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4 Best Full Head Coverage Paintball Helmets 2023

My team of old-school paintballers spent a weekend testing and reviewing paintball helmets.

We all agreed that paintball helmets’ most significant advantage over paintball masks is total head protection from painful paintballs. We observed that players who are less worried about getting hurt play much better games, win more, and have more fun.

Since some of the helmets have removable parts, you can also use them as ordinary paintball masks, so you get two products in one.

After a lengthy discussion with my team, we agreed unanimously that these are the top 4 best paintball helmets in 2023.

JT Flex 8 Full Coverage – Best Paintball Mask Helmet

JT Flex 8 paintball helmet
JT Flex 8

ir?t=paintballmaskarena 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B007W65EROThe JT Flex 8 paintball goggle comes in an olive color, making it harder to spot in woodsball. The clear thermal lens gives a 260-degree view and is lightweight at only 1 pound (approximately 450 grams). This mask has performance, versatility, and comfort. The parts are modular, can be changed, and are compatible with many JT replacement parts, as well as the JT Vortex II Fan. It is made of hard plastic and offers excellent protection, and you can also use it for airsoft.

The goggle is comfortable to wear for long periods and fits great. However, those with large heads or ears may find that it does not cover them completely. Additionally, those who wear prescription glasses may have difficulty putting on the helmet, but many types of glasses should fit inside the goggles. An option for those with prescription glasses is to get prescription lens inserts or wear contact lenses. Lastly, the mask rarely fogs unless you run hard and breathe heavily.

The JT Flex paintball mask has tight padding around the eyes to prevent your breath from entering the goggles and flowing through the vents. If you play both paintball and airsoft, the JT Flex paintball mask is an excellent option because you can use it for both. It may be the only mask you’ll ever need.

The mask has many advantages and comes in various styles and color options, such as camouflage. It also has excellent neck protection and is made from high-quality materials. One possible downside of this paintball mask is that it might not fit snugly over the ears if you have a large head.

JT Premise Headshield Full Face Paintball Goggle – Best Value

JT Premise Headshield
JT Premise Headshield

ir?t=paintballmaskarena 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01N44EPGUThe JT Premise Headsheild is a paintball mask with full-head coverage protection that you can remove. The headgear is simple to remove, and the lens and the foam can also be replaced quickly between games without any tools. The lens is fog-resistant, and you can swap it with any compatible JT Spectra lens.

GI Sports is the manufacturer of JT Premise, a reputable paintball equipment manufacturer, and replacement parts and lenses are easy to obtain. One size fits all for the JT mask, but if your head is very small or huge, it may not fit your head perfectly. There are two panels on the top and the back of the helmet, which you can adjust in 5 levels for a better fit.

The JT Paintball Mask has a head strap and chin strap to keep it snugly fitted to your head shape. 360-degree protection means you don’t have to worry about being hit in the back of your head. The silicon strips provide extra stability so you can focus your eyes forward and not worry about being hit from behind.

The benefits of the JT paintball mask are excellent protection, good fit, lightweight, clear vision, and affordability. The downside is that ventilation could be better, and the lens fogs more quickly in humid conditions, so you may want to treat it with anti-fog before playing. You can find this mask on Amazon or at Walmart.

Empire X-Ray v2.1 Thermal Protector Goggle – Best for Big Heads

Empire X-Ray V2.1
Empire X-Ray V2.1

ir?t=paintballmaskarena 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00M8F0WP8Empire X-Ray v2.1 Thermal Protector Goggle has a thermal lens with a scratch-resistant coating that helps reduce fog. The chin strap is adjustable and removable. The visor helps to enhance airflow, improve ventilation, and the whole head protection part can be removed if desired. There are multiple ports and vents for air circulation. It usually fits well but can fog up quickly in some weather conditions.

This paintball mask is a good option for indoor paintball as it is less likely to fog up. Some players may find it too deep, but you can always add more foam to make it fit your head. It is better to have a mask that is too big than one that is too small. The adjustable straps help to make the mask fit snugly to your head.

The advantages of this mask are that it covers most of your head, has a clear view, and is affordable. It does have some disadvantages compared to other masks. It is heavier and doesn’t offer as much coverage, exposing the back of the head and neck. However, since players typically face their opponents at the start of the game and are positioned at opposite ends of the field, it’s unlikely opponents will hit them in these exposed areas. Another issue with this mask is that it can be challenging to get a perfect fit; it may be too large for small heads or too tight for larger ones.

Carbon OPR Full Head Coverage Paintball Helmet – Budget Pick

Carbon OPR Helmet
Carbon OPR Helmet

ir?t=paintballmaskarena 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B098W62523The Carbon OPR paintball goggles have a polymer and silicone frame with a dual-pane wide-angle thermal lens, providing a clear view of more than 180 degrees. The foam consists of moisture-wicking open-cell material, and you can quickly swap out the foam and the lens. 

The goggles have a strap coated with non-slip silicone, giving a solid fit. The visor helps to prevent glare and offers extra protection. With a chin strap, you can tighten it to fit your head.

The Carbon OPR paintball goggles have a trendy, unisex style that reminds me of Master Chief from Halo. The head part can be disassembled and comes with instructions on disassembling the head coverage and replacing the lens. Some pros of these goggles are that they’re cheap, have a great fit, and you can wear it with glasses.

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Full Head Paintball Helmets?

There are only a few full-head paintball helmets to choose from, and you should buy the one that is the best for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The helmet should have an excellent lens to protect your face from paintballs. Preferably a dual-pane thermal lens that reduces the chance of fogging and may give more UV light protection.
  • The helmet should have an excellent ventilation system to keep you cool while wearing it, and the padding around the eyes should be tight so your humid breath doesn’t cause fog.
  • The helmet should have a good chin strap to keep it secure on your head and give a tight and comfortable fit.
  • The helmet should have good ear protection to protect your ears from direct hits and your hearing.
  • The helmet should have good coverage to protect your entire head from paintballs, even the back of the head.
  • Consider your budget. There are many great masks on the market at a wide price range. All the paintball masks we listed are relatively affordable and of good quality. An option is to buy second-hand paintball equipment to save money, but it may be challenging to find a full-head coverage helmet.

Keep these things in mind when choosing the best full-head paintball helmet for you, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect one!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Full Head Paintball Mask?

A full-head paintball mask is a helmet that provides total head coverage protection to the wearer’s face and head from paintballs. A full head mask is made of hard plastic.

What is the Best Paintball Helmet for People With Big Heads?

The best paintball helmet for people with big heads is the Empire X-Ray V2.1 Paintball Mask.

There are a few factors to consider if you have a big head. The first is the size of the mask and whether or not it is adjustable. Try it before buying it, or measure your head and compare it to the dimensions. The last option is to buy a mask with a return policy if it doesn’t fit.

How to protect my head during a paintball game?

The most important thing you can do to protect yourself during a paintball game is to wear a mask. A mask offers protection for your face and eyes and can withstand the impact of a paintball.

Consider wearing a full-head coverage paintball helmet to protect the other parts of your head besides your face.

Professional paintballers may wear a cap the wrong way, with the hard part pointing down to protect the back of their heads and necks against hits from the rear. It works great as a head guard to absorb the impact of paintballs.

There are also neck protection straps that you can wear. The advantage is that they provide comprehensive coverage for your neck, but the disadvantage is that they feel uncomfortable, warm, and sweaty.

Can I wear glasses under paintball helmets while playing paintball?

Yes, you can wear glasses under paintball helmets while playing paintball, but it depends on how much interior space the goggles have. The challenge is often being able to put the helmet on while wearing glasses.

There are a few other alternatives to wearing glasses:

  1. You can buy inserts that fit inside sports goggles that can hold prescription lenses. This way, you don’t have the hinges, temples, nose pads, end pieces, or bridge, making it much more comfortable when playing sports.
  2. You can wear contact lenses. I recommend keeping some daily contact lenses that you only wear when you play paintball since you don’t have to deal with the lens solution or lens cases.

Summary – Full Head Paintball Helmets

There are a few things you should look for when choosing the best full-head paintball helmet:

  1. Make sure the helmet is comfortable and fits well. It should also have good ventilation to keep you cool while playing.
  2. The helmet should have good eye and ear protection and protect your head.
  3. Choose a helmet that matches your style and personality when wearing the mask.
  4. It doesn’t break the bank.
  5. It is comfortable, so you can keep your mask on while playing.

That’s it. I hope you found an excellent high-end paintball mask that covers your head and face with an anti-fog lens with a wide field of vision. We’ve put together several buying guides to help you find the best paintball mask for your needs. Be sure to check out our lists.