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Paintball Tactics & Strategies – Top 25 Tips to Dominate The Game

Paintball is much more than a fun or Adrenalines adventure, players are very serious about this game, they actually try to identify their survival skills. They try to follow different paintball tactics and strategies with a proper plan and detailed communications to dominate the opposition, if you want to win you have to be competitive.

As paintball has become a competitive game, we have decided to provide a list of the most powerful strategies for beginners and professionals to dominate the match.

Let’s get right into it:

Paintball tactics

Top 22 Paintball Tactics

#1 Read out the rules of the game:

Like every game paintball is carefully revolving around some strict rules, everyone should follow the rules to make paintball more interesting.

Typically all fields have the same rules for games but some fields have some extra rules according to the location and the structure of fields.

You will guide by a knowledgeable referee just you need to follow the guidelines properly.

Also, you will get some knowledge about gameplay and rules here

#2 Visit the field if the field is new for you:

If you are new to the field, make sure to take a visit so that you can memorize the hiding places, routes, and stations.

This practice will boost your confidence and make a map of the whole field in your brain.

Moreover, this will help you to find hiding places instantly.

#3 Plan:

Make a strong plan with your teammates, so that your flow will be balanced during the match. Though sometimes planes will not get success, still you have an initial plan to dominate the game.

#4 Do proper safety:


Safety comes first paintball is not a joke; many players got deadly injuries even some player lost their life as well.

Do proper safety before entering the field, there are the following safety tips at least you have to follow.

 Safety Tips: 
  • Don’t take off your mask during the game, this is a serious issue with paintball dye hard they take off the mask during the game. If a paintball hits your head nerves you may get a deadly stroke please don’t take off your mask at any cost. If you have a suffocation problem get well-ventilated masks like dye i5, virtue VIO ascent, etc. but please don’t take off it.
  • Follow the rules of the field, don’t climb on trees, stones, etc. if they don’t allow.
  • Wear a tactical vest, shoes, and gloves.
  • Wear a groin cup or exalt pants to keep safe your balls.
  • Use barrel cover out of the field.
  • Your marker should have not more than allowed FPS.
  • Don’t use freeze or other kinds of paintball please use the standard ones.

We have written a detailed guide about paintball safety and its danger let’s have a look.

#5 Get the all essential equipment:

All essential equipment like a paintball marker, Paintball Mask, gas tank, hoppers, etc. should be taken before the match. Also check out the equipment properly, if they work fine you are good to go.

I have observed that the pro players are very sensitive about their equipment’s they have proper bags with safety foams to keep their equipment safe. Also, they check out each piece of equipment before the match.

I suggest you check out at least the gas level of your tank; clean your mask and also check out that your markers work fine or not.

#6 Use an anti-fog paintball mask:

Anti-fog paintball goggles will never distract your vision, as you might know, vision is the most important factor of paintball you must have a mask that works for you rather than work against you.

A mask with Dual-pane anti-fog lens and wider peripheral vision will never distract your vision even in harshest conditions.

#7 Assign markers according to the player’s position:

The front player should have a marker that can shoot multiple paintballs per second, however, a middle man should have a super accurate paintball marker so that he/she can eliminate oppositions.

Floaters and inserters usually use any kind of markers, however, a sniper man should have the most accurate and long-range markers.

Assigning a marker according to the position of the player is the most important part of paintball you will surely know the importance of this technique after applying this.

#8 Choose the right paintballs:

Choosing the right paintballs will enhance the accuracy of your marker; you have to choose premium paintballs according to the bore size of your marker’s barrel.

Also, you have to carry paintballs as much as you can. A pro player never runs out of pallets.

#9 Be confident:

Don’t be afraid be confident, loosed confidence will ruin your targeting capability; you will contentiously miss the targets if you are not confident.

Like all other games, confidence is the key ingredient to dominate your oppositions. Play like a soldier with proper concentration.

#10 Communicate during the match:

Communication is the backbone of paintball sport; you can plan a new strategy with the help of communications.

Sometimes the initial plan doesn’t work, so we have to craft a new plan during the match, with the help of communication we can craft it easily.

Carry a communication device like a walkie talkie or you can use eVoke as well. You may find paintball masks with built-in wireless communications as well.

#11 Use covering and firing paintball tactic:

Utilize the hiding places like trees, stones, bunker, etc. to cover yourself, remember don’t only use covers stay firing and eliminating the opposition as well.

Also keep change covers don’t stay for a long time at the same place, plan your next cover and keep move there when you find an opportunity.

#12 Spread out in pairs:

Keep in pairs and spread out throughout the field, don’t gather at a single place, you may get hit easily. Disperse in the field some player should hide behind trees, stones bunker, etc. so that the opposition struggle to hit them.

The reason behind making a pair is one player will divert the attention of oppositions while the other will try to attack.

#13 Keep moving toward a target:

Don’t stick at a point, keep move towards the target, use the hiding places but keep changing them and get closer to the targets so that you can eliminate most of them.

Indeed there is no chance to run fast because lots of Ammos shoot towards you but you can tackle the situation by covering eliminating and moving.

Also, it is very difficult for the opposition to hit a moving object rather than a settled object.

#14 Aim before the shoot:

Aim before shooting the target especially if you are playing with the stealth technique, you may get a single chance to mark the target if you missed you may be exposed because of loudness and defiantly your stealth technique will be spoiled.

Aim is the most important factor of shooting doesn’t matter you are shooting faster or not, you have to aim before mark the target.

#15 Shoot with both hands and both sides:

shoot with both hands

Shooting with both hands will not only improve your ability to mark targets precisely but also reduce the chances of getting hit.

When you hold a marker with both hands your upper body will become narrow, however, when you hold with one hand your upper body becomes broad and opposition will get benefit from that.

Moreover, a right-hand player may not perform well during covering and shooting techniques because he/she has to expose during shooting from hand.

Also, if you can shot from both sides you can hit a right-hand player comfortably with the left hand because you will get lots of exposed size.

#16 Don’t stay straight; stay low as much as you can:

Stay low and sneak as much as you, especially during stealth, also, don’t afraid to crawl, roll over if you have pads and other kinds of safety equipment.

Mostly your enemy will try to find you, you don’t need to expose yourself at any cost, keep down and wait for the right time to attack.

Also, you may need to slide some times when you are few feet away from the cover.

#17 Be aware of surroundings:

Keep aware of the surroundings don’t just hit the targets, surrounding knowledge will make you aware of whether your team is dominating or not and you can craft your planning accordingly.

#18 Use rapid-fire when needed:

The front player has to use rapid fires with an automatic gun which can shoot lots of paintballs within seconds. As the front player is responsible to cover the whole team by eliminating the front line of oppositions, it should have a gun with the ability to rapid-fire.

Also, if you are in a situation where you will have to eliminate at least a few of your opponents, use rapid fire to eliminate them.

#19 Don’t pick ammo from the ground:

Don’t ever pick ammo from the ground you will surely get hit by oppositions, instead, you can take more ammo with you.

Picking ammo from the ground will distract your vision and movement for time and opposition will surely take benefit from that. Marking a moving object is a bit difficult as compared to a resting object.

#20 Check the gas tank:

The gas tank should be checked before the match so that you can play a single round comfortably, however, if you have a small tank with the capacity of 120z you have to check it out within the game because in the aggressive mode you can shot up to 500 paintball and a 120z tank can’t last for more than 500 paintballs.

A normal 20oz tank will allow you to shoot 800-900 paintballs which is enough but you have to check before the game if the tank is half make sure to refill it.

#21 Use smoke grenades to escape out:

Yes, you can use smoke grenades to escape out if a bunch of players is targeting you, youcan use grenades to distract their vision and escape from that place.

Smoke grenades also give an indication to your teammates that one of our team members is in the red zone, they rush to cover you.

#22 Use other kinds of grenades wisely:


Other kinds of grenades like paint, thunder flashes, and flashbangs divert the attention of oppositions.

 Some tips from our side: 
  • If you are playing a stealth game please use grenades wisely, unnecessary explosions will expose you.
  • Keep away your grenades from moisture and water; it will ruin your grenades.
  • Don’t hold grenades for a long time throw them immediately, because they can explode in your hands or it will explode in the air, so better to utilize them properly rather than wasting in air.
  • Use grenades when oppositions are at hiding places it will force them to change the positions and you got an opportunity to hit them.

#23 Use stealth mode wisely:

History told us that stealth technique is the father of all techniques even the first winner of the paintball game was utilized the stealth technique to dominate the match.

If you have a strong command of stealth techniques you have an age to eliminate a bunch of players to support your team.

Keep utilize the stealth technique believe me it is not boring even it is one of the favorite techniques of paintball dye herds.

#24 Keep Reload equipment:

Keep refill your marker whenever you found a place, an ordinary loader can keep 100 to 200 paintballs, believe me, it will be less in the field because we have to shoot lots of paintballs within minutes. Keep reload when you found an opportunity.

The reloading process of mag-feed is a bit difficult, so keep in mind a mag-feed marker can hold up to 30 paintballs it needs lots of reloading.

#25 Keep practice on your own:

If you are a newbie make sure to start practicing at your back yard if you have, practice tremendously increases your accuracy to mark targets.

Just make cardboard with a target chart and start hitting it with your marker, please select a safe spot to do this activity.

Additional paintball tactics and strategies some players still use

 Dead men walk: 

Basically in this technique, a teammate of yours will walk to the opponents with the gun down and pretend that he/she is eliminated.

Dead men walk is an old school and most risky paintball tactic, I think it will not work today.

 Squeegee (Acts like you are cleaning your marker): 

In this technique, you have to act like you are cleaning your marker but there is no point that a player will clean the marker during the match, again this is not a feasible technique.

 Act like your marker is empty: 

When you fire marker by targeting the sky, the marker will not shoot the paintballs and it feels like you are out of ammo and if opposition rushes to you can target them easily.

I believe this technique somehow feasible and may work in the current era.

 Leapfrogging technique: 

Leapfrogging is a very important technique most of the pro player utilized it properly. In this technique a player will cover you until you get a proper hiding space; also, sometimes you have to cover him until he/she got the spot. This technique solely depends on hope, you have to hope on your partner that he will cover you.

Similarly, if 4 or 6 players are at a single place they can divide 3 from cover and 3 for hiding alternatively.

 Flanking technique: 

In this technique a small group of your team has a task to divert the attention of oppositions, however, another small group tries to stay sneak and calm to hit the opposition from behind.

Final verdict

Since the game is getting competitive day by day we have to adopt some paintball tactics and strategies to compete with the opposition.

Indeed paintball is a game of fun and enjoyment but we have to sharpen our skills as well. The sole purpose of building a paintball game is to taste your surviving skills so please don’t forget it.

We have listed almost a bunch of advanced paintball tips for you so that you can dominate the matches easily.

Also, we will keep adding new paintball strategies when we found a working technique.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How do you win paintball every time?

The combination of confident and advanced strategies may make your task easier, stay serious, quick, and energetic.

  • How do you aim a paintball marker?

There is a scope or sights on the top of the marker to aim more precisely just you need to close one eye to aim like a pro.

  • Do the dead men walk strategy does not work today?

I think no, this is an old-school technique everybody knows about this if you are playing with a newbie maybe it works but with a pro player it may not work.

  • Does stealth technique work now?

Yes, stealth is an every-green technique.

  • Can I clean the marker between the match?

A big no, you have to clean your marker before the game but in the game, there is no sense to clean marker, even we prefer to reload faster as much as we can, the cleaning process is very lengthy you will surely get lots of hits.

An Engineer and a paintball dye hard with a vision to promote safe paintball around the world, Currently Teaching lots of students about actual paintball.

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