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Top 6 Best Anti Fog Paintball Mask Reviews 2021-[Quality Thermal Lens]

Do you want to play your best game of paintball?

Then you must have a fog-free mask. I know how frustrating it is when the mask becomes foggy during a game. That’s why my team has tested a bunch of masks specifically for their anti-fog and ventilation features.

So, if you want to buy a new anti-fog paintball mask or upgrade your old one, then look no further.

These masks come from different brands but they all meet our standards for quality, performance, durability, and comfort, but still at an affordable price range so you don’t have to break your bank for buying one of them.

Here are the top 6 anti-fog paintball masks that will help you play comfortably!


Dye i5 paintball goggles
                       Dye i5 paintball Mask
  • Impressive interior Room.
  • E.voke system
  • GSR-Pro.
  • Antifog lens.



Virtue VIO Ascend thermal paintball mask goggles
                        Virtue VIO Ascend
  • Anti-fog, anti-reflective lens.
  • Fully Custamizable.
  • Quick lens changing.
  • Amazing ventilation.


Best Anti fog Paintball Mask 2021

Based on our research the mask with dual-pane thermal lenses, multilayer foam, and scream ventilation will never fog up, even in the worst conditions. Poor lens, muted ventilation is the main cause of fog.

Table Of  The Best Anti Fog Paintball Mask 2021

 Paintball MaskOur RatingPrice
Dye i5 goggles⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Dye precision i4 paintball mask⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Virtue VIO ascend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Virtue VIO thermal lens paintball mask ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Empire E-flex ⭐⭐⭐⭐
BASE paintball goggles⭐⭐⭐⭐

 1.  Dye i5 paintball mask-Best Fog Proof Paintball Mask

Dye i5 paintball goggles Review


  • Tirodial Horizon 290-degree dual pane anti fog lens
  • ultra-protection from UV rays.
  • GSR Pro Strap
  • Multi-layer soft foam with ultra-quick replacement
  • A mounting system for POV cameras
  • Amazing ventilation
  • e.VOKE ready to go wireless system
  • Brand:  dye
  • Shipping Weight:  1.7 pounds
  • Item Weight: 12.6 Ounces.

The dye i5 is an ultra-safe, more comfortable, and bigger version of Dye i4 with some advanced features like scream ventilations, amazing  Sound processing, and a Tirodial Horizon 290-degree dual pane to enhance your visibility. According to our experiments, its dual-pane lens is powerful enough to vanish fog in the worst conditions.

Moreover, it comes with improved safety like a larger and comfortable earpiece with multiple holes to hear properly. It also has more chin coverage than the previous version. I found that it has better sound processing as compared to dye i4 because of scram ventilations.

Other than that you will get a  multi-layer soft foam that soaks your sweat and fits comfortably to protect your sensitive parts. Also, you will get a GSR pro strap that allows you to increase tension by using a dial. Unlike other straps, GSR Pro is wide enough to protect your back head as well.

The Dye i5 is also equipped with an e.VoKE system that constantly alerts you about your paint, gas, batteries, etc. You can mount the E.Voke on the side of your lens.

Since the previous model did not include a proper camera mount for the Go Pro, but in this model, you will be able to attach your Go Pro to it. I am loving it because every paintball die-hard would like to see real-time actions on the field.

Why Dye i5 is in the first place:

  1. It has improved inner space and ventilation.
  2. GSR pro strap is mindblowing technology, I just rotate the dial to get the desired tension.
  3. Glasse Friendly inner space, even glasses user are satisfied from this beast.
  4. Modern Features like camera Mount E.voke etc.
  5. More safety, as this mask is bigger than dye i4 you will get better chin, eyer, and head coverage.
  • Antifog lens which can beat harshest conditions
  • More protection covers everything from your chins, back head, and forehead.
  • Easy to Adjust GRS strap through dial
  • More space.
  • Replaceable comfortable foam and lens.
  • Impressive padding.
  • Easy to set up an e.VOKE wireless functionality.
  • Proper camera mount.
  • Changing the lens is a little bit of time taken.
  • No 360 or forehead protection.

The latest Dye i5 is made for people who are struggling with fogging, small spaces, and muted ventilations. It is more comfortable, safe, and ventilated to mitigate issues with fogging, breathing, and overall communication problems.

As per our tests and practicals, the dye i5 is the fog killer no matter whether you are playing in harshest conditions, or in real winter, your vision will be protected.

We rate it 9.8/10, It will be a good investment for the champions.

 2.  Dye Precision i4 Thermal Paintball Goggles-Best For Small Heads

Dye precision i4 thermal paintball mask google Review

  • Anti-fog thermal lens technology.
  • Ultimate horizontal/vertical peripheral vision.
  • Quick lens change functionality.
  • Multi-layer foam.
  • Loud multi-directional venting.
  • Tiger teeth buckle to adjust the strap.
  • Upgradable strap.

  • Product dimensions:  6.7 inches; 10.7 ounces.
  • Brand:  dye
  • Shipping Weight:  1.4 pounds

The top seller dye i4 is very close to my heart; this little beast comes with dynamic features, incredible safety, and impressive comfortability.

This mask is highly rated for its visibility, fittings, and comfortability in the field. Additionally, I can remove the lens of this mask in a matter of seconds, just I need to unclip a few locks. 

Dye i4 s a bit smaller as compared to the newer version of dye i5 but it’s completely fine for small faces and middle-aged adults. The lens of dye i4 is the same as dye i5. it works well even in real winter or summer, you will hardly found fog, as per our tests it doesn’t fogged.

Also, dye i4 is carefully engineered from a lightweight and durable material, you can move faster without compromising the comfort.i4 is tested from ASTM and CE standards and proved to be durable.

Other than that dye i4 comes with scream ventilations, multilayer foam, and tiger teeth comfortable non-slippery strap. you will hardly feel tired as this mask has all the essential comforts.

NOTE: dye i4 is not for big heads instead you can get Dye i5

  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Fog proof lens
  • Anti-scratch coating.
  • Rapid lens changing.
  • Comfortable inner foam padding.
  • Amazing ventilation.
  • Small size Not for a big head.
  • No GSR pro strap.

If you are looking for the best anti-fog paintball mask with a low profile design, decent ventilation, fog-proof lens, and mindblowing comfort this is for you.

Dye i4 is famous for its comfort, tremendous visibility, fitting, durability, and Rapid lens changing functionality, you can change the lens within a seconds even during the game.

Furthermore, the inner chamber of this mask is engineered to fit perfectly so you won’t even notice any movement of the mask while running.

Although it does not have a GSR pro strap, E.voke system, and a camera mount like newer versions, still most of the small head players prefer this. 

We rate it 9.6/10

 3. Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Mask-Best Budget

Virtue VIO Ascend thermal paintball mask goggles Review



  • Anti-fog, anti-reflection.
  • Upgradable goggles, straps, visors, and stealth fans.
  • Quick lens changing functionality.
  • Amazing ventilation and voice transmission quality.
  • Easy voice transmissions.
  • Scratch resistance lens.
  • Replaceable multilayer foam
  • Product dimensions:  7.1 inches
  • Brand:  Virtue
  • Shipping Weight:  1.2 pounds

VIO Ascend a combination of high performance, impressive designs, and comfort within a mid-range price tag. It’s fully customizable is a lifesaver me I can change lens, straps, visors stealth fan, and most importantly, I can change multilayer foam for better breathability.

Furthermore, You will have 18 cool options for the lens, 16 for the visor, and 32 options for comfortable straps. You can change them whenever you want to upgrade.

When it comes to visibility VIO ascend comes with a dual-pane anti-fog and anti-reflective thermal lens that provides you a wide-angle distortion-free view. I can locate every side of the field with this beast. 

Moreover, VIO manufacturers utilize dual material to make it comfortable and flexible, its inner mechanism is ventilated and comfortable enough to soak your sweat to provide ultimate comfort, however, its flexibility will bounce back the paintballs for safety purposes.

Also, it comes with hinge locks to remove the lens within a few seconds, we have tested that a pro player can change the lens within a few seconds however a newbie may take a few minutes.

  • Excellent visibility, wide-angle of view.
  • Changeable Fog proof, anti-scratch UV protective thermal lens.
  • Extremely comfortable multi-layer foam.
  • It is engineered from a durable and flexible material.
  • Impressive breathability.
  • Design to protect your sensitive parts.
  • It comes in limited colors.
  • No soft rubber or foam for ears.
  • Some players may feel loose-fitting.


If you want a mask with all modern features like comfortable foam, dual pane anti-fog lens, and various customization options within a mid-range price tag this is for you.

This budget-friendly beast will never hurt you in the field, surprisingly you can customize it according to your needs, you have options to upgrade its lens visor, straps, and multilayer foam according to the game.

Our team has tested this mask in extreme conditions and was surprised that the mask performed the same as high-end masks.

We rate it 9.5/10

 4.  Virtue VIO Thermal Lens Paintball Mask-Best Design

Virtue VIO paintball mask goggles Reivew



  • Versatile design.
  • Quick change antifog, scratch resistive thermal lens.
  • Extra vent.
  • Wide angel field view.
  • Brand:  Virtue
  • Shipping Weight:  1.2 pounds.
  • Product Dimenssion: 7.1 Inches


We love this mask due to its versatile design, flexible customization options and scream ventilations. You can customize the whole mask from chin skirt, lens, straps, padding foam to ear pads, yes, these are all upgradeable.

Other than that virtue VIO is very lightweight, extremely comfortable with multilayer foam, loud ventilation from the mouth and ear to get better airflow, and voice transmissions. 

Like other expensive masks of Dye and Empire, this beauty comes with a dual-pane anti-fog thermal lens with large peripheral vision to mark targets accurately. You will get no interior reflections or fog even in harshest conditions with this goggle

The strap of this mask is super comfortable and nonslippery but it could be better if it is wide enough to protect your back head like GSR pro, still, you have the option to add another one.

The inner foam of this mask is thick and comfortable enough to protect your sensitive parts, on the other hand, it is rigid enough to last for a long time.

When it comes to durability, this is the most durable mask molded from flexible and protective material to bounce back the hits. One of our teammates is using this mask for years and it works fine.

  • Zero interior reflections.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Durable material with extra protection.
  • Anti-fog, scratch-less UV protective lens.
  • Impressive visibility.
  • Loud ventilation.
  • A bit difficult to mount a GoPro.
  • A little bit tight for some players.


Our team fell in love with this mask because of its design and flexible ventilations, you will never be disappointed during the field. Virtue tries their best to make this mask more comfortable, stylish, lightweight and ventilated enough to vanish the fog. 

Though virtue has utilized powerful anti-reflective and anti-fog lens still has added adequate ventilation to avoid fog in worst conditions.

We rate it 9.4/10

 5.  Empire E-flex Goggles-Best Fexiblity

Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System Review


  • Rapid lens change.
  • Ultra-flexible face skirt.
  • Dual-pane antifog thermal lens.
  • Wide angel field view.
  • Comfortable foam.
  • Brand:  Empire
  • Shipping Weight:  1.9 pounds


The name itself defines the flexibility of this mask; it comes with a super-flexible face skirt with large vents to bounce back the hits and improve the airflow to mitigate the fog as well.

E-flex is the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility to deliver maximum protection and comfort. Moreover, you will get more interior space with a dual-pane anti-fog and scratchless thermal lens to provide impressive visibility. Also, you can upgrade the lens of this beauty as well.

Believe me, I have played with this mask for 5 hours, and surprisingly it didn’t distort my vision. Its incredible ventilations constantly provides airflow, however, the lens does its job to reflect rays and vanish fog.

Other than that, its multilayer foam applies negligible pressure so that I can make movements comfortably. However, its thermo-foam earpieces are well ventilated and comfortable to hear the instructions of the team.

Like any overpriced mask, this one comes with a silicone-coated strap, so it won’t slip off.

  • Light-weight.
  • Durable.
  • Mid-range price tag.
  • Flexible with zero reflection.
  • Zero fogging.
  • Lens changing takes a little bit of time.


If you want to invest reasonable bucks, Empire E-flex will be the best choice for you because you will get all trademark features like all expensive mask offers

It serves all the features, like dual pane anti-fog thermal lens, flexible face skirt, comfortable foam, and, most importantly, durable enough to sustain speedy hits.

There are a number of choices when it comes to customizing the product.

We rate it 9.4/10

 6.  BASE paintball Mask/Goggles-Best Fitting

BASE paintball goggle


  • Anti-fog, scratchless dual-pane thermal lens.
  • It is built with extra comfort polymer.
  • Built-in visor.
  • Quick lens, and EVS foam change.
  • Silicon coated non-slippery strap.
  • Brand:  Base
  • Shipping Weight:  2 pounds


The base paintball mask is one of the best polymers constructed comfortable masks with a built-in visor to protect your eyes and lens during the field.

Moreover, this budget-friendly beauty comes with a built-in chin strap and an amazing non-slippery silicon-coated back strap to provide mind-blowing fittings.

With its wide-angle dual-pane anti-fog thermal lens, the base paintball goggle never distorts your vision during the field, because its dual-pane lens is tailored to keep your vision clear even in the worst weather conditions.

Besides its excellent visibility, the Base paintball mask will give you ultra comfort with impressive dual-layer foam padding to absorb the shocks and soak.

Moreover, it comes with loud ventilation to make you fresh and fog-free.

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Extra durable and comfortable.
  • Load vents.
  • Non-slippery fits well.
  • Few colors option.
  • Less customizable.
  • Small interior space.



This is the best anti-fog mask for beginners with ultra comfortable handling, impressive durability and protection without compromising visibility.

It serves all the essential features a beginner must want, though there will be some major differences like E.voke, camera mount, customization, etc. if you are a beginner you don’t need to think about them.

We rate it 9/10 just because it does not have lots of customization options and sufficient interior space. I highly recommend this mask to beginners.

Buying Guide-Things Should Be Consider To Buy The Best Anti-Fog Paintball Mask

The vision, safety, fog resistance, and comfortability should be your most prioritized things.

If your mask is comfortable and safe you can wear it for a long time, however, if your visibility is fine you can mark targets more precisely.

Without further wasting time let’s dive in;

Best anti fog Paintball Mask


According to my experience, comfort should be the most prioritized factor when choosing a paintball mask.

Select a comfortable paintball mask that will not slow down your flexibility and moments.

Ideally, your mask should have excellent ventilation and space, foam padding for ears and other sensitive parts, and sufficient coverage to protect each part of your face.

Though, you need to invest some more bucks. Still, your comfort should be the most prioritized thing. 

Make sure to select a comfortable mask that will apply negligible pressure to your sensitive parts like ears, nose, and back head even in the worst conditions. Check out the foam paddings, inner space, and ventilations of the mask before making a buying decision.

Anti-Fog Dual Pane-Lens:

Fog will distract your focus on the game, think about it if you are dominating a game and suddenly the lens of the mask becomes foggy how your feeling will be, I know it will be very annoying.

Visibility is the most important thing to save you from oppositions and other incidents, some people got bad injuries when they collide with trees or stones due to the fog.

Make sure to take a mask with a Thermally treated dual-pane lens with scream ventilations, and multilayer foam paddings to vanish fog.

Dual-pane lenses are fog killer with UV coating to reduce glare and other visibility destruction factors.

Check out these glasses friendly masks if you wear specs.


Vision is the most crucial factor of the game; you can’t compromise it; otherwise, you may out from the field. I suggest you get a mask with a broader vision of at least 260 degrees or better to go for 270 degrees.

Please don’t go for narrow and flat lens masks; it will distract your vision badly after all you are investing your bucks. Select a mask with a higher-grade spherical lens with no distortion, which allows you to spot at any corner flexibly.

 Breathability and Ventilation:

A poorly ventilated mask will fog up due to breathing; most of the players realize this factor in the field. Your mask should be well ventilated throughout the mask, not just from the mouth area.

Here’s why: 

A paintball mask comes with foam that soaks the sweat of you during the field and after some time it blocks ventilation; as a result, the lens starts fogging.

Make sure to select a well-ventilated mask that can provide you a proper airflow to soak sweat.

Scratch Resistance and Sturdiness:

You are investing a handsome amount, and if you want desire longevity from your paintball mask, it is best to select a paintball mask with a scratch-less lens.

Though that paintball mask will be a bit expensive it will last longer and able to withstand constant contact with a hard surface without disrupting the vision. Secondly, your paintball mask should be durable to survive the high-speed balls from the opposition.

Low-grade material masks may damage, better to go for a high-grade material mask.

Your single investment may last for years.

Pro Tips To Prevent Your Mask From Fogging

Before I start my proven hacks to avoid fog, I just want to tell you why our mask fog up during the field mostly.

So, there are several reasons, like your mask, don’t have functions like proper ventilation, dual-pane thermal lens, and, most importantly, a sweat soaking foam.

Extreme cold weather may be a reason for fogging your mask, inner and outer water vapors of breaths tend to condense and stuck with the lens. Moreover, you may feel more fogged interior in hot weather because your sweat evaporates and stuck to the lens of the mask, therefore, I suggest you buy a mask with multilayer foam.

Here Are Some Tips:

 Replace your existing single pane lens with dual-pane thermal lens 

The dual-pane thermal lens will never fog up even in extreme conditions, it comes with two thick layers of glass. enough to mitigate the condensation process.

Once you replace the single pane lens with a dual-pane thermal lens, your mask will be fog-free because these lenses are solely treated to vanish the fog problems.

 Replace your single-layer foam with multilayer foam 

Yes, you have to replace your old single-layer foam with multi-layer foam if possible because the multi-layer foam will soak your all sweat during the field and protect your lens from fogging.

Single-layer foam is not able to absorb lots of sweat, however, multi-layer foam is very thick and able to absorb all of your sweat within a few minutes.

 Mount a fan inside 

You can mount a fan inside your mask to make your mask free from fog, you have to start the fan whenever you feel fog. the fan will provide sufficient airflow to lower down the condensation process.

Some Quick Hacks

I want to share some cheap and quick hacks to make your mask antifog for a period of time.

 Anti fog spray:  Antifog sprays are available in the market you can purchase and spray to the lens of your mask; it will make an antifog coating on the glasses of the goggle. You will get a fog-free mask for several hours.

 Vaseline:  if you don’t have any anti-fog spray, just pick an ordinary Vaseline and make a thin layer of Vaseline at the lens of your mask, and wash it later it will resist the condensation process and stay your mask fog-free.

Final Verdict

The team of paintball mask arena has tested multiple paintball masks to provide you a list of the best anti-fog paintball masks currently available in the market.

We have selected each product based on user reviews, price tag, safety features, comfort, and most importantly, we do practical work to check visibility and anti-fogging properties.

If you are frustrated by the fogging and visibility issue choose one of the products from the list, you will never be disappointed during the field.

Here are our Recommended products:

If you have enough budget, go for dye i5, this beauty will serve all your problems, and you will be surprised to see its features and comfortability.

However, if you want a budget-friendly mask, go for virtue VIO ascend this is the best budget antifog paintball mask it will currently available in the market.

Thanks For Reading Out

Frequently Asked Questions-(FAQs)

What is the difference between the thermal lens and anti-fog lens?

According to my experience, the antifog lens comes with an antifog coating, and the thermal lens comes with a dual-pane lens and engineered to prevent fog impressively.

Does a tooth pest prevent fogging?

Yes, but you have to use a tiny amount on the lens and rub it with a soft towel and wash it later. It will help you for a small time.

Does anti-fog coating last for a long time?

No, the antifog coating is a temporary solution for you it just lasts for 3 to 4 months.

How long a dual-pane thermal lens last?

The dual-pane thermal lens is ultra-durable and it lasts for years without fogging up, my dual-pane thermal lens still works fine; however, I bought it two years ago.

What is the difference between a GRS strap and a regular strap?

GRS strap is a bit more comfortable and flexible because you can adjust the tension with the dial while on the other hand, the ordinary strap is not that convenient and easy to adjust the tension.


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