Speedball Vs Woodsball-[Detailed Compression With Pros & Cons]

Well, we are all familiar that there is plenty of paintball variants like Scenario, Woodsball, speedball and etc.

Today we are going to compare woodsball vs speedball because lots of newbies are struggling to distinguish between them. Finally, our team has decided to make a detailed guide about speedball vs woodsball.

Without further wasting time lest get right into it.

speedball vs woodsball Compression Table


Field Size and Bunker of speedball

the field of speedball is generally small because there is no any naturality you will have to play in an artificial environment with flat terrain surface with lots of colourful bunkers you can move these bunkers anywhere in the field.

Most of the speedball field is indoor in the buildings and other places.

Field Size and Bunker of Woodsball

Generally, Woodsball fields are larger then speedball fields because woodsball fields are more natural like natural trees rivers and other natural hiding environments for players.

You might Know the Thunder Woods Field is the largest paintball field with 150 yards.

from the woodsball field you will only get natural things like trees woods rivers stones and etc to hide from opposition there is no artificial bunker.

speedball team size

if you are with 7-10 players go for speedball because speedball has sufficient smaller field with various artificial arrangements.

woodsball team size

well, woodsball has a large field size as compared to speedball, if you are with more players like 20-100 or more then 100 go for woodsball because you have more room to spread your team.

speed and movements  of speedball

the speedball game is full of action and fast movements because you have a small field your targets is almost near to you if you don't make your movements faster you will be hit by the opposition.

speed and movements of woodsball

woodsball is a slightly slower and more strategic game because you have a large field with natural hiding places you have to keep save your energy until you found your target.

if you want a more action-packed game go for speedball because woodsball is the game of patience and strategy.

communication in speedball

speedball has the small field you can communicate directly but I suggest you to keep secrete your communication to dominate the game.
however, some player really doesn't like communication in speedball because you have limited area your targets are near.
As I told you above that speedball is the game of action you have limited area keep sharp your movements to dominate the game.

communication in woodsball

well, woodsball has the larger field you can't communicate directly you should have a good walkie tacky or a paintball mask with Evoke wireless system.
let's check out our list of top paintball mask.

The strategy of speedball

As I told you speedball is the game of Action its strategy is simple because you have closer targets you don't have enough time to make strategies just you have to sharpen your movements to dominate the game.
you have some time before to make a simple strong strategy by analysing the field but after starting you have only options to keep move faster with actions.

The strategy of woodsball

woodsball needs more strategic plan because you have a large field and more teammates.

Most of the time you have to split your team because of the large field And sometimes you have to change your strategy between the game.
make sure to check out your communication devices before the game because communication is the backbone of woodsball game.

speedball mask

speedball is an aggressive game, Make sure to choose a mask with full coverage because you have to face your target very closely. I suggest you select a 360-degree coverage mask or a mask with proper protection.

woodsball mask

we can use every mask with full 360 coverage or partial coverage but I suggest you buy a mask with Evoke wireless system it will enhance your excitement and communications.
Also, your mask should be Antifog and UV rays proof with 270 degrees or above peripheral vision.

speedball Guns

speed guns look very colourful and fancy with ability to make a rapid-fire, generally, speedball guns shoot 40-50 paintballs within a seconds. make sure to select a high-end electro-pneumatic gun with force-feed hooper to shoot more paintballs withing seconds.

woodsball guns

woodsball guns look like blackish military-type guns with long-range shots capability because you have to target your opponents form a long distance. these guns mostly fire 7 or 10 paintball per second but its range is amazing.

knee and elbow pads


knees and elbow pads are must because this is very close and full of actions game please keep wear your safety equipment before entering the game.

knee and elbow pads

saftey comes first in order to prevent injuries you have to wear your knees and pads.

Pros and Cons of woodsball

  • Strategic game Natural Environment
  • Large Field full of Naturality
  • More Teammates
  • less risk of injuries because of long-distance
  • Military type Guns
  • less Action.
  • needs more energy because of the long field.
  • A bit time-consuming.

pros and cons of speedball

  • full of Actions.
  • More fancy and colorful guns.
  • More artificial Hiding Places
  • less time consuming
  • can be played indoor
  • No natural Environment
  • small field
  • fewer teammates

Conclusion of Speedball vs woodsball

well, it solely depends on your taste some players want a calm and strategic game with natural environments, on the other hand, some players wants an aggressive and action-packed game.

from a speedball game, you can get ultimate action because your targets are near.  Also, you can play multiple games within a few hours due to the small field and limited opponents.

if you want a limited team member in a small field with some artificial bunkers go for speedball.

on the other hand, if you want a calm strategic and long-lasting game with natural woods rivers and stones go for woodsball because woodsball is a game of patience you have to make strategic plan to dominate a bunch of opponents.

Moreover, you will have military-type guns,  Trust me you will feel like a military soldier in the field, so if you are a military lover go for woodsball. though woodsball is a bit time consuming but you will enjoy every second of it.

What is my choice

I personally like woodsball because I love with a realistic, strategic game within the natural field.

here is why I like woodsball

  • we can observe nature and reality within the field.

speedball vs woodsball

  • we will have military-type guns with more reality.
  • More team members will double your excitement.
  • We can target our competitors from far away.
  • According to a survey, 96 to 97 beginners start their paintball journey from woodsball.

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