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Virtue VIO Paintball Mask Review

As an avid paintball player, having the right protective gear can make all the difference between an enjoyable day on the field and one filled with foggy goggles and painful welts.

After testing out numerous masks over the years, I can confidently say the Virtue VIO paintball mask with dual pane thermal anti-fog lenses is hands down the best I’ve ever used in its price range.

Keep reading for my full review on why this mask is an absolute game changer.

71EmbNZBEtL. AC SL250

Virtue VIO Paintball Mask

Superior Performance Goggles

  • Scratch-resistance lens
  • Total face coverage
  • Multi-layer face foam and contour fit for top comfort
  • Quick lens change system
  • Great ventilation + distortion-free vision without fog
  • Great value for money

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Virtue VIO Paintball Goggle Overview

The moment I strapped on the Virtue VIO mask, I could tell it was something special. It offers a streamlined, flexible design that contours to your face for unrivaled comfort and protection. Unlike bulky goggles that never seem to fit right, the VIO mold grips to your facial structure while still allowing for airflow and voice transmission.

But it’s not just about comfort – this mask means business when it comes to keeping your eyes safe and fog-free. The pioneering dual pane thermal lens lives up to its hype, delivering crystal clear vision without the need to constantly wipe away moisture during intense battles.

After taking this bad boy for a test drive out on the hyperballs fields, I was blown away by how it performed in real-game conditions. Read on for my full breakdown of the many features and benefits that make the Virtue VIO the ultimate paintball mask.

Unparalleled Lens Technology

Let’s start with the innovative lens, since clear vision is so critical in paintball. The VIO’s dual pane thermal technology is next level, creating an insulating layer of air between the thermal cured lenses to eliminate fog. I’ve used goggles that claimed to be fog-resistant in the past, but they still required constant wiping and cleaning during gameplay to see properly.

With the Virtue VIO, I honestly forgot fog was even an issue – my sightlines stayed pristinely clear from start to finish, with zero obstruction or moisture buildup. The specialized Anti-Fog coatings work wonders, allowing me to focus on the action instead of stopping to clean my goggles every few minutes.

Having a large, undistorted field of vision is also key for noticing opponents attempting to flank your position. The VIO lens provides 270 degrees of wrap-around visibility, enhancing peripheral sightlines. I felt much more aware of my surroundings compared to goggles with smaller lenses that limit awareness.

Unmatched Protection and Coverage

A quality lens is only part of the equation – you need full face protection from stray paintballs too. The VIO’s flexible yet sturdy mask provided complete coverage of my eyes, forehead, cheeks and chin without feeling bulky.

Unlike old-school goggles with separate face shields, this integrated one-piece design offers seamless protection. The wrap-around contour fit like a glove, keeping my entire face safe from all angles of attack.

After taking some heavy fire during an intense match, I was amazed to see the VIO had kept every single area protected. Despite the barrage of paint exploding all around me, not a single ball made direct contact thanks to the mask’s impeccable coverage. My teammates with separate goggles and face masks weren’t so lucky – I could tell the VIO’s seamless protection was a big advantage.

Total Comfort and Wearability

A mask loaded with high-tech features doesn’t mean much if wearing it becomes a literal pain in the neck. Thankfully, Virtue designed the VIO for elite-level comfort, even during marathon sessions and tournaments.

Weighing in at just 1.43 lbs, it’s ultra lightweight and hardly noticeable once strapped in. The textured grip pattern molded into the design ensures the mask stays in place without slipping, even when diving for cover and sprinting around the field.

I also loved the replaceable multi-layer foam – it provided a soft cushion against my face that wicked away sweat and prevented abrasion even after back-to-back matches. For sweltering summer battles, the humidity-diffusing vents circulate air to keep you cool when the action heats up.

Speaking of ventilation, the streamlined profile lets your voice carry clearly to teammates. Communication is difficult with some masks, but the VIO’s open design makes bellowing orders or calling out positions easy. I was impressed with how naturally I could talk, yell and breathe compared to more suffocating goggles.

Quick & Easy Lens Swaps

As a frequent player, I tend to have separate lens options depending on sunlight conditions. Constantly needing to swap lenses between games can be a hassle though. The VIO’s quick-change design makes switching out lenses a breeze – just press the side buttons and pop in a new one in seconds!

Having this ability let me put in a darker tinted lens when the cloudy weather cleared up, providing quick protection from the glaring sun. For tournaments that go from early morning to dusk, the quick lens changes are a lifesaver.

No longer was I stuck squinting through an ill-suited lens all day. With the VIO I could easily adapt to the light conditions and maintain visibility. The snap-on strap and ear pads were also great for quickly customizing the fit if I wanted to lend my mask to a teammate or family member.

Final Verdict

After running, gunning and diving headfirst into battle with the Virtue VIO, I can say it exceeded my expectations across the board. The streamlined single-piece design offers total face coverage without sacrificing voice clarity or comfort. Dual pane thermal lenses provide fog-free performance even in sweltering temperatures.

Quick lens changes, multi-layer face foam and adjustable straps/ear pads allow you to customize the fit for all-day wearability. While the mask carries a premium price tag, it delivers elite-level features and protection that justify the investment.

For recreational players or scenario teams, the Virtue VIO is overkill – decent budget goggles will suffice. But for seasoned veterans and tournament contenders who prioritize performance under fire, this mask delivers unrivaled advantages. My vision, awareness and safety were all enhanced compared to any other goggles I’ve owned.

The bottom line: If you’re serious about the sport and want to step up your eye protection with pro-grade tech, the Virtue VIO mask will give you a competitive edge that’s almost unfair to opponents stuck with inferior gear. Consider it an investment in maintaining domination on the hyperball fields!

71EmbNZBEtL. AC SL250

Virtue VIO Paintball Mask

Superior Performance Goggles

  • Scratch-resistance lens
  • Total face coverage
  • Multi-layer face foam and contour fit for top comfort
  • Quick lens change system
  • Great ventilation + distortion-free vision without fog
  • Great value for money

We earn a commission if you make a purchase

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtue Vio

Q: Does the mask fit well with glasses?

A: Yes, there is plenty of space to fit most sizes of glasses inside the mask comfortably.

Q: How long does the anti-fog performance last?

A: The dual pane thermal lens maintains fog-free performance for approx. 12 months with proper maintenance before needing replacement.

Q: What colors and lens tints are available?

A: There are over 20 color/graphic options and a variety of lens tints from clear, to yellow, smoke, and more.

Q: Is the mask comfortable for large heads?

A: The flexible goggle material and adjustable strap provide a secure fit for most head sizes. An XL sizing option is also available.

Q: Can you hear and communicate clearly wearing the mask?

A: Yes, the streamlined venting allows for natural voice projection compared to masks that muffle communication.

Q: Does paint stick to the lens?

A: Some paint residue may require wiping away, but the material resists heavy sticking/staining and makes cleaning easy.

Q: How durable is the lens?

A: The lens has a scratch-resistant hard coat that protects against scratches and impacts very well during normal play.

Q: Can you wear a headband or hat with the mask?

A: Yes, there is enough space to comfortably wear a headband, hat, helmet or other accessories.

Q: Can you try the mask on in stores before buying?

A: Virtue partners with dealers at certain fields and events to demo the masks, but in-store trial is not widely available.

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