you can muzzle-load them with almost any marker type. They are not meant to be loaded in a standard 200-round hopper to be shot in fast-paced games.

On top of their killer performance, these .68 caliber paintballs boast a brittle polystyrene shell, which makes them environmentally friendly and biodegradable.  Plus, they meet ASTM safety requirements so that you can play with peace of mind.

The ultra-thick fill ensures superior marking and visibility, meaning your opponents won’t be able to claim they weren’t hit when you’re armed with these rounds.

As much as I love these paintballs, it’s only fair to mention a couple of downsides. Since they’re incompatible with many paintball guns, you might need a magazine-fed rifle or pistol to exploit these rounds fully. 

Also, they tend to sell out quickly, so if you see them in stock, grab them while you can! You don’t want to wait for backorders while your buddies dominate the field.

If you’re serious about stepping up your sniper game, you’ve got to try the First Strike FSR Paintballs. Their unrivaled accuracy and range will make you the envy of every paintballer on the field. So why wait? Get your hands on these wicked rounds and show them who’s boss!

810J5lDIo5L. AC SL250

First Strike FSR Paintballs

Best for Snipers

  • High accuracy and range due to aerodynamic, fin-stabilized design
  • Compatible with First Strike Conversion Kit.
  • Biodegradable, thick fill.
  • Compatible with some magazine-fed guns.

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Loader Paintball 500 Rounds (Basic Training Paintballs)

Best For Beginners on a Budget

Here’s for those absolute beginners on a budget. I’m talking about the Loader Paintball 500 Rounds Basic Training Paintballs. Let me tell you why these babies might just be what you need to kick off your paintball journey.

First, you get a full bag of 500 rounds of DXS Basic Training Brand paintballs. That’s enough ammo to give you a taste of the paintball life for a full day on the field without breaking the bank. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor are paintball skills. Starting with a smaller package like this is perfect for getting your feet wet.

Now let’s talk color. The eco-fill of these paintballs can be either orange or yellow – it’s like a surprise every time you open the bag! And as for the shell color, well, that’ll vary too. Personally, I love surprises, so this adds a bit of fun to the mix.

Nobody’s perfect. These paintballs have one minor downside: they’re slightly more brittle than other brands like Valken. So while they might not hold up well under pressure, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. They do the job if you’re only looking for 500 rounds to test the waters.

The packaging could also use some work, but let’s face it: we’re not here to judge a book by its cover. What matters most is how these paintballs perform on the field; they won’t disappoint if you’re starting out.

So, if you want to dip your toes into the world of paintball without spending an arm and a leg, these Loader Paintball 500 Rounds Basic Training Paintballs are worth considering. They may not be top-of-the-line, but everyone must start somewhere.

61j0reLUS+L. AC SL250

Loader Paintball 500 Rounds

Best For Beginners on a Budget

  • Basic training paintballs to get started
  • Affordable
  • Eco-fill in orange or yellow

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Wearable4U Rubber Balls (.43 Cal or .50 Cal or .68 Cal)

Best reusable rubber balls for shooting practice and training.

Ready to talk about our awesome rubber balls? Let’s get into it.

These rubber balls come in three sizes: .43 cal, .50 cal, and .68 cal. 

They’ve got all the colors you could want – blue, black, and yellow. 

They’re also lightweight but still super durable and reusable, so they’ll last a long time.

These are great for target shooting practice or home defense training. They’re less lethal than other rounds, so if something goes wrong, people are less likely to be seriously hurt (always be cautious and follow safety guidelines).

That makes them perfect for teaching inexperienced people who might put themselves at risk with more dangerous ammo. 

And since these costs are lower than many alternatives, you won’t have to take out a loan to keep your supplies stocked up.

Speaking of stocking up, they offer packages of 100, 250, and 500 rounds, whatever your needs are.

So what do you think? If you’re looking for reusable rubber balls that can be used for pistol target practice, then buy these.

81f41HB0nnL. AC SL250

Wearable4U Rubber Balls

Best for Shooting Practice

  • Three different sizes: .43, .50 and .68-cal
  • Colors: blue, black, and yellow
  • Lightweight, durable, reusable and affordable
  • Great ammo for shooting training for beginners

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Valken Graffiti Paintballs 68 cal 2000 rounds

Best for Speedball

I’ve got some news for all you speedball lovers out there. In my opinion, the Valken Graffiti are my favorite paintballs for playing on the speedball field. Let me break down why they are so great.

First, they are preferred by operators worldwide, so you know you’re getting quality paintball ammo that professional players trust. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us mere mortals.

These paintballs are designed to hold up in fast-paced games where accuracy and quick thinking are crucial.

With a whopping 2000-count case, you won’t run out of ammunition anytime soon. You can play all day long without having to scrounge around for extra paintballs.

They have a round shell for accuracy, which means they will shoot where you are aiming, and lets you hit your target more often. Just imagine effortlessly nailing those pesky opponents who always seem to dodge at the last second.

They’re compatible with hopper and mag-fed guns, giving you flexibility and versatility. It doesn’t matter what type of marker you prefer; these rounds will work like a charm.

Worried about being environmentally conscious? No worries! These paintballs are manufactured from safe PEG materials, meaning you can enjoy guilt-free gameplay.

Also, each batch is protected by cardboard dividers, ensuring consistent quality and minimal breakage until you load them into your gun.

The bright, thick fill ensures that when you hit them, there’s no denying it. Your mark will be clear and visible, leaving no room for disputes (and possibly even bragging rights). The 68 caliber means they fit perfectly in most standard paintball markers. No more worrying about jamming or misfires – just pure, unadulterated fun.

If you play speedball and want high-quality, reliable and accurate paintballs that won’t break the bank, won’t break in your paintball gun, and don’t break the environment, then look no further than Valken Graffiti Paintballs. These paintballs are the best for speedball and tournaments.

71UGv9BUCyL. AC SL250

Valken Graffiti

Best for Speedball & Tournaments

  • High-quality & accurate rounds
  • Eco-friendly PEG material
  • Designed for speedball games
  • Preferred by professionals worldwide
Check Latest Price

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Buying Guide: Unveiling the Perfect Paintball Ammo for Your Game Mode

The world of paintball is a wild ride with many game modes.

Each mode comes with its ammo requirements.

Don’t worry. I’ll explain it super simply so you can see which paintball suits your needs.

Types of Paintball, Game Modes and Ammunition

Woodsball: Camouflage and stealth, anyone? If you’re playing woodsball, there is no reason to get fancy. The game is all about gameplay and fun. Use normal paintball rounds. I recommend the Valken Infinity that I mentioned above.

Speedball: It’s all about speed and accuracy – choose high-quality, consistent paintballs for the fast-paced arena. Valken Graffiti paintballs are reliable, shoots straight, and are a great option for speedball, but you could also use them for other game modes.

Magfed: Looking for a more tactical experience? Go for the First Strike rounds I recommended above to enhance your accuracy and range. Make sure they are compatible with your mag-fed paintball gun.

Recreational play: For some good old casual fun, pick paintballs with a good balance of quality and price. Valken Infinity is the best choice.

Tournament paintball: Time to get serious! Opt for professional-grade paintballs that meet the strict requirements of competitive play. You can use speedball rounds like the Valken Graffiti or a specific brand or type the tournament organizers decide to use.

Shooting practice: If you are just starting out, or training and want to improve your aim, you can go for reusable rubber balls or the cheapest pack of decent 500 rounds to get you started (if you don’t want to invest in a 2000-round before you figure out whether or not paintball is the game for you). For shooting practice, you can’t go wrong with Wearable4U Rubber Balls that are reusable, or a pack of Loader Paintball 500 rounds.

Paintball Calibers: Size Matters

This time size actually matters, amigos. Let’s talk about calibers – the good, the bad, and the differences between .43, .50, and .68 caliber paintballs, why they exist, and which one you should buy.

Without getting too advanced, let’s explain it like this:

  • .68 caliber is for standard paintball guns
  • .50 caliber is for low-impact paintball guns and some pistols
  • .43 calibers are mostly for training and practice with pistols

That’s the gist of it.

.68 caliber is the one that most paintball guns use, or at least the ones you think of when you think about paintball, speedball, or woodsball. These are the only ones that are worth it for hardcore paintball players. They are the fastest, most accurate, most versatile, and most dominating, but they also hurt the most when getting hit by them and may leave bruises on the skin. You gotta take the good with the bad.

The smaller .50 caliber is great for beginners and kids who want to try low-impact paintball. You need .50 caliber guns to shoot them accurately, and you may see them being used in activity centers that offer indoor paintball fields or low-impact paintball parties for children. They are about half the size of the .68 caliber and weigh less. It generally shoots shorter slower and shorter distances than the standard 68-cal. It hurts less when getting hit and doesn’t need the same force to shoot them.

The last type is the .43 caliber, mostly used for specific practice pistols labeled as a 43-cal gun. Usually, paintball games won’t use either .43 cal paintball guns or rounds.

So there you have it, friends, calibers in a nutshell.

Other Things to Consider

Here are a few things to consider before you make your buying decision.

Durability: You need paintballs that can withstand the bolt mechanism’s impact and won’t leak paint all over your gun. You might pay more for the good stuff, but trust me, it’s worth it (read more: do paintballs expire?).

Color selection: If you’re playing woodsball and want to blend in with the environment, you’ll want bright colors like orange and red (read more: can paintballs stain your clothes?).

Efficiency: A good paintball should have a long-range and accurately hit the target. Do some target practice, and you’ll be able to tell right away if the paintballs are up to par (read more: what are paintballs made out of?).

So, there you have it. Remember these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect paintballs for your game. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions About Paintballs

What are the best paintballs for mini gs?

Valken Graffiti are the best paintballs for the mini GS, in my opinion.

Which paintballs hurt the least?

If you’re looking for less painful paintballs, consider low-impact paintballs such as .50 caliber paintballs used by a .50 caliber paintball gun, or try gellyball. These activities are more family-friendly. You can use protective gear or layers of clothing to reduce the pain caused by paintballs, but wearing too much soft clothing can cause the pellets to not break on impact.

How long do 500 rounds of paintball last?

It depends on your playing style and the firing rate of your gun. 500 rounds should last almost an entire day on the field for most people. Some players shoot 200-300 on a half day or 400-600 on a full day.

What is the fastest FPS for paintball?

Most paintballs are limited to a maximum of 280 FPS for safety reasons. Some paintball fields may use 250 FPS as a maximum. Very powerful paintball guns may be able to shoot up to 330 FPS, but they are not allowed in tournaments or on the field. Make sure your paintball gun’s velocity is within an acceptable range.

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