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Is paintball dangerous? In-Depth Analysis With Proofs & Safety Guide

Newbies are struggling to get the proper answer to “Is paintball dangerous?” because there is no proper information available on the internet, so we have decided to resolve your queries. Make sure to read all our articles in the beginner to pro guide article series.

Indeed a newbie is fearful to play paintball because peoples are mostly discussing that paintball is a very injurious game you can die bla bla…….

Without proper safety, you may be injured badly or you may die because every sport needs proper safety, even you can’t play cricket without guard pads and a helmet, etc.

But the good news is;

National Injury Information Clearinghouse successfully declared that paintball is a safe sport by taking all safety measures, even they have stated that paintball is the safest sport as compared to basketball, running, cycling, cricket and etc.

let’s discuss this in detail.

Is Paintball Dangerous or Safe To Play With Proper Safety?

Is Paintball dangerous?

Well, according to our research paintball is the safest game as compared to others but you have to follow all safety measures and rules. Researchers have found very few peoples injured due to the paintballs, moreover, they have identified that most of the injuries due to running on an irregular surface, striking with bunkers and trees.

Some players lose their senses in excitement and got injured badly, so be careful paintball can be a deadly game if you will not follow safety measures. We have seen some careless players they take off their mask and other safety equipment during the field, in result, they got serious injury.

The paintball mask is the most important safety equipment of paintball, without having a mask someone gets an eye shoot or headshot,  believe me, this is not a joke someone may lose an eye or even got a deadly stroke because of a headshot.

The mask is the only equipment to make you safe from the eye and head shoots that’s why we are stressing to wear a mask.

Some Researched Data About Paintball Injuries

We have concluded some researched data about paintball injuries hope you will get some ideas about “Does paintball hurt or not?”

HCUP-US Report

According to HUCP-US (Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project-United states), they have found a total of 20,300 visits to ED (emergency department) because of airsoft and paintball, later further research proved that 97% of injuries caused by airsoft and the remaining 3% are caused by the paintball.

Injury prevention report

According to Injury prevention from 1997 to 2001 total injuries found due to paintball in the united states are 11988 out of them, 95.5% of players were recovered and released.

What we get from researched Data

To be honest I still on my words paintball is the safest game if you are following safety rules. Researched data also proves that paintball is a safe game.  I have some doubts about data which I have to clear.

  • The data does not show us the type of injuries may be some percentage of peoples got minor injuries which are part of the sport.
  • Moreover, the date does not show that’s why the particular player injured maybe the player played without a mask or without any safety equipment.
  • Some peoples may be injured in the home due to disassembling the CO2 tank.

Some Common And Minor Injuries

Common paintball injuries

We have observed that the following injuries are the most common and minor injuries.

  • Cuts
  • Paintball welts and bruises
  • Twisted ankles
  • Tripping

The above-mentioned injuries are very common in every sport and I believe every player faces these injuries once in life or many times.

Some Serious Injuries (How Dangerous Paintball Is?)

These are some serious injuries and may create complications.

 Eye injuries 

eye injuries in paintballEye injuries are nightmares for paintball players they may face permanent visual impairment or even vision loss so please wear an ASTM-approved paintball mask for protection

 Internal injuries 

According to ( a boy who comes with internal liver injuries stated that he was hit several times at the same spot (right side).

The physicians diagnose properly and found extreme bleeding from the liver.

 Ear injuries  

Ear injuries or most common injuries in paintball if you are hit on the ear or at the side of the ear you may face tinnitus, permanent or partial hearing loss, or even concussion.

 Scalp injuries 

Scalp injuries in paintballIn 2001, unfortunately, 39-year-old Kenneth Costin lose his life after being shot in the head, after a few days he got a stroke.

Still, it is not confirmed either he died due to a paintball injury or any other medical problem but it was an indication that every player should wear safety gear before entering the ground.

 breathing difficulties 

Some physicians also report that they have found some patients with breathing complications after being shot at the throat.

Our Point Of Views On These Injuries

  • Common and minor injuries are part of every game most of the players get these injuries and come back to their normal life and play again.
  • We should not care about minor injuries but we should care about major injuries because you may lose your lives by doing the same careless things.
  • According to our depth analysis, the vast majority of players got serious injuries because of some careless steps like they take off their masks and other safety equipment.
  • Keep in mind safety comes first this is not a fault of the paintball game it’s your fault.

Paintballing Regulations 

Regulations are built for your safety you cant compromise it at any cost. Everyone should follow the following regulations to play a safe game.

Equipment Usage

We are going to discuss, how you can use paintball equipment safely?.

 Paintball Mask 

safety paintball mask

  • Mask is the most important safety equipment of paintball you may lose your presence in the field without a mask once a refire caught you.
  • Your life may be at risk if you will take off your mask during the game, please be careful.
  • Make sure to select an appropriate mask if you are a beginner we suggest you select a 360 coverage mask.
  • Fog is also a nightmare for players they may strike with some objects because of visibility it is important to select an anti-fog mask.

 Gun or Marker 

Paintball Gun safety

Indeed without markers, we are useless in paintball, without guns we are just running with masks which is very funny 🙂

We need guns but keep in mind you have to follow safety rules.

  • Make sure to keep away your markers from safety areas.
  • If some not wear a mask and safety equipment don’t shoot him.
  • Shoot velocity is acceptable from 280-300 FPS in outdoor conditions while in indoor conditions you are allowed to shoot at 250FPS.
  • Don’t shoot your opponent when He/she surrender.

 Disassembling of CO2 Tanks 
paintball CO2 Tanks safety

Don’t ever disassemble your CO2 tank yourself if you are not experienced, NO matter you are using old or new tanks.

Seek help from an experienced player who can disassemble your tank safely.

believe me, few adults lost their lives because of disassembling this tank.


Paintball safety cloths

  • Make sure to wear a full sleeves shirt and a sweatpant. If the weather is too hot then you can wear a thin shirt and pants.
  • Padded armor is very important because it protects you from internal injuries make sure to wear this during the field.
  • Wear specially designed shoes for paintballs you will be free from ankles injuries, you can wear normal hiking shoes but they are not feasible like specially designed shoes.

Some Field Regulations

Every paintball field has different rules you have to follow them we have discussed some major rules below.


  • A player must be shouting “I am out” or “I am hit” once he hit many times, it is the best way to avoid bombardments of pallets.
  • However, if someone has doubt about whether he/she is eliminated or not he/she should shout “paint check!” a referee will make the decision whether you are out or in.


Paintball safety cloths

  • If you are very close to your opponent about 12 to 15 feet and his gun points towards you and he/she shouting “freeze” then you have to surrender.
  • If you think you can escape from that close distance “you can escape”
  • Similarly, if your target is very close and he/she surrender then don’t shot it
  • If your target doesn’t want to surrender from a very close distance try to shoot at a safe spot like legs arms etc.

 Age requirement 

Age regulations for paintball

  • Professional paintball fields only allow 16+ years old players however there are various fields design for children.
  • They use low-impact guns to prevent injuries.

 Some general regulations 

  • Before starting all players get instruction from the safety manager of the field you have to follow those instructions strictly.
  • You will get instructions to wear a goggle properly and shoot a gun safely.
  • Instructions vary from field to field but some of them are general like you are not allowed to climb trees and buildings or bring your gun to a safe place.
 Note: All fields have their own rules don’t break them they made these rules for your safety 

how to prevent paintball injuries

Almost all deadly injuries can be prevented by following safety regulations strictly.

We have prepared a checklist by following this you can avoid the majority of accidents.

Checklist to avoid paintball accidents

  • Don’t go for professional paintball if you are under 16, you can go for low impact paintball but this is not for you.
  • Follow the instruction strictly of the safety instructor.
  • Check your all equipment before entering the field
  • Wear an ASTM-approved mask with ANSI safety-approved goggles.
  • Make sure to select an antifog mask with a minimum of 280 degrees visibility.
  • Never ever take off your mask at any cost
  • If you are a beginner go for 360-degree coverage mask your every sensitive part will be protected.
  • Use glasses under your mask if you have week eyesight.
  • Use a gun or marker with a safe shooting range like 280 fps or 300fps
  • Wear padded protective armor, safety gloves, and specially designed shoes.
  • Follow the elimination and surrendering rule
  • Never ever try to disassemble the CO2 tank at your home if you are not experienced.
  • Consult with your physician if you are facing any hinder during the field.

Also, we have made a list of paintball tactics and strategies lets have a look.

Final Thoughts

Well, I face many minor injuries during the field because of my careless decisions, that’s why we make a perfect checklist for you. Believe me, paintball isn’t a dangerous game you can play safely with proper safety.

If you will make careless decisions and don’t follow any safety rules then you may get a deadly injury not only in paintball but also in every sport. Researched data also indicate that paintball is a relatively safer game according to the date so keep enjoy paintball games with your beloved ones.

Comment below and tell us about your thoughts about “Is paintball dangerous?”

FAQs-(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can paintball kill you?

Unfortunately yes, if you don’t wear proper safety equipment you may lose your life.

Is paintball safe for 12 years old?

Yes, paintball is totally safe for children but under 16 years olds are not allowed to play professional paintball however there are many fields specially designed for children.

Can you get injured from paintball?

Yes, you cant get minor and major injuries both depending on you, if you follow proper safety you can mitigate the major injuries.

What happens if a paintball hits your eye?

It’s really painful you may face permanent visual impairment or even vision loss please don’t take careless steps to get such type of injuries.

Has anyone ever died from a paintball gun?

Telegraph states that a 39-year-old man lost his life due to paintball. also, an 18-year-old boy lost his life because of a liver injury.

Is paintball painful?

Depends on your safety if you are not following any safety instructions its may be painful for you but if you are playing with proper safety there are very few chances to get a painful shoot.

How bad does a paintball hurt on bare skin?

Definitely, a paintball on bare skins hurt very much even it can damage your internal organs if you are not wearing padded armor.

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