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Best Speedball Guns of 2023: Beginner to Pro Paintball Gun

Freddy Miller

Hey there, warriors. It’s your good old pal, Freddy. I’m back with another killer guide on the best speedball guns for 2023.

Picture this: You’re on the speedball field, a fierce match unfolding around you. Instead of commanding the game like a pro, your paintball gun betrays you, leaving you covered in paint and suffering a humiliating defeat.

But fear not! Once you’ve got a top-notch speedball gun in your arsenal, you’ll never have to experience such an embarrassing loss ever again.

With my 16 years of experience, I’m here to share the ultimate list of speedball guns that’ll bring unmatched speed, accuracy, and flair to your game. 

So buckle up bro, because we’re about to dive into the world of speedball, showcasing the best guns for rookies and pros alike, at any budget. Let’s do this.

Best Speedball Guns Review of 2023

best for pros
dye m3+

Dye M3+

Best Pro-Level Speedball gun

  • Smooth, Quiet Shots
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Advanced Technology
  • Customizable
  • Rechargable Battery

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best For intermediates
mini gs

Empire Mini GS

Best Mid-Range Option for Speedball

  • Versatile, comfortable choice
  • On/Off ASA regulator
  • Wrap-around foregrip
  • Quickly adaptable firing modes

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best for beginners
spyder fenix

Kingman Spyder Fenix

Best Budget Choice for Beginners

  • Affordable Entry-Level
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

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There are so many bad paintball guns on the market today, and only a handful of good ones. To make it easy for you, I’ve picked a few in each budget range, so you can find one that fits your budget. I’ve also included a few other considerations at the end.

These are the best paintball guns 2023 version:

  1. Dye M3+ (high end)
  2. Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R (high end)
  3. Empire Mini GS (mid-range)
  4. Dye Rize CZR (mid-range)
  5. Kingman Spyder Fenix (entry-level)

Other considerations:

  1. Empire Axe 2.0 Pro
  2. Planet Eclipse CS2 PRO

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Dye M3+ (Best speedball gun for pro players)

For pro players looking for a luxurious, low-profile paintball marker with advanced features, the Dye M3+ is the perfect choice. It’s designed based on the legendary DM series platform and comes equipped with a FL-21 Bolt System featuring a 2-stage flex face bolt tip. The MOSair OS system provides intuitive navigation, and the rechargeable battery is compatible with e.VOKE.

The UL frame is covered with sticky grips, and the Bwing21 Mag-Reach Trigger Blade provides an ergonomic feel for a secure grip. Additionally, the gas-thru design provides improved performance, and the fourth generation eye pipe system and Bwing21 solenoid housing further enhances the marker’s performance. This luxury marker comes with an all-aluminum construction and a variety of color options for O-rings.

In short, the Dye M3+ is a reliable, top-of-the-line paintball marker with a sleek design and all the latest technology. It’s low-profile and provides superior performance that will last you for years to come. Impress your friends with your impressive skill set!

Featured Product Specs:

  • FL-21 Bolt System with 2-Stage Flex Face Bolt Tip
  • MOSair OS System for Intuitive Navigation
  • Rechargeable Battery and e.VOKE Compatibility
  • UL Frame with Sticky Grips, Bwing21 Mag-Reach Trigger Blade
  • Gas-thru Design for Improved Performance
  • 4th Generation Eye Pipe System, BWing21 Solenoid Housing, Quick Release Bolt
  • All-aluminum Construction and Low Profile
  • Various Color Options for O-rings


  • Sleek design
  • Advanced features
  • Long-lasting
  • Low-profile
  • Improved performance


  • Expensive
  • Some features may be too advanced for some players

Looking for the best speedball marker? Dye markers are known to be the best, and the Dye M3 is their top of the line product.

dye m3+

Dye M3+

Best Pro-level electronic speedball marker

Advanced technology and customization for unparalleled performance and elevated gameplay experience

  • FL-21 Bolt System for smooth, quiet shots
  • Quick Release Bolt and SLAP ASA for easy maintenance
  • MOS Air System and Internal Pressure Sensor for customization
  • Rechargeable Battery for convenience and accuracy

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Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R (High-end alternative for the best paintball gun)

With its Gamma Core drivetrain and hoseless design, the Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R offers a high-end alternative for an exceptional paintball gun experience. It is a Second Generation marker that allows for quick-release bolt mechanism, spool valve operation, and toolless access to the eye covers, detent, battery, and drivetrain and bolt.

This makes it easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced players alike. The technical details of the GTEK 170R include a 135psi operating pressure, ST1 bolt, and Micro switch. It also comes with a Hoseless air transfer system, which ensures consistent air pressure and accuracy.

Furthermore, the lightweight construction of the marker makes it easy to maneuver, giving you an advantage over your opponents.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight construction
  • Consistent air pressure and accuracy
  • Quick-release bolt mechanism


  • Price may be prohibitive for most budgets

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R is one of the best paintball guns for pro players. This high end paintball marker is the best fit for those who want the best features but can’t afford a Dye M3+.

planet eclipse GTEK 170r

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R

Advanced, easy-to-maintain marker with exceptional performance and Planet Eclipse’s renowned quality.

  • Gamma Core Drivetrain: efficient, smooth, quiet, reliable
  • Features: OLED display, Lowrise clamping feed, Shaft5 barrel, POPS ASA
  • Design and Maintenance: hoseless, toolless access, simplified design
  • Performance: versatile, extreme temperature reliability, low recoil

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Empire Mini GS (Best intermediate paintball gun for the money)

If you’re looking for an intermediate paintball gun that provides great value for money, the Empire Mini GS is the perfect choice. This paintball marker has a 2-pc barrel, a pressure controlled poppet engine, and a wrap-around fore grip. It also has a venting ASA regulator with an ON/OFF lever, allowing you to adjust the pressure quickly and easily.

The package dimensions are 10.83 x 10.63 x 3.94 inches, and the package weight is 1.35 Kilograms. This paintball marker is suitable for unisex-adult users and has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 96 ratings.

The Empire Mini GS is easy to program and maintain, and its ramp up mode works well in close combat ranges. It’s fun to use and shoots quickly, making it suitable for both woodsball and speedball. However, you will need a 4500 psi 68 ci high pressure cylinder for this paintball gun.

Despite its performance, some customers felt that the marker was overpriced for its value. Additionally, there have been reports of stripped screws, missing parts, or used grease when customers received the product. Therefore, it’s important to purchase the marker from a reliable source to avoid scalpers who may be selling the product at inflated prices.


  • Easy to program and maintain
  • Ramp up mode works well in close combat ranges
  • Fun to use and shoots quickly
  • Good for both woodsball and speedball


  • Requires a 4500 psi 68 ci high pressure cylinder
  • Some customers have reported that they received the product with stripped screws, missing parts, or used grease

Empire markers are known to be accurate paintball guns, and the Mini GS is our top choice for an intermediate level marker.

empire mini gs

Empire Mini GS

Best for Intermediate Speedball Players

Cost-effective, functional and accessible.

  • Hoseless design, adjustable firing modes, rubber foregrip for better grip and protection.
  • Ergonomic, lightweight aluminum design, easy maintenance features.
  • High-performance poppet engine, 150+ ft accuracy, smooth, fast shooting.
  • Clamping feedneck, self-lubricating trigger, Invert Mini, and Empire Mini compatibility.

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Dye Rize CZR (Good intermediate alternative for the best paintball marker)

Take your game to the next level with the Dye Rize CZR, the perfect intermediate-level paintball marker for a winning performance. It features all the functions of high-end and top-rated markers, including the Precision True Core two-piece 14” barrel, Proven Hyper3 regulator, DYE Ultralite on/off Airport, DYE Lever Lock adjustable clamping feed neck, Internal Anti-Chop eyes, and screw-together bolt design.

The CZR even comes with DYEs patented self-cleaning 4th generation Eye Pipe, color-coded O-rings, a ramp solenoid, and a nylon reinforced feed neck. The elongated body of the gun provides improved ergonomics for a comfortable fit.

However, the CZR has gotten mixed reviews from customers. Most have been happy with the performance, but some have had issues with durability and reliability. For instance, one customer reported that the solenoid burned out after two months of use, while another had problems with the macroline hose system breaking internally after three games.

There have also been reports of the gun having difficulty shooting, and the battery coming dead. Additionally, some customers had issues with leaking o-rings on the bolt, but were able to fix it and were happy with the performance afterward.


  • Packed with features normally only found on high-end markers
  • Precision True Core two-piece 14 barrel
  • Proven Hyper3 regulator
  • DYE Ultralite on/off Airport
  • DYE Lever Lock adjustable clamping feed neck
  • Internal Anti-Chop eyes
  • Screw together bolt design
  • DYEs patented self-cleaning 4th generation Eye Pipe
  • Color Coded O-Rings
  • Ramp solenoid
  • Nylon reinforced feed neck
  • Elongated body for improved ergonomics


  • Solenoid may burn out quickly compared to other guns
  • Macroline hose system should be better quality
  • Occationally some guns seems to have problems with shooting and battery.
  • Some customers have reported having issues with leaking o-rings on the bolt straight out of the box
dye rize czr

Dye Rize CZR

High-performance marker designed for shooting fragile paint, offering user-friendly features and easy maintenance.

  • 14″ Precision True Bore barrel
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Easy maintenance features
  • Great value with extras at a reasonable price

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Kingman Spyder Fenix (Best entry-level electronic paintball gun for beginners)

Get ready for a reliable and efficient paintball experience with the Kingman Spyder Fenix – the perfect entry-level electronic gun for beginners. This classic stacked tube blowback design is incredibly dependable and gas efficient, allowing for a fast rate of fire with anti chop eyes.

The top cocking quick strip bolt and tool-free rear plug make basic maintenance a breeze, so you’ll be back on the field in no time. Plus, you get all this in a sleek, glossy red package that looks as good as it performs.

The Spyder Fenix is an ideal choice for any beginner looking to get into the world of paintball. Its electronic trigger allows for a fast rate of fire, and the anti chop eyes prevent the marker from firing until a paintball is fully chambered, reducing ball chop.

However, it is important to note that a good hopper is needed to shoot at the desired speed, and the gun may require necessary attachments to make it operational. It is also recommended to use a hush bolt and an aftermarket .685 barrel for better performance, as well as to lock tight anything that’s threaded that you don’t need to remove for reasons besides battery change and adjustments as they may vibrate loose.


  • Fast shooting and reliable electronic paintball marker.
  • Classic stacked tube blowback design is both dependable and gas efficient.
  • Top cocking quick strip bolt and tool-free rear plug allows for easy maintenance.
  • Electronic trigger allows for a fast rate of fire.
  • Anti chop eyes prevent marker from firing until fully chambered.


  • Good hopper is required to shoot at desired speed.
  • Gun may need necessary attachments to make it operational.
  • Recommending to use a hush bolt and an aftermarket .685 barrel for better performance.
  • You have to lock tight anything that’s threaded that you don’t need to remove for battery change and adjustments.
kingman spyder fenix

Kingman Spyder Fenix

Best Budget Pick for Entry-level players

Budget-friendly, user-friendly electronic paintball gun with a reliable and trusted brand reputation

  • Affordable entry-level electronic paintball gun
  • Lightweight, compact design with 3 firing modes
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance with break beam eye system
  • Proven reliability from Kingman Spyder brand

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Other Considerations: Empire Axe 2.0 & Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro

You can’t go wrong with either the Empire Axe 2.0 or the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro when it comes to speedball guns.

The Empire Axe 2.0 is a reliable and accurate gun with a lightweight design.

On the other hand, the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro offers a more customizable experience with its adjustable trigger and two-piece barrels.

If you want some more economical practice you may also consider buying a paintbal pistol.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to take your game to the next level with the ultimate paintball gun.

Empire Axe Pro 2.0

The Empire Axe 2.0 paintball marker is another choice for speedball or woodsball. It’s an accurate, lightweight paintball marker that offers reliable performance and easy maintenance, making it a great choice for serious players. It features a pressure controlled poppet engine, a single push button power switch, a Relay venting ASA regulator with On/Off lever, and a push button bolt removal system.

This marker also has an anti-chop eye system for improved accuracy, a Shockwave board for multiple firing modes, and a wrap-around handle with micro-texture for a non-slip grip. Additionally, the marker features a Driver XX two-piece barrel for accuracy and low-pressure operation.

Customers praise the Empire Axe Pro 2.0 for its accuracy and reliability, and many believe it is worth the investment for serious players due to its features and ease of maintenance.


  • Accurate and reliable
  • Pressure controlled poppet engine
  • Single push button power switch
  • Relay venting ASA regulator with On/Off lever
  • Push button bolt removal system
  • Anti-chop eye system
  • Shockwave board offers multiple firing modes
  • Wrap-around handle with micro-texture
  • Low pressure operation
  • 10% weight savings over previous generation Axe


  • High price point
  • Tool-less maintenance feature may not be useful to all users
  • Low recoil can be a downside for some players
empire axe

Empire Axe Pro 2.0

High end performance, easy maintance, advanced features and comfortable handle.

  • Lightweight, low pressure, superior velocity consistency, comfortable firing position.
  • Tool-less bolt removal and push button power.
  • Pressure controlled poppet engine, adjustable trigger, multiple firing modes.
  • Comfortable Wrap-around micro-texture handle, ASA regulator with On/Off lever + quick air bottle removal.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase

Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro

planet eclipse marker

If you’re looking for the best paintball gun in speedball performance, then the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro is another marker you may consider. From a tradtional paintball brand, developed with input from top professional players, this marker is designed for winning.

From its easy-to-clean streamlined contours to the three Shaft FL bore sections for more control, this marker has it all. The latest Aluminium Tip tweaks balance the marker for improved accuracy, while the adjustable Blade and Scythe trigger shoes give you complete customization.

Speaking of customization, the CS2 also features a bespoke custom milled body and interchangeable and fully adjustable Blade and Scythe trigger package. Plus, the Shaft FL barrel system comes with 0.681 / 0.685 / 0.689 inserts and rubber grip for maximum control.

This paintball gun is an ideal choice for serious speedball players, with its pro-inspired design and easy-to-clean contours. All of this, combined with the Shaft FL Aluminium barrel tip with total length of 14.5, makes the it the perfect choice for speedballers who want to take their game to the next level.


  • Pro-inspired design
  • Designed to win
  • Created with input from Pro players
  • Customizable trigger package
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides more control for players


  • Hard to find. Mostly out of stock everywhere

Speedball Gun Buyer’s Guide: Factors to Consider in the Best Paintball Marker

Buyers Guide and Factors to Consider in a speedball marker

When looking for the perfect paintball gun, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the right match for your needs and preferences. Understanding these factors can help you make the most informed decision when shopping for a speedball gun.

Type of Marker

There are various types of paintball markers, including electronic, pump markers and mechanical paintball guns. Electronic markers typically have faster firing rates and more advanced features, while mechanical markers are known for their durability and ease of use. Pump markers, on the other hand, offer a more classic style of play and require manual pumping between shots. Read more about firing rate here.

Firing Modes

Different paintball guns have different firing modes, such as semi-auto, ramping, and full-auto. Consider the type of game you’ll be playing and the level of competition to determine which firing mode suits your needs best.

Weight and Size

A lightweight marker can improve your agility and mobility on the field, while a compact design may be more comfortable to hold and maneuver. On the other hand, a heavier and larger marker may provide better balance and stability when shooting.

Accuracy and Range

Accuracy is crucial in speedball, as well-matched shots can help you eliminate opponents more effectively. A longer barrel length can improve accuracy but may also increase the weight of the marker. The range is also essential, so choose a gun that can comfortably reach targets at the distance you expect to engage in during gameplay.

Barrel Length

Shorter barrels provide maneuverability and better close-range accuracy, while longer barrels can enhance long-range shooting. However, it’s essential to find a suitable length for your individual play style and the size of the field you’re playing.


Choose a paintball gun that is easy to maintain, disassemble, and clean. Regular maintenance can prolong your gun’s life and ensure optimal performance on the field.

Price and Brand

Consider your budget and the reputation of the brand when choosing a paintball gun. High-quality guns from reputable brands are generally more reliable and durable. However, more affordable options can still provide a satisfying experience, especially if you’re a beginner player.


Select a paintball gun with available upgrades to customize its performance and aesthetics to your preferences. This could include aftermarket barrels, triggers, grips, and other components.


An ergonomic design with adjustable or comfortable features can reduce fatigue and improve your overall gameplay experience. Consider grip placement, trigger feel, and the balance of the marker when searching for your ideal speedball gun.

By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect speedball gun that matches your needs and preferences for a more enjoyable paintball experience.

Popular Paintball Gun Brands

When selecting a paintball gun, the reputation and reliability of the brand are essential factors to consider. High-quality guns from reputable brands can provide greater durability and ensure optimum performance on the field. Here are some of the top paintball gun brands available in the market:

Planet Eclipse

Known for their high-performance and reliable markers, Planet Eclipse offers a wide range of guns suitable for all skill levels. Their products are recognized for their exceptional build quality and sleek designs, making them a favorite among paintball enthusiasts.


DYE is an established brand that produces premium paintball guns, accessories, and gear. They are known for their high-quality markers, such as the DYE M3+ and DYE Rize series, which are revered by competitive players worldwide.


Tippmann is a leading paintball gun manufacturer that caters to both beginners and experienced players. They offer a range of durable and versatile markers, with their popular models like the Tippmann A5 and Tippmann 98 Custom earning them a solid reputation in the paintball industry.


Spyder specializes in affordable and easy-to-use paintball markers, making them an excellent choice for entry-level players. The Spyder Fenix and the Spyder Xtra are among their popular markers, offering a good balance of performance and value for money.


Empire is renowned for producing high-quality paintball equipment, including markers, loaders, and accessories. With advanced markers like the Empire Axe 2.0 and the Empire Mini GS, they are a well-respected brand amongst paintball players of all levels.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Paintball Guns

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your paintball gun are crucial for prolonging its life and ensuring optimal performance during games. Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining your paintball marker:

Step 1: Disassemble your marker

Before cleaning your paintball gun, consult your marker’s manual and carefully disassemble it. Remove the hopper, air tank, and barrel to access the internal components.

Step 2: Wipe internal components

Use a soft, lint-free cloth or microfiber towel to wipe down the internals, removing any paint residue, dirt, and debris. Be gentle to avoid damaging your marker’s delicate parts.

Step 3: Clean the barrel

Use a barrel swab or a squeegee to clean the inside of the barrel. Insert the swab or squeegee and gently push it through the barrel to remove any paint and debris. Once clean, use a cloth to wipe down the exterior of the barrel.

Step 4: Rinse the hopper

Remove any leftover paint from the hopper by rinsing it with warm water. Allow it to air dry completely before reassembling your marker.

Step 5: Lubricate moving parts

Apply a small amount of paintball-specific lubricant to any moving parts, such as O-rings and the bolt system. This will ensure smooth operation and reduce wear on your marker.

Step 6: Reassemble and test

Carefully reassemble your paintball gun, following the manual’s instructions to ensure proper placement of all components. Before you hit the field, test your marker’s function by dry-firing it to ensure everything’s working correctly.

By following these steps and regularly maintaining your paintball gun, you’ll keep your marker in peak condition for optimal performance and extended life.


In this section, we’ll address some frequently asked questions about paintball guns, specifically related to speedball.

What is speedball paintball?

Speedball paintball is a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping version of the sport designed for smaller teams in a confined space. Speedball fields usually feature inflatable, abstract bunkers and can be either indoor or outdoor locations. The action in speedball games is intense due to the close proximity of targets, and players need to have quick reflexes and agility to excel.

What is the best paintball gun for speedball to buy?

Based on our recommendations, the Dye M3+ is the best professional speedball gun currently available. However, it’s essential to consider your skill level and budget when choosing the most suitable paintball gun for you.

What are the best paintball brands?

Some of the top paintball gun brands include Empire, Planet Eclipse, Dye, Tippmann, Virtue, Spyder, Proto, GOG, First Strike, and Azodin.

What is the difference between speedball and woodsball?

The primary difference between speedball and woodsball is the playing environment and game style. Speedball takes place in manufactured fields with smaller sizes and artificial, inflatable bunkers. The gameplay emphasizes speed, accuracy, and strategy. On the other hand, woodsball is played in natural environments like woods and open fields, with the terrain adding an element of tactical gameplay, often featuring scenario-based game objectives.

What is the difference between Xball and speedball?

Xball is a variant of speedball that uses the same fast-paced, close-quarters gameplay but differs in the game’s format, rules, and scoring. Xball games have two halves, like a traditional sports match, and feature a race-to format with points scored based on eliminating opponents or capturing flags. Meanwhile, traditional speedball games typically follow a capture-the-flag format.

What is the best speedball gun under 200?

The Kingman Spyder Fenix is an excellent choice for those looking for a quality speedball gun under $200. It offers a good balance of performance and affordability, making it suitable for entry-level players.

Where can I find used speedball guns for sale?

To find used speedball guns for sale, you can check online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or specialized paintball forums for second-hand listings. Additionally, visiting your local paintball field and getting in touch with the local paintball community can help you find potential sellers.
Remember, when buying used paintball equipment, inspect the item carefully and, if possible, test its functionality before finalizing your purchase.


In this article, we’ve explored the top 10 best paintball guns of 2023, ranging from beginner level to pro-level, helping you decide which marker best suits your needs. Whether you’re interested in stepping up your game with an electronic paintball gun or are looking for a beginner-friendly option, our list has something for everyone.

Don’t forget to consider the various factors when choosing the ideal speedball gun, such as weight, accuracy, firing modes, and ergonomics. Understanding these factors can help you select the perfect gun from the wide range of paintball guns on the market.

Moreover, investing in quality paintball gear such as a paintball mask, durable paintball pistol, and other essential equipment can significantly enhance your overall experience on the field. Brands like Empire Paintball are known for providing some of the best products and experiences for paintball enthusiasts. Their markers, like the Empire Mini GS, stand out as top-speedball markers with high rate of fire.

Remember, choosing the best marker for your style of play can make a difference in your performance. As you explore options like new paintball guns and top-of-the-line markers, also consider the importance of skills, strategy, and practice to excel in the sport. With some of the best paintball guns offering a rate of fire up to 15 balls per second, your paintball playing experience will undoubtedly reach new heights.

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, finding the perfect paintball gun for your needs and preferences is essential to enjoy the thrilling and adrenaline-pumping world of paintball. So, go ahead, pick the best marker, suit up, and hit the field with confidence!