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What To Wear For Paintball For Summer, Winter & For Girls – Safety Tips

If you are a paintball beginner, you might be wondering what to wear for paintball.


Fear not, we have prepared a perfect informational guide rich with safety tips, paintball clothing tips for summer & winter, and where to purchase budget-friendly gear.

Wearing a safe and cool-looking paintball attire for an enjoyable & thrilling paintball match is essential in many ways for players of all skill levels.

Let’s dive into it without waiting,

What to Wear For Paintball

Some players tend to choose a normal getup of long sleeves, or half sleeve t-shirt, and jeans. Others choose to go all out with full sleeve paintball shirts, vest, BDUs, and thick paints with knee/arm pads.

In my experience, opting for full paintball gear/attire is much cooler, safer, and fascinating than normal paintball attire.

It is up to the teams, and individuals to choose whatever they want to wear, but our article will make sure to make every paintball player look badass keeping safety guidelines in mind.

Let us dive into the paintball clothing tips for beginners to pros.

what to wear for paintball

  • Paintball mask/goggles
  • Headbands, beanie, or a hat
  • Quality vest
  • Thick long sleeve shirt/paintball jersey
  • Sweatshirt
  • Thick pants
  • Sweatpants
  • A groin cup or exalt pant
  • Paintball gloves
  • Arm pads
  • A ghillie suit
  • Shoes with good grip

Head protection

Paintball Head Protection

I read somewhere that it is not necessary to cover up your head on a paintball field. Head and face protection during the paintball battle is probably the most important aspect of safety.

The face and head are the most sensitive parts of the body. We have seen gruesome head and face injuries.

Most people do wear a paintball mask, but not a full-coverage mask so the backside of the head and forehead is exposed to the pellets.

Paintballs travel between 260-270 feet per second. Just imagine its impact colliding with the head, or face.

Face protection

There are hundreds of paintball goggles in the market, but opt for the one that has

  • Anti-fog, upgradable lens
  • Enough space to squeeze you glasses inside
  • A thermal layer that doesn’t deteriorate easily.
  • A comfortable internal foam.
  • Ear protection with comfortable padding
  • Proper ventilation. Ventilation keeps the hot air away from the face while letting cooler air into the mask. It helps to keep the fog away as well.
  • A lightweight frame
  • Durability
  • A dual-pane lens with flexibility
  • Chinstrap and back strap
  • Enough interior space
  • Visor
  • Anti-sun coating

A quality paintball mask will absorb almost all the hits while keeping your jaws, mouth, cheeks, lips, and eyes safe.

A quality goggle will protect your eyes from glare, and from receiving serious injuries, your mouth from eating paint, and eardrums from filling up with paint.

All of the above masks are tested for battle. Their quality is top-notch. Each one comes in incredible colors.

The sheer design and shape of each goggle will give you the feeling of futuristic war. Most pros including me prefer these goggles.

Headbands, hat, cap, or a beanie

Bring a beanie, cap, headband, or baseball cap with you. It largely depends on the weather, but head protective gear will cover you up from paintball shots, paint, sunburns, and harsh weather.

If you are not wearing a full-coverage mask, a beanie or headband will protect your head from shots while soaking up your sweat.

Dripping sweat into the eyes is a bother. It messes up with the lens and increases the change of fogging. Vision loss or blurring vision can be dangerous during a match.


It is pain in the ass to keep wiping away the sweat from the forehead and eyes.

A paintball beanie or headband is recommended by me.

Upper-body protection

Paintball upper body Protection

Firstly, let’s talk about what to avoid. T-shirts, shorts, half sleeve shirts, tank tops, and stuff that leaves your skin exposed.

Kneeling, sliding, crawling, dodging, and jumping is another reason you might want to avoid such clothing, and not to mention ruthless paintball shots.

Don’t be stupid by opting for multiple layers of clothing. You will get overheated in the summers, and extra sweating in the winters is also dangerous (frostbite).

The perfect combination is

Paintball sweatshirt

Weather is an important factor if you are playing outdoor paintball. Don’t forget to bring your sweatshirt with you.

It will not only provide warmth, but it helps to absorb paintball shots.

Paintball jersey/thick long sleeve paintball shirt

The sole purpose of a paintball jersey is to absorb the paintball shots by bouncing back most of the paintballs while giving an amazing, original paintball look.

Most jerseys don’t have extra paddings, but they protect just fine. Paintball jerseys have amazing ventilation.

Releasing warmer air by letting cooler air inside keeps the body temperature normal, and it is crucial in a colder climate.

Jerseys are fully customizable, they come in amazing colors and designs, and they are lightweight so, it is a win-win situation all around.

Long sleeve t-shirts are also cool. They are particularly thicker, stronger, and covers up the entire upper body.

Long sleeve shirts are preferred in winters to avoid bruises and injuries from direct hits.

Even if you are ok with the hits, but the paint covered all over the arms and neck is a pain in the ass to wash in the cold winter.

I like both, you wear whatever you want to wear.

Quality vest

A quality vest is the most important item to have alongside a paintball mask if you are a beginner.

An unfortunate hit at the sensitive part of the chest can be deathly. According to this article, a young boy lost his life due to an unfortunate body shot.

Though that was completely accidental, and it has never happened before in the paintball game, but we can’t ignore the danger.

A multi-pocket vest is preferred if you carry water bottles, your car keys, snacks, pellets, or other important stuff if you wear on top of your jersey.

If you are not into pockets, select a camo style, or plan vest with no pockets.

You can wear it underneath your jersey or shirt. They are particularly thin but strong.

You might wanna get hit at some point. You can’t just hide behind gear all the time. So don’t fear the shots, embrace it.

What pants to wear for paintballing – Lower body protection

sweat pants, knee pads, and groin cup for paintball play

Lower body protection is as important as the upper body due to sliding, jumping, kneeling, crawling, and exposure to paintball shots.

Twigs, rocks, and dirt will get you for good if your legs or calves are exposed. Shorts or single layers pants are not recommended by us.

Most of us wear sweat pants, long loose paintball pants jeans sometimes, BDU cargo pants, or exclusive paintball pants for the tournaments.


Sweatpants are essential much like sweatshirts. It protects sensitive parts like thighs, calves, and knees from severe injuries by absorbing some of the force.

Quality paintball sweatpants are quite flexible. If your legs are warm and fuzzy, you can play with full efficiency.

Thick long paintball pants

Almost all of the pro players wear exclusive paintball pants due to their flexibility, shot absorbing quality, ventilation, and cool design.

Chances of getting cuts and bruises drop significantly by wear long & thick pants.

In summers, I would suggest wearing cargo pants in different styles is ideal. Those pants are strong and durable.

There are a lot of pores in cargo pants to let the airflow circulate throughout the legs to regulate body temperature.

Chances of getting cuts and bruises drop even further due to multi-pocket cargo pants.

Paintball tip: If you are just getting started, you don’t need to purchase exclusive tournament paintball pants. Opt for the cargo pants, or normal ranged paintball pants to reduce the chances of getting hit.

A groin cup or exalt pant

I am pretty sure you know what it feels like to get a hit on the balls.

It hurts, doesn’t it?

Make that pain 10 times worse if you get hit by a paintball on your nuts.

It may seem funny, but I got my nuts cracked by sliding. A medium-sized rock crushed my testicles during the slide. I can never forget the humiliation and pain.

Not to mention I got destroyed with paintballs afterward.

A groin cup or exalt pants, both are fine. Both will protect your precious balls from embarrassment.

Jokes aside, groin protection is necessary for a physical sport like this. It won’t cost you much, invest smartly.

Knee/shin pads

I have emphasized that paintball is a kneeling, crawling, and sliding game, so it is not rocket science to figure out that calves, and knees could get scratches or bruises one of these days.

Wear shin/knee pads. They will protect your knee caps from busting, shins from scratches and bruises, and you will be confident enough to slide like crazy knowing you are safe.

Choose knee pads with a smooth exterior. It will help you to slide smoothly, otherwise, your sliding will be resisted by the ground.

Beginners can receive serious bone injuries in such cases.

Arms and hands protection

Gloves and arm pads for paintballing

From elbows to hands, these parts are the most engaged body parts in the game, because we fire markers using arms and hands.

Though most pros do not wear gloves, I would recommend wearing both, paintball gloves, and elbow/arm pads.

Paintball gloves

If you can afford it, I would suggest you purchase paintball-specific gloves.

They are specifically designed to reduce the chances of bruises, cuts, and other bone injuries from paintball shots.

Weightlifting, golf, gardening, or paintball-specific gloves would work depending on the budget.

If you are unable to purchase specific paintball gloves, go for heavy-duty gloves used for gardening, or other mechanical work.

With thick padded gloves, it will be difficult to press the trigger repeatedly with efficiency. Your fingers will get exhausted. So choosing thinly padded gloves preferred.

Note: If you are opting for fingerless gloves, then thick or thin, both types of gloves would work.

Though fingerless gloves are not a good option if you are just getting started. A finger shot is really painful and not to mention it will ruin the rest of the day.|

Arm/elbow pads

There is a lot of sliding and crawling involved in paintball. So busted elbows are normal. Make sure to wear specific paintball pads, or any other arm/elbow pads.

More than 50% of paintball injuries are caused by jumping, falling, sliding, and kneeling. Thick pads will protect your joints and your skin from ground resistance, and paintball shots.

Don’t forget you are not playing for the last time. You will play repeatedly if you are a paintball fan like us.

So why not protect our skin rather than waiting for the injuries to heal.

Feet protection

Paintballing shoes

Shoes are shoes man. You cannot be involved in any outdoor activity without shoes, especially in paintball.

Ankle and toe injuries are common in paintball. Wearing proper footwear on the field is important to have that protection, and agility at the same time.

I have seen people wearing soccer shoes, cleats, hiking boots, jogging shoes, and army boots on the field. It depends on your budget and preference.

Let us talk about shoes you might want to avoid

  • Sandal
  • Slim jogging shoes
  • Open toes
  • Flip flops

Such footwear is practically begging for injuries. All the sliding and crawling will peel off the skin from your feet, and I don’t even want to talk about ankle bending injuries. Pain is too much handle.

Wear specific paintball shoes in speedball and woodsball to reduce the risk of injuries.

Those shoes come with rubber spikes to reduce the twisting of ankles. Spikes will stick to the ground to give you some grip.

Paintball shoes are tough enough to handle paintball shots. Your toes will be safe.

A quality pair won’t get wet by the paint, and its texture will remain intact over time.

Extra cool stuff

Ghillie Suit

If you are into stealth or sniping, a ghillie suit is made for you. The camo, snow, or desert disguise is top-notch. Not even pros can locate your position.

It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started, a camo suit is cool, protective, and made for people who are into sniping like me.

I would suggest bringing a Ghillie with you, but don’t show it to anyone. Look for the perfect moment, wear it, hold your position, and start busting people.

What to wear for paintball for girls

What to wear for paintball for girls

  • Firstly, don’t wear skinny jeans ladies. Wear baggy pants, whether special paintball baggy pants or thick cargo pants.
  • Actual paintball pants come with a lot of padding to protect the player.
  • I’d say go for thick cotton paintball pants rather than choosing thin ones.
  • Or, men’s boxers would work. Steal from your boyfriend.
 For the Top 
  • Pro girls wear a sports bra with paintball shirts, and arm pads in most conditions. But, go for the padded bra under your paintball shirt.
  • A friend of mine got hit on her breast, and the pain she felt was horrible. And there is that embarrassment factor.
  • For the face, good old quality paintball goggles as I have explained below would work.
  • I would say go for a full head paintball mask, but if you choose to purchase goggles like dye i5, then wear a bandana, beanie, or trucker hat to protect your forehead.
  • You may also want to wrap that bandana around your hair to protect it from paint.
  • Normal running shoes would work because you will run a lot on the field.
  • Don’t forget the knee & arm pads. You will be kneeling, crawling, and sliding, so protect your skin from scratches and cuts.

To summarize, loose-fitting is preferred to avoid getting hit. One last thing, don’t forget to use sunscreen if you are playing in a hot, sunny climate.

What to wear for paintball in the hot summer

To reduce the chances of heatstroke, you might want to rethink and strategize your clothing choices.

There are many problems in the summers regarding gear choices, paintballs deteriorating, de-hydration, clumsiness, etc.

So how are you going to play knowing you got to carry your gear, weapons, ammunition, and other stuff?

Don’t worry, we gotta a list of items and tips that might help you get your bearings set for the summer paintballing.

 First and foremost 

What to wear for paintball in the hot summer infograph

Hydrate yourself

Dehydration is the worst possible enemy for anyone in the summers. It can attack your kidneys, you will feel dizzy, you can get sunstroke, etc.

If you manage to avoid such conditions, dehydration will ruin your paintballing day.

Bring coolers with you to keep your fluid cool. Bring a lot of water bottles. Some juices, maybe energy drinks as well.

Drink as much as you can. Small sips here and there while playing is also crucial.

Wear paintball goggles

Paintball goggles are essential in any situation if you are playing paintball, but they become vital in hot sunny conditions.

The extreme heatwaves and UV A/B rays of the sun are harmful to the eyes. Prolonged exposure can damage the eyes permanently.

A quality paintball mask-like dye i5 or virtue vio has a dual-pane anti-fog, glare-proof lens. Such lenses protect eyes from glare, vision distortion, and UV A/B rays of the sun.

Not to mention it also protects other parts of the face. I have mentioned these goggles because they also have proper ventilation with balanced holes.

You will be breathing like crazy in the heat, so proper ventilation will keep your face cool, and it will reduce the fogging factor.

Less gear

No need to carry extra gear with you. You don’t need Ghillie suit, jackets, a multi-pocket vest (plan vest underneath a paintball jersey would be fine), and other heavy stuff.

A sweatshirt/pants, paintball jersey/pants, knee pads, elbow pads, shoes, and weaponry (don’t overdo it) would be OK.

 Paintball Tip:  Carry fluids with you, a bandana or beanie. Choose loose stuff on a hot day. Loose fitting will ensure proper ventilation.

Headbands, bandanas, or beanie

Headwraps are ideal in sunny conditions. Though you can bring a helmet, or full head paintball masks with you, extra weight on your head is preferred in a hot climate.

You will feel heavy, dizzy, and more dehydrated due to extra heat developing inside the helmet.

Bring a beanie, headband, or bandana with you. Trucker caps re also fine.

You must lose as much weight as you can in the field. Besides lightweight, bandana/beanie will soak up your sweet, will protect your head from sun rays, and paintball shots.

You don’t want sunburns on your forehead right.

Bring cooler for paintballs and tanks

Summer heat causes paintballs to soften. It poses problems in the loader causing jams.

You will face feeding problems in your paintball marker. And we have seen less accurate shots in the heat if soft paintballs are used.

Wrap your paintballs in any cloth, and place them inside the cooler. Protecting your cooler from other players in your job.

Before taking out your paintballs, find a shade. Place your paintballs under for a couple of minutes. If you open your cooler under the sun, in most conditions, your paintballs will be ruined due to a sudden drop in temperature.

We need to ensure that the temperature is dropping gradually, that is why find a shade and refill there if possible.

 For the CO2 Tanks 

I have seen many CO2 tanks exploding their burst disc under the intense sun rays. Now that is rare, but don’t underestimate the intense sunlight.

Coolers come into play here, but if you can’t use coolers for your CO2 tanks, just place them under the shade. You can at least do that.

Some valuable paintball clothing tips for paintballing in the summer

  • Try to lose clothes in such hot conditions. Lose clothes support ventilation, and they provide protection against paintball shots.
  • Wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants. Skin burns are common in paintballing in summer. If you are opting for long sleeve paintball shirts, and paintball pants, then apply sunscreen on the exposed area.
  • Though it may seem childish, try playing in the shade as much as you can.
  • Your juice will be drained in a few hours if you stay under the sun. Try standing, or play in the shade if there is an opportunity available.
  • People would take notes on the ground, terrain, and stuff, but you don’t need to be overly cautious. Just enjoy the game. Terrain comes with the game, so it will give you a real war-like feel if you don’t know the area.
Note: Take breaks in between. Hydrate yourself in those breaks. Try to balance your body temperature by relaxing.

What to wear for paintball in winter

Winter is real. It does affect overall paintball gear, your performance, and it slows down the rate of play.

Though paintball players are manly, and they don’t stop for any season, but winter demands extra care for the markers and other equipment.

The entire gear reacts differently in a different season. So, you might want to adjust your gear and yourself to winter otherwise, it will be a long haul.

 Useful tips for winter paintballing 

What to wear for paintball in winter infograph

I am going to discuss general issues with winter paintballing along with the clothing tips.

Paintball dressing in winter

The best dressing in the winter is proper paintball attire. A proper layer of clothing is necessary.

You don’t want to ruin your day due to cold by wearing cheeky summer dressing, and you certainly don’t want to look like a garment shop by putting on thousands of layers of clothes.

 The proper winter getup is 
  • Staring with a quality, warm underwear. Keep your nuts hot.
  • Sweatshirt & sweatpants will only keep you warm, but they excellent in absorbing paintball shots. A paintball hit in winter is brutal. I believe you already knew.
  • A quality, exclusive paintball pants, and jersey. Try to lose fitting to avoid getting hit.
  • Paintball exclusive shirts & pants have padding all around to protect from shots, and their material provides excellent warmth in the winter.
  • The material is also flexible and porous for proper ventilation. A quality jersey and pant will trap the heat inside to keep you warmer.
  • Next up is a vest. Multi-pocket, or a plant vest, both will provide adequate safety and warmth.
  • I would say go for a multi-pocket vest. You can secure your paintball pods in those pockets to keep them from cracking due to cold.
  • You can keep your hot fluids, extra ammo, car keys, and other stuff in the pockets too. I always wear a multi-pocket one.
  • Winter or summer, never forget arm and knee pads. Crawling and sliding are the core of this shooting game.
  • Besides that, if you kneel, or crawl, the snow will eat up your joints. So not wearing pads is out of the equation.
  • Choose a dual-pane, anti- fog, comfortable (foam), proper ventilated, durable, glare proof, UV A/B protective thermal paintball mask.
  • A bandana will protect your forehead and head from the paintballs, and the cold. A beanie or bandana will protect your forehead from the cold wind as well.
  • Though finger paintball gloves are preferred in most cases, in cold weather, opt for thick, padded, quality gloves that cover your finger too.
  • Get a pair of waterproof shoes if you afford them. A pair of woolen socks. Don’t wear two pairs of socks. It can choke up the blood circulation.
 Paintball tip 

Wearing warm jackets, paintball pants, and shirts is common in the winter. Though you might want to wear warmer clothes in the winter, I am warning you not to overdo it.

The reason is simple. If you wear too many layers of warm clothing, you will release more sweat, and that is lethal.

Sweating in the cold invites frostbite, and we have seen many of such cases (not in paintball) in outdoor sports.

It is advised to dress according to the weather, but don’t overdo it.

Paintballs are affected by cold

The gelatin or vegetable starched paintballs tend to break in the cold since the shell becomes brittle/harder. It poses problems in the barrel of the marker.

Sometimes they don’t even make it to the marker. It is pain in the ass, but it is curable.

  • Carry fewer pods with you, and try keeping the under the vest. Put on as many clothes as possible on top of the pods.
  • You can wrap the pods in a thin towel as well leaving the opening.
  • Don’t reload like “JOHN WICK”. I mean, load at the last minute, once pods are open, paintball will be colder, so don’t reload repeatedly
  • Bring coolers with you, place heat packs, or hot water bottles to keep the temperature above ambient. Put your paintball inside.
  • Do whatever the hell you want, but store your paintballs above ambient (atmospheric temperature).
  • There are some winter exclusive paintballs available in the market, but those expensive. I believe those paintballs worth the money.
  • With the thicker shell, they can resist cold better than normal paintballs.

Drink water

A common mistake we all make is not to drink water in winter, especially during outdoor activities.

You can get dehydrated in winter as well. Your body won’t tell you but you got to drink in between rounds, and sometimes during the round.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t even know when your kidney is out of water. Take a note with you to remind you to drink plenty of water.

Anti-fog spray for winter paintballing

Though you have purchased a high quality paintball mask-like virtue vio who’s thermal layered, fog free, and dual pane lens is a fog killer, but in extreme cold, fogging will haunt you.

It is not because your mask is cheap, but your breathing is triggering condensation. Hence, droplets of water, or moisture on the lens in accumulated.

Apply anti-fog spray on the lens before, during, and after the match to ensure clear vision. Otherwise, vision distortion can get you in serious trouble during a paintball battle.

Final verdict

After researching various online platforms, several paintball fields, and paintball pros, we have created this article to answer the question “what to wear for paintball” in summer, winter, for girls, and beginners.

Though more or fewer layers of paintball clothing depend on the weather and season, a few necessary gear item like

  • An anti-fog, dual-pane, thermal paintball mask
  • Bandana, headband, cap, or a beanie,
  • Paintball gloves, or any other heavy-duty gloves
  • Full sleeve paintball shirts
  • Long loose paintball pants
  • Sweatshirt, and sweatpants
  • A high-quality vest
  • Arm and knee pads

Are necessary. We have seen some gruesome injuries due to the carelessness of beginners, even pros. So the above gear must be worn.

Apart from that, style and badass look is also an important factor in paintball. So you might want to try GHILLIE suits, camo pants, and vest, custom-made masks, and bandanas.

Different people have different preferences, but this guide is general keeping flexibility and safety in mind.

We have worked hard to compile it. If this article helped you in any way, don’t be afraid to share it with your loved ones.

An Energy and Environmental Engineer, athlete, and social worker. I love the grittiness and thrill of paintball. Nowadays I am reviewing paintball products with an open mind & honest words.

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