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Paintball Fields in North Dakota (Bismarck, Minot)

There are a few paintball fields in North Dakota scattered around the state. If you are looking for more options in nearby states, you can search outdoor and indoor paintball fields by city.

Directory of Places to Play Paintball in North Dakota

Here is the directory of North Dakota paintball fields, which provides information about paintball places in the state.


Here’s the list of the best paintball fields in Bismarck, ND.

Legacy Paintball

Address: 27600 Highway 1804, Baldwin, ND 58521, USA
Phone: +17324396324
Opening hours: N/A


Shots Fired Paintball

Shorts Fired is a venue in Minot, ND, and their Walk On field admission prices start at $25 if you bring your gear, and you get all-day refills and 500 paintballs. Alternatively, you can get a basic rental package starting at $30 per person, giving you field access, a Tippmann marker, a mask, 250 balls, pod packs, and all-day air refills, or $5 more for an upgrade to 500 paintballs. Extra paint outside of these packages costs $15 for 500 paintballs. The venue seems to be closed now, and we don’t know when or if it will open again.

Address: 2100 Valley St, Minot, ND 58701, United States
Phone: N/A
Opening hours:  Temporarily closed

Other Cities in North Dakota

Goose River Paintball (Buxton)

This place is a complete pro shop with an attached paintball course in Buxton, ND. Their prices for a rental package start at $35 per person and include an M98 or SW1 marker, a mask, air, and 500 rounds of ammunition.

Address: 165th Ave, Buxton, ND 58218, USA
Phone: +17016362132
Email: (Shop email)
Opening hours:

  • Sunday 12 PM – 6 PM

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a typical day at a paintball arena?

  1. A typical day usually starts with groups of friends or family members signing up to play together.
  2. After everyone has signed the necessary waivers and picked out their equipment, staff briefs the group on the game’s safety rules.
  3. Once everyone is ready, the personnel leads the group to the playing field and gives them a short time to strategize before the game begins.
  4. The objective of most games is to eliminate the opposite team or capture the other team’s flag, depending on the game mode you’re playing, but there can also be different variations.
  5. When the game begins, players advance on the course and start shooting at the opposite team, trying to eliminate as many as possible.
  6. Once a paintball hits someone, they are “out.” Eliminated players leave the playing field.
  7. The game continues until one team has either completed the game objective or eliminated all the players on the other team.
  8. Most venues offer seating areas for a rest between games; you may order food and drinks, and some places are more significant to host birthday parties and company team events.

What are people saying about paintballing in North Dakota?

Paintballing is not a popular activity in the state, but a small community of people still enjoy the sport. We receive feedback that there are few facilities, but they are of a good standard. Regular people view the game primarily as a hobby or fun activity for a bachelor party, more than a sport.