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How old do you have to be to play paintball? +Safety Tips for Beginners

This is another article in our series about how to play paintball.

How old do you have to be to play paintball? 18 years is the minimum paintball age limit worldwide for an independent player (without parents).

Moving away from the minimum age requirement (18), it largely depends on the country, state, and paintball facility to determine the minimum age requirement.

Players between the ages of 15-17 (mostly) need to be signed permission from parents/guardians. Then they will be treated as adults (proper safety measures are applied) on the paintball battlefield.

Let us see, hot old do you have to be to play paintball in different parts of the world.

Australia: 10 years old

  • Sydney: 12 years old

Canada: 8 years old

  • Ontario: 13 years old

England: 10 years old

  • London: 8 years old

USA: depends on the individual, but recommend, 12-14 years old.

  • Illinois: 13 years old
  • California: 10 years old
  • Colorado: 10+ years old
  • Detroit: 12-14 years old
  • Florida: 10 years old
  • Georgia: 10 years old
  • Huston: 11 years old
  • NJ: 8 years old
  • Washington State: 8 years old.

Some Other Contries

  • Dubai: 10 years old
  • NSW: 12 years old

How old do you have to be to play paintball? Minimum age requirement

I have already mentioned that age requirement depends on the country-to-country and even field-to-field law. So, there is no paintball age limit.

But, at the age of 12, the child is capable enough to understand the basic rules of health and safety, different type of risks and dynamic of the game

Anyone between the ages of 7-16 can play paintball, but they will be treated as juniors and specific procedures will be applied.

Players between the ages of 12-16 are called junior paintball players in most parts. There is a minimal change for junior paintball players along with parent/guardian consent.

Important Note Regarding How Old Do You Have To Be to Play Paintball

Although health and safety rules are different for different ages, the basic idea of safety is the same for all. We will cover this topic in detail in this article.

Does Paintball Need Insurance Before Play?

Not all of the paintball fields need insurance. You can enjoy your game without any paperwork. But, you mustn’t lie about your child’s age.

If he/she falls under the minimum age category, they won’t covered under the insurance.

Paintball Safety Tips For Beginners and Parents

Paintball is a safe game compared to other gritty sports, but it doesn’t mean we should ignore the safety protocols.

Although it is a live shooting game and getting a few hits that might sting or even leave bruising is common, but it is necessary to not fear the sting and bruising of paintball pellets.

Getting hit, and landing some is part of the game. Do not hide or run in the first few games. If you do, you will never learn to play paintball.

We consider paintball a safe sport only because there are some safety rules and regulations are in place.

Without those rules, beginners, or even veterans can get seriously injured. Paintball injuries are gruesome.

 Following safety tips are necessary for parents and children 

  • Wearing a paintball mask all the time
  • Wearing full gear is essential.
  • Respect other players. Be aware of their skill level.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

#1 Wearing the best paintball mask

Paintball mask

Paintball sport is recognized by its cool gear, especially badass paintball mask. Now you may think it is only to look cool, but trust me, a paintball mask is the most important safety item in this game.


Let me tell you why:

  • Suppose you, or your child is not wearing a paintball goggle, and a paintball pellet can leave some serious bruising. So, it safe to assume the shot has some power.
  • The face is the most sensitive part of the body. If you get hit on the jaw or cheeks, the pain will bother you for weeks.
  • To make it worse, an earshot can easily damage your eardrum. The paint will fill the ear, and you will need to visit a doctor to remove that paint, and fix the injury. It is a painful man!

In the worst-case scenario: You may suffer partial or temporary hearing loss, tinnitus, or even a concussion.

Eyes and mouth:

  • Without a mask, you will be eating paint for the rest of the day. The injury itself isn’t severe, but the paint will bother you.
  • In the worst-case scenario, your lips might get busted.
  • The basic function of paintball ask is to protect the eyes. You may not even get the entrance if your eyes are not covered.
  • Permanent to temporary vision loss is the biggest threat by the shock of the impact, and paint.

Benefits of a paintball goggle:

  • The best paintball mask will protect your eyes from glare, shots of the paintball pellets.
  • It will protect your ears, jawline, neck (if a full head mask is purchased), cheeks, forehead, and back of the head (full head mask).
  • You will get entrance easily even if you are underage in some fields because owners trust the safety of a paintball mask.
  • The trip and fall injuries to the head will be out of the equation.
  • No bruising, injuries, or paint marks on the face.
  • Your opponent will be safe, and you will be safe by his/her hands.

Things to look at before purchasing a paintball mask

If you are new to the paintball world, the following things will help you get a suitable paintball goggle:

  • A dual-pane fog resistance lens to keep the fogging, and glare out of the equation.
  • Comfortable foam padding forms the inside.
  • Foamed ear pads. It will keep the paintball shot impact to a minimum. Your ear will be safe.
  • Quality over quantity right?
  • A lightweight mask is preferable. You don’t want to carry extra weight on your head.
  • Proper ventilation. Airflow is necessary to keep your face cool, to remove the fogging problem.
  • UV ray protective lens. We must protect our eyes from prolonged UV A/B RAYS of the sun.
  • The lens must be scratch resistant.
  • Size of the mask. It must fit. Not too big, because it will constantly slip during the game, and not too small, otherwise you will suffer suffocation and your head will hurt.
  • A chin strap to secure a tight fit.
  • Glasses’ compatibility is a must-have feature. In your glasses can’t fit inside your mask, how you would see your opponent. It is a pain in the ass. So glasses wearers like me need enough interior space to fit our glasses.
  • A kid is fascinated by badass, cool-looking things. There are a lot of Halo (Video Game) look-alike masks in the market. Why not go for the cooler things to look intimidating.
  • A POV camera mount is an option, but nowadays everybody is a Vlogger. Why not shoot videos while beating opponents.

#2 Wearing full gear is essential

Full gear for paintballing

A paintball beginner should wear full gear. An unwanted shot can shatter the first timer’s confidence. Besides that, underage players may not even be allowed to enter the field.

Full gear includes

  • A neck guard to bounce back all the shots. The neck is a sensitive part, a newbie, or an underage must avoid getting hit on the neck.
  • Long-sleeved paintball jerseys. Bare skin shots may leave bruises. A thick paintball shirt is helpful.
  • Paintball pants are thick yet flexible. They will protect you, and won’t resist your movements.
  • A thick multi-pocket paintball west will protect your check and tummy from the hard impacts. The pockets will hold your keys, water bottle, paintball bullets, and other stuff.
  • Get a pair of thick gloves to avoid cuts and other bone injuries.
  • Groin cup, or exalt cup is also necessary.
  • Protect your joints. Purchase arm and knee pads.
  • Shoes with good grip to avoid slipping in an unwanted situation.

#2 Respect other players. Be aware of their skill level.

Respecting opponent

Respecting our opponents and taking care of their health is an essential part of paintball sport. Never hurt your opponent deliberately.

If you seek to hurt them by hitting their sensitive parts, you might hurt too by them.

People have lost their lives in outdoor sports. Paintball is a gritty sport, play it for the sake of fun, don’t overdo it. And, stop the game if you feel not right. Don’t push yourself.

Ask questions

If your gun is not working properly, the mask is not fitting right on your head, you don’t know the rules, something wrong with your gear, or you have any in question, immediately the official.

Never hold back your queries. Asking questions is better than getting hit repeatedly.

Choose safe paintball markers/guns for kids

Paintball marker/gun for kids

If a parent or guardian is purchasing paintball guns for their kids, follow the below checklist to ensure maximum safety, and performance of a marker.

  • A seasonal paintball gun is heavy, choose a lightweight one for your child. He/she may not be able to hold the heavy for too long. A lightweight marker is more fun to carry around.
  • Look for a semi-automatic, safety lock, 150-250FPS bullet speed, and quick to assemble marker.
  • Shop owners are professional themselves mostly, always ask for advice regarding markers for kids. They will guide you for sure.

We have carefully prepared a list of top paintball guns for kids

  • The Tippman Cronus (for age 13 and above)
  • Tippman A5 (Age 10 and above)
  • Tippman 98 “Custom” (for any age)
  • Valken Gotcha Shotgun (for age 13 and above)
  • JT Splatmaster Z200 (Shotgun)

Above paintball markers/guns are safe to use for beginners to pros.

Final thoughts

Paintball is gritty, yet a safe outdoor sport. Any child who can distinguish right from wrong, and who can tell what is best for his/her safety can play paintball.

What a fantastic, action-packed, gritty, entertaining, and fascinating paintball game is. Rather than sticking to video games and computers, this live adaption of ware and shooter games is thrilling.

With proper safety items like masks, full gear, and shoes, parents should take their children to outdoor fields.

Though underage players are allowed to play in many parts of the country, proper safety and regulations should never be ignored.

We have seen some gruesome paintball injuries over the years. We don’t beginners, parents, or kids to get hurt, that is why this guide will help you in many ways.

Frequently asked question (FAQs)

<strong> Is paintball safe for 8, 10, 11, and 12-13 years old?</strong>?
Yes. Paintball is safe for every age group. It is one of the few activities that are ideal for kids. Kids are separated from adults during the play, and their level of play is mild, so nothing to worry about. Paintball in many ways is a family activity. With proper safety guidelines, anyone can play.
<strong>How old do you have to be to play paintball?</strong>
In most parts, 12 years is the minimum age with parent’s consent, but the truth is, kids with the knowledge of right & wrong, and personal safety can play paintball. Kids are not allowed alone. They must have parent’s approval with proper safety equipment.
<strong>Does paintball hurt for an 11-12-year-old?</strong>
NO. With safety equipment like a paintball mask, thick gear with west and gloves, and shoes, nothing can touch your kid. It will tickle a little. But the fear of getting has to be eliminated, otherwise, he/she will never his/her fears.
<strong>Is paintball good for kids?</strong>
Yes. As far as outdoor activity, thrill, fun, and action are concerned, paintball is perfect for kids. Paintball helps kids to build physical, tactical, and mental strength. It is a million times better than video games.