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Places to Play Paintball Near Me (Best Paintball Fields 2023)

Having a few great paintball fields near you allows you to have a perfect day of fun any time you want. There are many fields worldwide, and on this page, we will list all the paintball locations we know so you can find one quickly.

Paintball Fields USA Locations

Map of the USA

Click your state in the list to find a paintball place in your location:

The list to be updated with more states and international locations soon.

Indoor Paintball Near Me

Where are you located? There are a few great indoor paintball fields in every corner of the United States of America. Here are our picks:

Indoor Paintball Fields vs. Outdoor Paintball Parks


  • It can stay open the whole year.
  • Air-conditioned on hot summer days.
  • More comfortable because of stable temperatures and no weather changes.
  • Often located close to the city center.
  • Limited courses and game scenarios.
  • Shorter games.
  • You may have to sit and wait for other games to finish before you can enter the course.
  • Excellent facilities and clean indoor restrooms.
  • Often food or snacks are sold.
  • A fun activity for 1-2 hours with a couple of friends.


  • More extensive courses in varied terrain on many acres of land.
  • Wide range of courses and game scenarios
  • More realistic
  • They may not have the best facilities, toilets, food services, etc.
  • They are often located far outside the city center or in the countryside.
  • Games are longer, and you have total playtime.
  • It can be a half-day or whole-day activity.
  • Great for private parties for larger groups.
  • You rely on suitable weather conditions.
  • May close or reduce hours during winter.

Outdoor paintball fields are large outside areas built into courses used for playing paintball and are often full of bunkers, trenches, and other obstacles. There are also courses to accommodate different numbers of players, and it is a great way to exercise while having a fun outdoor adventure.

Where to paintball near me?

Plenty of options are available if you’re looking for a place to play paintball. You can check with your local paintball business or shop or look online for a list or map of nearby fields. You can also find tournaments and leagues in your area, which can be a great way to meet other paintball players and get involved in the sport. Make a reservation in advance to find out if they are open and available when you want to come to play. Not every facility will be open seven days a week, and some places may have discounts for private groups or group events.

Here Are Some Cool Fields in New Jersey

There are many paintball fields in NJ that cater to different levels of play:

  • Central Jersey PB is one of the most popular courses in New Jersey. They have several different venues, an airsoft arena, and an excellent place for both beginner and experienced players.
  • Package PB Park is another popular option. They have several different places to accommodate different levels of play and various scenarios, such as capturing the flag.

New Jersey has some great parks that offer party packages, birthday parties, bachelor parties, team-building exercises, private events, and pro shops. Most facilities allow players to enjoy the sport in an arena setting and capture the flag scenario.

Can you play paintball in a public park?

No, you can not play paintball in a public park, and it would be best if you visited a local paintball field. But there are some things you can try:

  1. Check with your local city or county laws to see if there are any restrictions on paintball guns in public parks and whether you can ask for permission to play a game there.
  2. If granted, consider other park visitors and try to find a location away from high-traffic areas.
  3. Clean up after your game and pick up all the fired paintballs.

Are you interested in other sports?

Here are a few new things to consider trying if you are looking for other adventures:

  1. Try an alternative such as laser tag and airsoft
  2. Try low-impact paintball for younger players.
  3. Try woodsball and speedball and compare them.
  4. Attend special events.
  5. Invite your whole company to a team-building event, a popular corporate outing activity.

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