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How Much Does a Paintball Mask Cost? (2023 Prices)

A paintball mask is the most critical part of safety equipment when playing paintball. It covers the entire face and head, protecting the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears from paintballs. Good paintball masks have a fog-resistant lens to prevent obscuring the player’s vision. It should be well-ventilated to reduce sweat and fog and have a closed-cell foam lining for comfort and protection.

How much is a paintball mask?

used paintball maskA good quality paintball mask will cost around $60 in 2023. Prices may seem high, but it is essential to remember that your mask is the only thing standing between your face and a high-velocity, high-impact paintball pellet capable of bruising skin and blinding eyes!

A cheap mask may cost as little as $29, but fake knock-offs are sold online for as low as $10 to $15. Government agencies such as ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) may not have tested nor approved these cheap products for paintballing. It is not worth risking your eyesight to save a few bucks, so ensure you use ASTM-approved paintball masks.

What types of paintball masks are available on the market?

There are a wide variety of paintball masks available on the market. Some common types include:

  • Full-head coverage helmets
  • Face masks
  • Goggles

Full-head paintball helmets offer the most protection as they cover the entire head, top sides, and back.

Full-face masks offer sufficient protection for most players, covering the entire face from the forehead to the chin.

Goggles only cover the essential half of the face, which are the eyes, and leave the rest of the face exposed.

A few factors that affect the paintball mask price

There are a few main factors that affect the prices of paintball masks:

  • quality
  • design
  • brand
  • features

The first is the quality of the mask. Better-quality masks will usually cost more. High quality can mean many things, but first and foremost, it is in the materials used in the mask’s construction and how durable it is. When you spend a lot of money, you also expect the mask to last for years.

The second factor is the design of the mask. More intricate designs will cost more, and fantastic paintball masks give extra value in style and appearance. Also, if the material is comfortable to wear, has a tri-layer lens, is made of polycarbonate, and protects the back of your head, it will cost more. These design decisions increase the cost of materials and the product’s price.

The third factor is the brand of the mask. Some brands are more expensive than others. Higher-end brands are Dye, Push, Bunkerkings, and Empire EVS, which can cost from $100 to $200+. Mid-range options are Virtue, CRBN, and HK Army, and they typically cost from $50 to $100. Cheaper options are single-lens masks from brands like Vforce, Valken, and JT, costing from $29 to $50.

A fourth factor is the features of the mask. A solid mask can protect your face and eyes, but does it have a dual-pane thermal lens that provides a wide field of vision? Does it have a proper ventilation system for optimal breathability? A paintball mask with adjustable straps and a customizable quick change lens system costs more than a rigid single-pane lens.

Used paintball masks for sale (How to save money)

Here’s how you can save money when shopping for paintball masks: buy a second-hand paintball mask from a marketplace.

Websites like craigslist and Facebook marketplace or private groups in your locality may have paintball masks for sale at lower prices than buying new ones. The advantage of buying used gear is that it is often of good quality as paintball is a seasonal activity in many places, and people may buy it for a season, store it away and never use it again. A year later, they do an extensive house cleaning and find the equipment they never used again. They’ll often sell it for 50% of the new price, even though its condition is almost as good as new.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a second-hand paintball mask:

  • Check the condition of the product before purchasing it. Ensure no cracks or scratches on the mask, especially on the lens.
  • If possible, try the mask on before buying it to ensure a good fit. It may be hard to do if you buy it online from a seller far away from you. But if you get it for only $15, you might want to risk it. If it doesn’t fit, you can probably sell it again for the same price you paid.
  • Ask the seller if they have any other paintball gear you might need, such as a gun, a barrel plug, or a replacement lens. You may get discounts if you are willing to buy all the gear from them to take the burden off their shoulders.

How paintball mask prices compare to other paintball gear

Paintball masks are generally more expensive than other safety equipment needed for playing paintball because they need to be able to withstand being hit by paintballs traveling at high speeds and provide good visibility and comfort for the user. There is a wide range of prices for paintball masks because they come with various features, and it is possible to find one that fits your budget without compromising safety. Still, you may not get the same comfort, flexibility, fit, anti-fog, and ventilation as the higher-end options.