Woodsball Paintball Gameplay-[Variants, Rules & Pro Tips]

Woodsball paintball is a famous format of paintball in which players compete with each other in a outdoor natural conditions like a forest, grassy land, snow hills with natural trees, etc.

woodsball is inspired by the military, its gears, cloths, and tactics are somehow resemble military.

The basic rules are the same, each player has to mark their opponent with a paintball marker to eliminate, however, there are some differences in gameplay.

woodsball is the first-ever game of paintball, created for the city dweller to test their surviving skills int the natural environment, the first tournament of woodsball paintball was held in 1981 in NewHampshire ground organized by Gain, Noel, and His friends.

Note: Some fields have artificial bunkers, and other kinds of stuff for hiding but the actual concept of woodsball is to play in a natural environment.

A player like me will always prefer a natural environment to checkout out my surviving skills.

Woodsball Paintball Strategic Gameplay

woodsball Strategic Gameplay

woodsball paintball is a calm and strategic game as compared to speedball, most of the player prefer stealth game over aggressive game.

do u know the first winner of paintball in 1981 was forester Ritchie and he utilized stealth strategies to win the game.

why most of the player like calm and stealth game in woodsball paintball?

Well, there are several valid reasons, woodsball fields are very large, there are various natural hiding places, moreover, the clothing of woodsball is darker not so easy to spot opponents.

darker clothing supports your stealth game, even some die-hards use ghillie suits to make more invisible.

Woodsball paintball Rules

Well, we have observed that every field has its own rules and regulations according to their field structure but there are some common rules to follow in every field.

  • Don’t take off your paintball mask during the match.
  • Almost all fields are strict to follow this rule because taking off the paintball mask during the field is very dangerous; the player may get a deadly injury.
  • No will be allowed to go out of the field boundaries, everyone should remain in filed boundaries till the game ends.
  • No one will be allowed to climb trees and walls etc,
  • Paintball guns with more than 300fps are not allowed 300fps is slandered speed.
  • Paintballs with a larger diameter, filled with oil paints are also not allowed.
  • if anybody got hit he/she should eliminate and start walking towards the dead zone.
  • Strictly follow the safety instructions of the safety officer.

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Equipment and clothing For Woodsball

woodsball equipment and clothing

Though there are various equipment and clothing option for a woodsball player but we will cover some essentials.

 Paintball Marker 

A paintball marker or gun is the backbone of the paintball, without having a marker, how we can shoot the object?

Currently lots of modren marker available in the market with amzing features, built quality and designs

I suggest you let’s try a rental paintball marker before buying a one for you if you are a newbie.

 Paintball Mask 

The paintball mask is very essential safety equipment, without having a mask you may not be allowed to enter the field.

Don’t get bad it’s your safety if you got hit without a mask you may lose your eye.

Most of the fields offer rental masks let’s give first try to this then purchase a new one for you.

We also have reviewed some of the affordable masks let’s have a look.


In woodsball most of the players prefer dark-colored clothes which somehow resemble the military, though some players wear stylish jerseys, vests, etc, in actual woodsball should be played with darker clothes.

Here is a detailed article about clothing.

Woodsball Player Positions or Roles

If you have a team defiantly you have to assign a distinct role to each player according to their expertise, if the whole teammates compete with the same positions the chances of winning will be very low.

The Best team has a proper plane to assign the role to each player according to their expertise.

The following positions are very important for every team of woodsball

 Rusher ( Front Liner) 

The rusher has a task to attack as much as he can but with protection, a good rusher has the capability to attack and hide efficiently, most of the time rusher comes with a quick-firing gun like speedball because some time rusher has to compete with lots of players simultaneously.

The role of rusher is similar to the speedball player, every time we found him as an attacker in woodsball.

 Middle Man 

Middle man (marksman) is always behind the frontliner with an accurate paintball marker, his task is to mark his opponents as much as he can.

 Sniper Man 

As the word itself describes sniper man has the task to mark opponents from long distances they have a stable sniper with impressive accuracy.


The inserter is the one who can fit anywhere, inserter mostly comes when a player is eliminated, inserter is an experienced player which has the experience to handle the spot of the eliminated player.


Floaters are the roamers their task is to roam around the field and fill the spot or position whenever a player is eliminated, floaters should have the experience to handle any role.

Variants of Woodsball paintball

There are various variants of woodsball game, every field try to add some additional things to make a more interesting game.

But we are going to cover some of the professional woodsball variants, so without wasting further time let’s dive in


Elimination is the type of woodsball game in which you have to eliminate every opponent without eliminating yourself, if you are the final one then you are the winner, every eliminating player will go to the dead zone.

Most of the players play this game to testing their strength without having a team, so this is the better option for those who want to be a one-man army.

Capture The Flag

Capture the Flag paintball

Capture the flag is a purely strategic game, you have to capture the flag of opponents from their home without losing your flag, this is not an easy task, you have some strong strategic plan to defend your flag and capture the opponents’ flag as well.

Furthermore, if you got a hit you will be eliminated therefore most of the players go for stealth technique rather than an aggressive game, even I have seen some players capture the flag without shooting a single paintball.

I suggest you dispers your team mates into few groups, A group has task to divert the attention of opposition by attacking and anoher gorup have task to capture the flag with the help of stealth strategies.

 Protect The VIP

All the players must protect the Vip form the opposition players and oppositions player must have to mark VIP to win the game.

this variant is all about protocole, all players have target to give strong protocol to the VIP because if the VIP got hit game will end, however, non VIP players may enter the field again.

Defend The Castle

Defend the castle paintball

as the name itself reflects that one team has to defend their territory from other teams, know their territory maybe a castle, old building pr a barrel.

one team has to stay at their territory while others have to eliminate the intruders with paintballs or surrender them.

in rare cases this game will be calm and simple, most of the time we don’t have options without using bursts no matter whether we are a defender or attacker.

if the defender successfully defends their castle they will be winners.

Note: distribution of players may not be equal if the defender has an easy area to defend. also, there may be a certain time of defending.


Bomb squad Paintball

One team of bad boys hide some bombs in various spots of the field another team of heroes has the task to find them and return to their station, if they will find all bombs and return them to the station they will be the winner

The game starts when the team of heroes enters the game, The task of the bad boys is to protect at least a single bomb from the heroes, if they did it they will be the winner.

I think this is the best variant to test your analytical approach because it is not that easy to find the hidden bombs, you need to be present mind

Note: No one will allow entering the field until the team of bad boys hides their bombs.


in this variant, a player is selected as a zombie and his task is to infect every player by marking them, and other players have the task to eliminate the zombie.

know the most intreating thing is you cant eliminate zombie with ordinary hit you have to hit a headshot, zombies can only be eliminated with a headshot.

if the player accidentally hits a teammate it will also turn into a zombie.

the game finishes when all players convert into zombies or all zombies will be eliminated.

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Does Weather Conditions Affect Woodsball Paintball

Yes, as we have discussed that woodsball is a more natural game and the weather is the part of nature, the following condition will badly affect your vision and accuracy.

  • Rainfall will distract your vision, though there is a modern paintball mask with a visor and proper blockage to enter rainwater into the mask, still, we feel some invisibility.
  • Fast wind will swing the paintballs in the air, again your accuracy may be distracted, moreover, your vision will be also distracted because the fast wind will make the environment dustier.
  • The humid climate will fog up your mask and believe me this is a real nightmare for us, I still remember when my mask was fogged up and the only option remains to leave the field, thankfully know we have various antilog lens whose layers are thermally treated to mitigate the fog.
  • Too hot or cold weather will affect the Co2 tank of your marker, still we have some strategies to mitigate that problem as well.

Some Pro Tips For Woodsball

Guys we have discussed with some pro woodsball players and finally gathered some pro tips for you, I hope these tips will help you to dominate the game.


Visit the field before the game starts

woodsball field

Once you have done a visit of the field before starting the game, you have a sketch in your mind that here I have to hide, here I have to attack, and simply you have a proper plane.

But you have to figure out some spots and make a strong plane, think like I am in the game how I can survive in this field.

Checkout the bunkers, trees, rivers stones, etc.

Bring Extra pods

paintball pods
paintball pods

Bring extra pods with you as much as you can, believe me, we have seen some players shouting for paint and they got hit, even some players leave the field because of paintballs.

Woodsball is a very lengthy game we need lots of paintballs (Ammos), to survive in the fields.

Fill your CO2 Tank

paintball CO2 Tanks safety

Your CO2 tank should have sufficient gas so that you can complete the game without distraction, and most importantly you have a cooler to heat or cool your Co2 tanks According to weather condtion

Stay sneaky and quite

Stay sneaky and quite position

Staying calm and sneaky will help you to hide from the opposition, if you will make noise while moving surely you will be spotted.

As we have discussed stealth game is the ideal game in woodsball stay low quite and calm and win the game.

Wear dark colored clothes and a mask

paintball clothes

Dark-colored masks and cloths will make you less visible, because of the environment, woods and darkish environment will further support your getup to hide for oppositions.

Though we can use vibrant color for speedball paintball but in woodsball paintball, we have to choose some dark colors.

checkout our article for an impressive getup

Chose a fog-proof paintball mask and waterproof shoes

Antifog paintball mask and Water proof shoes

This is my personal experience please don’t buy a paintball mask without having a fog proof lens, fog will vanish your excitements, don’t spoil your excitement.

Waterproof shoes will be helpful because we have to come across the water surface, non-waterproof shoes may become slippery.

Disperse the team into small groups

paintball small group

If you have a team of 20 players disperses them according to the game for eg. a Team of 5 will cover the hill, a team of 5 will cover another thing, etc, and this will help you to make a strong attacking plane.

Assign a role to each player e.g. some attackers, sniper men, floaters, etc.

Final Thoughts

I am a woodsball paintball lover by heart because I don’t want an attacking game without having a strategic plan.

Even most of the newbie’s start with woodsball because they have proper time to observe the field and game, however, in speedball, they don’t have.

Moreover, you have a natural environment to test your surviving skills, being a city dweller we should test our surviving skills in the natural environment rather than an artificial environment.

And the most important part of this game is, you will get somehow military feelings because of military getup and sneaky gameplay, if you are an attack lover this is not for you.

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