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8 Best Woodsball Paintball Gun Reviews 2022

Hello paintball enthusiasts! This is my best woodsball paintball guns review.

I’m Freddy. I have been playing paintball for ten years, and my teammates always ask me for advice when buying new gear.

My team and I have tested and compared many paintball guns and found a handful that are good for woodsball.

Here are the top woodsball paintball guns (the few that don’t suck).


Tippmann Cronus 

Tippmann Cronus

  • Customizable
  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to Maintain



Empire Paintball Mini GS

Empire Paintball Mini GS

  • Super Accurate
  • Efficient
  • Compact




Planet Eclipse M170R

Dye Rize CZR Paintball Marker

  • Stupid fast
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comfortable


That was the “too long; didn’t read” version. Let’s compare them.

Comparison Table of The Best Paintball Guns For Woodsball 2022


Planet Eclipse M170R Mechanical

Planet Eclipse M170R Mechanical

[Beginners To Pro]



Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun

[Beginners To Pro]



 Empire Paintball SYX 1.5

Empire Paintball SYX 1.5

[Beginners To Pro]



Tippmann Cronus Tactical

Tippmann Cronus Tactical

[Beginners To Mid-Level]


 Tippmann TMC MAGFED


[Beginners To Mid-Level]


Tippmann Stormer Tactical .68 Caliber

Tippmann Stormer Tactical .68 Caliber

[Beginners To Mid-Level]



Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun

Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun

[Beginners To Pro]






 1. Planet Eclipse M170R Mechanical-One of The Best Paintball Gun for Woodsball

Planet Eclipse M170R Mechanical Review


  • Have tool-less bolt removal
  • 135 lb/in2 operating pressure
  • Enwrapped rubber grip
  • Spool valve operation
  • Smoothly integrated SL6 inline Regulator
  • Licensed DefTek Feed System
  • Low-Rise Feed neck with Battery-free playing experience
  • Interconnected POPS ASA
  • 3-Point Adjustable Single-Finger Trigger
  • Only operates with compressed air
  • 3-Way Bespoke Solenoid
  • Toolless Detent Access
  • Brand: – Valken
  • Item weight: – 7lbs
  • Caliber: – .68
  • Barrel: – 8 inch removable ported
  • Action: – Semi-automatic
  • Externally coated with Aluminum and Polymer
  • Power: – cO2 and compressed air high quality
  • Range: – 150+
  • Velocity: – up to 30FPS

The planet eclipse is undoubtedly famous in the market because of its different high-end electronic markers.

There’s no doubt that planet eclipse has always provided its customers, whether beginners or intermediate players, with the best features of the best paintball markers for woodsball.

I have wanted to see their first mechanical high-end marker in the market for a long time, and now that it is available in the market with its best features, I was determined to share my valuable ideas with you. After which you will also be interested in buying this rare gift for a small amount.

Using the planet eclipse with a gamma core engine, the M170R has developed a masterpiece that is not compared to any other marker.

You will look no less than an expert player in your performance by participating in a league with a high gamma core engine.

Moreover, the trigger is incredibly smooth. I was amazed at how soft the slide triggers for the other guns were. But the hinge setup that they have right here is light.

Why Choose Planet Eclipse M170r

  • Its trigger is designed specifically for professional players. It’s not as tall and wide as the old triggers, which the more senior players who were accustomed to shooting liked.
  • This new frame is now 1/3 of the total volume, meaning it is designed to fit your finger. This slim is very comfortable and comfortable, meaning you can hold it with both hands and shoot.
  • Additionally, you will also notice a self-timed spool valve on the M170R upper end.
  • It’s well-polished with paint and requires a little bit of maintenance.
  • Beyond all this, the Planet Eclipse M170R Mechanical Paintball Marker comes up with a high-quality aluminum or rubber body.
  • I have observed that its design and some features resemble the E170R.
  • The most obvious difference to me is the presence of a single trigger frame system. It has an attractive body that I like.

It has different mileage, which each person can set according to his hobby and need. Made of Aluminum material does not require much cleaning.

Furthermore, the single trigger is installed in an oscillating style with 3 points of mechanical adjustment. One is a forward stop, a rear stop, and one is a screw that works as an adjustment point for triggering the marker. With this specification, it’s now in your hand to use any trigger as per your taste.

Equally important is its good-looking firm hand grip. There is a notable difference in its material as compared to the astounding thin foregrip.

It’s suitable for large hands. But for tiny baby hands, it’s too big. After using it for a while, I could say that this woodsball paintball gun is unique. Probably the best woodsball paintball gun as far as Planet Eclipse mid-range series is concerned.

  • Quick and simple to use
  • Operates at high temperatures 100F
  • Durable
  • Easily installed tan and black frames
  • Light and short hair-trigger valve
  • Reliable gamma core with repeated shots
  • Mechanical single trigger frameset
  • Dual roller bearings for an adjustable smooth trigger mechanism
  • High caliber bulletproof system
  • The self-controlled free firing cycle
  • Quiet sound quality
  • Customized barrel
  • It is expensive than its electronic counterpart.

 2. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker Review


  • One 9-volt built-in battery
  • Barrel sleeve
  • Easy to handle with rubber foregrips
  • Manual ASA switch controls in or out of the air from the marker
  • Only operated with compressed air
  • Lightweight and small in size
  • Outstanding performance with pressure-controlled poppet engine
  • Unified brake beams anti chopped eyes
  • Clipped feed neck for hopper
  • Effective micro switch trigger
  • Brand: – Empire Mini GS
  • Item weight: – 1.2 pounds
  • Caliber: .68
  • Action: Semi-auto PSP and Millenium ramping
  • One-piece barrel: 12” Aluminum ported
  • Air source: Compressed air only
  • 20 BPS cycle rate
  • Semi-auto
  • Aluminum enveloped the external body
  • Accuracy range: 150+ft
  • Electro-Pneumatic marker
  • Works between 180 to 200 psi

Let’s go over a couple of things that I like about the mini, and let’s do a couple of things I don’t like.

I’m a fan of the Empire’s inline poppet bolt system; there are very few O-rings on it. It’s effortless to clean, maintenance is EASY, and overall, it’s quiet, doesn’t kick much, and is efficient and easy on paint.

I like the rubber foregrip on the mini-GS. Your hand gets covered in painter’s mud or something like that. Even with gloves on, it makes the cap easy to hold the front and grip.

The trigger is a definite improvement over the original mini. The trigger wasn’t very adjustable in the original model.

I don’t particularly appreciate how on the mini-GS, compared to the axis, how you have to use an Allen wrench to remove the bolt.

So, you take out that bottom screw right there bolt slides out well. I wouldn’t say I like that it’s not that big of a deal. It’s super-fast, so it’s not a huge problem, but it’s just a little more convenient on the axis.

Also, I wouldn’t say I like how to clean the eyes out on the mini-GS, you have to disassemble the gun completely, so you have to remove the frame.

The solenoid is an air transfer tube with four other screws. It has a plate that holds the board in place. You have to remove that plate, and then you can clean the edge. So, it’s a process that they took care of and fixed on the act2.0 in the ex-pro.

So, if you think you clean your gun a lot or want to keep it, consider that the mini-GS will take considerably longer to clean than Act 2.0 or X Pro.

The Regulator is also something I have a little bit of an issue with; if it ever has issues like leaks or something challenging to take apart, you rarely have to take it apart.

Things I like

  • I know it’s called a mini-GS, but it’s a freaking mini, so it’s supposed to be small.
  • They’re a little bit more stretched out, so it fits my hands a little bit better.
  • The minis GS and X Pro are kinds of the same gun. They have just variations in empires inline bolt systems and solenoids.
  • They all shoot very similarly. But there are definite differences between those three guns, so the ax 2.0 has pretty much all the same stuff.
  • The mini-GS has a more prominent feel, so the overall gun feels larger. It does have a quick-release bolt system.
  • The foregrip is away from the trigger frame, so the trigger frame doesn’t connect right to the front of the gun. So, you can just hold the front of it a little bit easier, and the mini-GS does have a load screen and use the same bolt solenoid regulator.

So, I believe in that price range that this is now, so these are $300. There’s nothing better.

  • Lightweight, convenient and resilient
  • Smooth and fast with minimal recoil
  • Good accuracy
  • Proficiently uses air
  • Removable Rubber coated grip
  • Highly fed for intermediate and beginner players
  • Tetra shooting modes
  • Difficult to flip ASA switch
  • No user manual
  • Difficult to hold for people with large hand

 3. Empire SYX 1.5 Paintball Marker

Empire SYX 1.5 Paintball Marker


  • Double density with slip-resistant rubber grip
  • Quick operation; easy maintenance
  • Toll-free bolt removal
  • Barrel breaks protection via anti-chop laser eyes
  • Low-pressure working mechanism for preservation of fragile paint
  • Standardized O-rings for simple maintenance
  • 7.5” control bore
  • SYX barrel stock
  • EVA protective and fully mechanical case
  • It comes with a fluid design unscathed by external screws
  • In grip regulator couples with a new ASA
  • Tighter battery case
  • Brighter display for sunny days
  • New bolt guide
  • New ASA lever
  • Upgraded engine with good performance
  • Brand: – Empire
  • Item weight: – 3.55 pound

Empire Syx Dust and Blue silver is the upgraded version of the 6th generation Axe series of woodsball paintball markers. Due to its up-gradation, it has been on the top priority list of intermediate or beginners.

I have used its improved 1.5 version that contains the following revised features: brighter LED screen for better vision on sunny days and a high-performance circuit board.

Moreover, these redesigned woodsball markers revised its built-in engine durable and outstanding performance with a refined and streamlined look.

Its three different.680, .685, and .688 caliber barrels are very helpful in targeting front and rear sights. The rubber grips around the marker help a player hold it firmly and enhance its beauty and comfortability.

Use of standardized O rings, tool-less bolt kit, and battery fore grip can help maintain Empire SYX 1.5 Paintball Marker – Dust Silver/Dust Blue.

A 7.5-inch control bore with a rounded micro-honed 14-inch second piece aluminum barrel system is an additional feature used to enhance marker accuracy to the top.

Due to the dual 2-piece aluminum barrel system, I always consider it a good paintball gun that will never disappoint the buyer because of its features.

  • Brighter display
  • Long-lasting with an upgraded engine
  • Long barrel for distant shoots
  • Durable rubber grip for firm handling
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • No need for cleansing
  • Good for muddy and rainy areas
  • Fragile paint

 4. Tippmann Cronus – Best Woodsball Paintball Gun

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker- Review


  • Durable, compact body
  • Soft moldable rubber grip
  • Composed front and rear vision
  • Distinctive internal bolt system
  • It comes with front sight mock silencer
  • Aluminum made 4 Picatinny rails
  • Excellent performance with ported barrel
  • 15+ balls round per second
  • Moderate accuracy
  • An accurate rifle like in-hand feeling
  • Self-operating paintball gun
  • Brand: Tippmann
  • Item weight: 4.83 pounds
  • .68 caliber diameter
  • Having a gravity-fed system
  • Mechanical in bond trigger
  • Fully automatic
  • Internal High-pressure CO2 and HPA air capacity
  • Good quality nylon frame

If you are going to try a paintball gun for your use, this Tippmann Cronus marker is the best one. It’s also declared as one of the highest quality guns by professional paintballers. In my opinion, Cronus is the best woodsball paintball gun.

Why choose Tippmann Cronus:

  • The Tippmann Cronus marker is an easy-to-use gun for beginners as well as for intermediate players.
  • It is a reliable woodsball paintball gun with medium accuracy. Moreover, its nylon frame with a soft rubber grip makes it long-lasting.
  • I dropped it, used it in different seasons, and took it to rain and muddy areas. But since I bought it, I haven’t had to keep it as clean as other people who are using different paintball guns and wasting their time cleaning.
  • I have used various hoppers on top of it to help feed the paintball and prevent jamming. This way, you don’t have to shake the gravity-fed hopper as previously.
  • I have also used an air tank to keep it upright, which keeps it in balance. Additionally, you can use a cheap red dot sight with it to improve your targeting.
  • And all of them have come up with excellent results.
  • Furthermore, with its long-ported barrel and 15 balls per second-round system, I found it very professional.

With its composed front and rear vision, I have used it in different arenas and have found myself the master of these arenas.

The stalk helps to keep it straight. I have come up with some nice and amazing shots that have been fruitful. Finally, it is the best marker for players with all these essential features in a modest amount.

  • Economical
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Maintenance-free
  • High-quality performance
  • Have straight and sturdy stalk
  • Great accuracy due to long barrel for distant ranges
  • Beautiful texture with adjustable stock

Low velocity

Need of customized stock barrels

 5.  Tippmann TMC MAGFED Woodsball Paintball Marker

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker Review


  • Integral 4-sided Picatinny bars
  • Simple and easy pull trigger
  • Multiway front and rear sights
  • Hoper or magazine fed dual option
  • Fully inflated with compressed air,
  • Soft moldable rubber grip
  • Rear-end installed ASA
  • Entirely operated the best quality inline bolt system
  • Constructed with two twenty round spring using magazines,
  • 2-way external selector
  • Flawless five positions collapsible stock
  • Brand: Tippmann
  • Item Weight: 6.5 pounds,
  • Barrel size: 12 inches with muzzle break
  • .68 caliber power
  • Hands-on charging handle
  • Internal stainless steel gas line
  • Aluminum covered headset 

You will be happy to know that Tippmann has created a masterpiece in the market called Tippmann TMC, the features of which will amaze your intellect.

Furthermore, TMC Tippmann is a mag-fed version equipped with the latest technology proven to be a professional gun for intermediates and beginners with its unique design and specifications.

Moreover, I noticed many things on the selector switch that’s fantastic and very cool by using this.

I also love the textured grip; that’s just a good grip. It’s not ample so that anybody can use it. So, with a mask on just something to be aware of so you’re not surprised ah you’ve got to love the price, it’s only 200 bucks what else magazines.

It’s too easy to eject them; they go in quickly; they come out easily. This marker is easy to load. We’ll put something on one railing, probably on top, put a red dot sight on it and see how it works.

It will give you outstanding results. We’ll probably be able to look right over the gun. You can fit 20 in a magazine, but you have to push them a little.

Alright, it’s effortless to put a hopper on it so that there is a correct order of operation. Eject the mag: the first step is to put the other mag in first. This is the one with the ball detent in it.

Remember, it will fit in securely, then take off the mag set plate with the other ball, defend alright, that comes out take your hopper attachment screw it on you have to put the mag in first otherwise it won’t last correctly put the hopper.

Let’s see how excellent the co2 is? The answer is it’s different. It’s based on the closed platform internally, so it’s going to be rugged. It’s going to be durable and going to work for you.

I used a primary arms red dot sight but with a riser. I can see the dot, and that’s a lot of fun, so something else you can try with it. It’s unnecessary, but this is the new Tippmann TMC.

As per my experience, this will be an excellent gun for people’s first mag-fed gun. For guys like me that don’t play mag-fed very often or for guys who want to take people to the field.

Take them to the area and loan them your primary gun, so they don’t feel like they’re at a disadvantage. That way, you can play mag-fed and play right beside your friend, so I think it’s outstanding.

  • Strong and cheap magazine
  • Durable and economical
  • Solidity built with a smooth texture
  • Dual magazine and hopper feeding system
  • No external gas lines
  • Customized rail system
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable like AK-47 like feeling
  • Well-built stock
  • User friendly
  • Less maintenance
  • Slow first strike rounds
  • Hoper and magazine system not mechanical at the same occasion
  • Stripping down is difficult

 6. Tippmann Stormer Tactical .68 Caliber Paintball Marker Tippmann Stormer Tactical .68 Caliber Paintball Marker review


  • Diverse Picatinny rails
  • Rear-end installed ASA
  • Single trigger with six positions collapsible stock
  • Tippmann inline bolt depiction
  • Portable vertical grip
  • Detachable rear and front flip-up sights
  • Replaceable front end shroud
  • Action: – semi-automatic
  • Tippmann 98-barrel thread
  • Brand: – Tippmann
  • .68 Cal markers with internal gas line
  • High geared barrel with the offset feed port
  • Afflictive composite body
  • Versatile from 250-325 FPS

Because of the remarkable features of this maker, I already liked it before I bought it. But after buying it, I concluded that my choice was right.

Let me tell you, I have participated in various tournaments with Stormer, and it has shown excellent performances even in blind wind, mud, and swampy land.

The first solution to the problem is that it is much easier to assemble and disassemble parts than other markers. This marker is made from a good base material with high velocity. This is one of the best woodsball paintball guns that is handy for all players, from beginner players to professional players.

Moreover, the grip is made of solid rubber which is no less than a blessing for an expert shooter. You can hold the ski grip tightly and use it with balance.

You should also note that this marker is heavy. It has that realistic rifle kind of feel. Also, no matter where you take it, no matter how you use it in heavy games, there will be no problem with jamming. You can also use this marker while running, but its performance remains identical in any way.

I have used its rail system well, and after thorough analysis, I am telling you that it is a system with excellent features. I would advise you to check with the help of a scoop before setting up its hopper fitment.

Overall, this is an excellent marker that is no less than an AK-47 in its performance. You can buy it at a low price.

  • Economical with excellent performance
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Sturdy lightly wiggle
  • High velocity and reliable
  • Strong grip
  • Less maintenance
  • Trigger mechanism operating problem
  • Slight wiggle
  • A little bit heavy

 7. Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun

valken blackhawk paintball gun review


  • Corrosion-free with metal cover
  • External hose-free
  • Build-in gun bag
  • Customized stock
  • Changeable ported barrel
  • Replaceable feed neck adapter
  • Removable barrel thread adapter
  • Compatible with Co2 and high-pressure air system
  • High-performance Aluminum air adapter
  • Brand: – Valken
  • Item weight: – 7lbs
  • Caliber: – .68
  • Barrel: – 8 inch removable ported
  • Action: – Semi-automatic
  • Externally coated with Aluminum and Polymer
  • Power: – cO2 and compressed air high quality
  • Range: – 150+
  • Velocity: – up to 30FPS

If you are looking for the best woodsball paintball gun, we have brought you a unique marker to meet your needs.

Professional players and players with moderate experience have always put it on their list for a long time. This marker is made of rugged and durable material, caught my attention initially, and I tested it again, and I will now introduce you to its features.

As a professional player, I have used many paintball guns for the first time, so this marker is more accurate than the rest if I compare them.

Plus, it’s a lot easier to set up and less time-consuming to clean. In my experience, it has become elementary to open and reconnect.

This paintball marker is an excellent choice for high speed and straight shooting at a meager cost. The outer surface of the ski, which is made of solid metal, protects it from rust.

Its long detachable barrel can reach up to 3 feet. You can also use custom barrels for long distances. Its stainless-steel body has its charm that is recognizable from afar. If you are looking for a good paintball marker at a reasonable price, then buy it. It will not disappoint you.

It is not that expensive to get, purchase it just for the sake of practicing.

  • Stainless-steel bottom-line hose
  • Durable with metal coating
  • Easy to configure
  • Straight and fast shooting ability
  • Reliable and with moderate accuracy
  • Well-polished
  • Need to upgrade battery accuracy
  • Magazine diverse movement

 8. KONKOR MK47-1 AK-47 Paintball Rifle Marker 

KONKOR MK47-1 AK-47 Paintball Rifle Marker


  • Easy to remove steel magazine
  • RIS Quad rail system
  • Semi-automatic fire mood
  • Fire rate: – 300-400 rpm
  • Adjustable muzzle velocity: – 200-300 FPS
  • Gravity-fed system
  • Range: – 150+ ft
  • Military-style sling
  • The detachable rear sight assembly
  • Brand: – Konkor paintball
  • Item weight: – 8.5 pounds
  • Pure wood forearms with pistol grips
  • Semi-auto Mechanical trigger
  • Selector switch as a second safety
  • .68 Cal with standardized feed hopper

Konkor paintball markers introduced a superb model of their AK series, the MK 47-1 that is of great worth for woodsball paintball gun lovers. It is built with features that increase the beginner’s ability and interest to participate in the game.

After personal use, I would like to introduce you to the hidden qualities that make this marker one of the best Konkor paintball guns.

Catching and aiming a gun, most of whose interior and exterior is made of the finest solid wood is truly a masterpiece. Although it does not require any special skills to operate it, you must first grasp it correctly.

Its forearm is mainly made of wood with a sock to grip it. Next, I will tell you some more points which will be very useful for you to make the best use of this marker.

During its use, I have noticed that despite having a semi-automatic mechanical trigger, which is the central part of this marker, a selector switch has integrated into its beautiful wooden design by Konkor, which is used as a second safety. This gun is a good move from Konkor.

It was the first MK 47-1 project of Konkor to be presented for a small amount of money, which won the hearts of many fans associated with the paintball game and became their first choice.

Like other high-quality markers, it contains .68caliber, and the gaming experience has always been engaging.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Professional look
  • Never chop balls
  • Easy to Use
  • Semi-auto operation
  • Customized adjustable sight
  • Ease to use a sight with masks
  • Already lubed
  • Solid magazine and stock
  • Heavy
  • Too wide shaft
  • Less accurate

Things Should Be Considered Before Buying A Woodsball Marker

The need for the best woodsball paintball gun has increased ever since paintball, a game based on a different kind of adventure created a new trend among sports enthusiasts.

After tireless effort, we have selected from the list of the top paintball guns and the companies that make them that support the best players in the paintball game, and they always choose them for their use.

Some markers are specially designed for beginners so that they can train well and become great players. Players interested in paintball games need to know what features to consider when buying a good paintball gun from the available resources.

Net New Designs Unique Features Specifications can confuse a new paintball player. Here are some essential features that will help you purchase the best paintball marker at a very affordable price.

Available spending resources:

Spending money on paintball markers as an untested beginner is just a waste of money. As a beginner, never try to buy a paintball marker with so many features.

In contrast, a moderate amount gun with basic features is an expensive marker that is much better in competition.

It would be best if you chose it. There is also the possibility of marker up-gradation as you mature in your skill.

Your Fruitful playing Efforts:

The most important thing for choosing a perfect paintball marker is how boldly and amusingly you give the game time.

If you play a paintball game just for fun two or three times a year, you should choose a rental woodsball marker. Otherwise, you can fulfill your hobby by buying low-priced markers with very modest features.

Tactical Design and color:

Don’t go for anything fancy or expensive. Look for a tactical marker with environment blending colors like Cronus, 98 Custom, Stormer.

Woodsball game is based on hiding and shooting with efficiency. It is not like a speedball match where everyone goes crazy. Woodsball is for people of patience and stealth.

Final Thoughts 

Now is the time for decisive words. I have introduced you to all the essential unique aspects of the best woodsball paintball guns available in the market.

This article will help you choose the best-advanced woodsball paintball guns for fun. As well as the features of the paintball guns with different designs described in the buying guide will also give you other valuable ideas for your investment.

If you are still confused after reading all the features, there is no need to worry. In my past, I have used different types of paintball guns. I observed their various characteristics very closely. Today I will unveil this secret and suggest to you the three best markers of my choice.

At the top of this list is the Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker, a mini marker and affordable and easy to use. The second one is Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker, a beautifully made metal frame that makes it durable with rubber grips that help it hold on tightly.

Last but not least is the Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker which has always been in the hands of the champions due to its immense features.

Frequently Asked Questions-(FAQS)

Which is the most famous and most used woodsball paintball marker?

The Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker is the most popular gun suitable for beginners and players with intermediate woodsball paintball guns.

Does using a long barrel increase the paintball accuracy?

Yes, accuracy undoubtedly depends entirely on it. Long barrel paintball guns also consist of perfect accuracy with excellent performance. If you are a champion of this sport, then a tiny barrel is also handy for you. A small size barrel with a short one usually makes a lot of noise, so most players prefer a paintball gun with a long barrel.

How long can a woodsball paintball marker shoot?

A paintball gun is capable of hitting your moving target up to 280 feet with excellent accuracy. A fire fired at this speed with a good quality paintball ball can cause serious injury to your body.