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Best Pump Paintball Gun 2022 – Better Ergonomics and Accuracy

So you are looking for the best pump paintball gun which doesn’t break paint and is budget-friendly. Whose pump stroke is smoother and lightweight, which is highly accurate, whose shooting range is decent, which is air efficient, durable, lightweight, doesn’t require much maintenance, and most importantly, has an auto-trigger feature.

You are at the right place

The pump paintball marker industry is thinning by the day. Electronic and mechanical paintball guns are dominating the fields. Even then, old-school players like us love to play hardcore paintball with pump markers.

That is why, we have prepared a very precise list of the top 4 best pump paintball markers of 2022 which are budget-friendly, accurate, elite, and badass in design.

The reason we have not covered so many pump paintball guns is that there are only a few high-end pump units left in the market. We have those on our list.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Pump Paintball Gun

Electronic and mechanical markers are dominating the gun market. Everyone wants a fancy, fast, accurate, and rapid-fire shooting marker even if it is expensive. Despite all that, hardcore players still prefer pump markers to enhance their skills.

After visiting some of the major paintball fields in this pandemic, and roaming through the internet, we have gathered a list of the top 4 best pump paintball guns which are accurate, budget-friendly, durable, stylish, and beginner-friendly.

  • Budget
  • Ergonomics
  • Material
  • Shooting accuracy
  • Auto-trigger mode


We spend hundreds of dollars each year on paint because of those auto or semi-auto paintball guns. Players opt for pump markers to shoot less paint and are thus cheaper in the longer term.

Pump markers are much cheaper than other types. Even in the pump models, expensive guns are offering many cool features but people have faced many problems with them so I have listed the budget-friendly and durable pump markers.

Empire sniper and Azodin Kp3.5 in particular are high-end at a cheaper price tag. Both of them come with the auto-trigger feature.

Other models are like UMAREX T4E and JT SplatMaster Z18 are cheap and beginner-friendly pump guns with incredible shooting accuracy at a short distance.


You will use your wrist, fingers, and arms a lot to pump the marker and it is not only occasional, you will be pumping the whole day.

Keeping that in mind, we have only selected the best pump paintball gun models which are easy to pump, easy to shoot, and are overall better in ergonomics.

Though JT SplatMaster Z18 and UMAREX are not that great as far as ergonomics are concerned because these are shotguns. But, Empire Sniper and Azodin KP3.5 will not put pressure on your arms and hands while pumping.

Their pumping handle is light and smooth and the overall ergonomics of the guns are very comforting.


The material used in the paintball gun and barrel is very important for accuracy, durability, and stability. I would suggest choosing either aluminum or carbon fiber.

Both of the materials are strong, corrosion-free, heat resistant, and stable under pressure.

Though most of the pump markers are made of hard plastic, if you are ready to spend more than $200 bucks, opt for Empire sniper, or Azodin kp3.5 because both of the units are made from high-grade aluminum. These markers won’t break on you.

 Shooting Accuracy: 

Pump guns are known for their shooting accuracy because we only shoot one shot per pump.

Players choose to play pump to enhance their shooting skills in a tough situation where other players play with top-rated models that can shoot 15 balls per second.

We have only listed 4 markers. We thought instead out forcefully inserting 8 – 10 models on our list, let’s go for 4 of the best pumps in the market currently.

Each of the guns is super accurate and stable under any weather condition. You will not get wobbly shots if the paint you are shooting is not that good.

I suggest you should read our reviews on each of the models to understand which gun is more accurate and thus better for you.

 Auto-trigger mode: 

Trust me, auto-trigger pump guns are lifesavers when you being ass whooped by some punk with an electronic marker that can shoot 15 – 20 balls per second.

You can hold your own by holding the trigger and pumping like a madman. You might even get the best of him because pump players in general are more accurate while shooting.

I highly recommend getting one of the auto-trigger pumps paintball markers.

Check out our top picks before we get into the review.



  • Highly accurate
  • Acoustic bolt
  • Better ergonomics



Umarex T4E HDS .68 Caliber

  • Built-in trigger safety
  • Front pica tiny rail
  • 200 – 250 FPS


Best Pump Paintball Gun

In our expert opinion, the best pump paintball marker is one that is highly accurate, budget-friendly, and lightweight. Which has an auto-trigger, and whose pump stroke is smoother without wiggly or rattling noise while pumping.

That marker should be easy to maintain and clean. The ergonomics should be better so that it won’t put extra pressure on your arms and wrist because you will pump the marker all day round.

I hate when I see a cheap, plastic-made cheap pump paintball gun. I can understand pump markers are meant to be budget-friendly because we spend hundreds of dollars on paint and other top-rate markers each year. But, you should never purchase a cheap plastic pump model because it won’t do you any good in the longer run.

Speaking of the best paintball guns, check our list of the top markers on the market this year

List of Top 4 Best pump paintball guns

Paintball GunRatingPrice
Empire Paintball Sniper Pump⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Umarex T4E HDS .68 Caliber Shotgun⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
JT SplatMaster Z18 .50 CAL⭐⭐⭐⭐

 1.  AZONDIN KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker Review

AZONDIN KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker Review


  • Budget-friendly
  • Clamping feedback
  • Dual pump rods
  • Acoustic bolt
  • Single trigger frame
  • Delrin pump handle
  • Quite white shooting
  • Highly accurate
  • Better ergonomics
  • Velocity adjuster at the bottom
  • Auto cocker threaded barrels
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Skill level: beginner
  • 14” two-piece barrel
  • Two barrel back (.685, .681)
  • 230 Psi Operating pressure
  • Half-block design

AZONDIN KP3.5 is the best pump paintball gun in the market without a shadow of a doubt. It is super lightweight, comes with an auto-trigger, has a 14-inch two-piece barrel, and super quiet while shooting due to the acoustic bolt.

Is it completely made of aluminum excluding the pump? High-grade aluminum is corrosion-resistant, super durable, and strong, and it won’t deform or break under pressure.

AZONDIN KP3.5 pump is an extremely beautiful pump paintball marker with multiple color options. My favorite is the green titanium color. It kinda blends with the environment whenever I am in the woods.

Considering the price tag, this marker is elite from top to bottom.

 Why choose AZONDIN KP3.5 pump paintball marker: 
  • Similar to its predecessor, kp3.5 has that wobble-free build.
  • It has a bulletproof regulator which is extremely air efficient.
  • The bleeding ON/OFF ASA is also installed.
  • Pumps are made of Delrin which is known for its incredible tensile strength.
  • The clamping locking feed neck with thumbwheel adjuster makes it easier to insert the hopper.
  • The pump stroking is super smooth. It doesn’t wobble a bit. Stainless steel rods make it way smoother.
  • There are two barrel backs. 14-inch two-piece barrel has .685 and .681 bores.
  • The improved ergonomics doesn’t put much pressure on the shoulders are arms.
  • The lower pressure operation makes AZONDIN KP3.5 makes it quieter, easier on paint, and air efficient. They don’t kick much.
  • AZONDIN has always been good about service. If any part goes bad, you can easily replace or maintain them at a cheaper price tag.
  • Most of the time a good day of paintball play can be ruined by small and fragile paint offered by the field. The multiple holes on the barrel will keep the shots stable.
  • AZONDIN KP3.5 runs on compressed air which is more stable than co2. Continues, accurate, and straight shots are possible by using compressed air.
  • 5 pump has that single trigger frame with an integrated zero assembly system which makes it a premium paintball marker for the entry-level player.
 Accuracy and firepower of AZONDIN KP3.5 auto-trigger: 

Though the mechanics and other features are pretty much similar to the KP3 paintball gun, the auto-trigger is the game-changer.

The combination of low pressures operation and air efficient mechanism delivers high accuracy, soundless, and smooth shots.

Pull the pump as much as you want, the auto-trigger shooting mode is wiggle-free, stable, and lightweight.

  • Beginner- intermediate level guns
  • Smooth Auto-trigger
  • Highly air efficient
  • Strong aluminum made
  • Acoustic bolt for silent operation
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Best paintball gun in the price tag
  • Accurate shooting
  • No wiggling or wobbling during pumping
  • Some users encountered leaks

From design to its flawless shooting, AZONDIN KP3.5 is a budget-friendly marker that is known for its auto-trigger, air efficiency, durability, and easy assembly and disassembly.

This price tag compares with MVPs, CCMs, phantoms, and snipers. It pretty much beats everything.

AZONDIN KP3.5 is a high-end beginner-friendly gun, but most of the pro pump guys I know are using this marker instead of other expensive models. That is why it tops our list.

 2.  Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker Review

Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker Review


  • Quite and smooth firing
  • Tournament level shooting accuracy
  • Bleeding ON/OFF AS
  • Stainless steel rods (dual)
  • 10 round feed system
  • In-line regulator
  • No leakages if the marker is maintained properly
  • Lightweight and durable frame
  • 3.5 pounds in weight
  • 19 inches length
  • Auto-trigger
  • 3 barrel inserts: .675, .680, .685
  • Aluminum made 2 pieces 14” barrel
  • Operates at low pressure

Empire sniper is an elite marker that has been using in tournaments for so many years. Its design is based on those WGP snipers and it has all the features of a high-end gun.

This lightweight, low-pressure, durable, and auto-trigger marker has a 10-round feed mechanism. It shoots even the brittle paint with flawless accuracy without making much noise.

Pump players usually shoot high-end paint for the most part because they don’t shoot a lot of paint so they can afford high-end paint which is typically smaller in size.

That is why there are 3 barrel backs to compliment even the smaller paint. It is easily one of the best pump paintball guns.

 Why choose Empire sniper pump marker: 
  • The ON/OFF bleeding ASA is at the bottom.
  • The regulator is at the front with a gauge that shows the input pressure through the regulator.
  • The ergonomics are way better. Empire sniper is spacious, there is plenty of room for your thumb, whole hand at the back, and the front grip, in general, is very large. So overall very good ergonomics to work with.
  • The single trigger is light. It doesn’t require a lot of force.
  • It has a clamping locking feed neck with a thumbwheel adjuster.
  • The detent covers are easy to access, and detents are cheap to replace. They won’t go bad instantly, but they are easy to replace.
  • Bolt just pops up and slide out through the back. When you insert the bolt, make sure to properly lock it in place. The sled from the pump handle is actually what the bolt locks into. If you don’t lock it properly, it might not connect to the hammer assembly
  • Hold the trigger down, and pump the handle continuously, it will auto shoot.
 The Pump and Shot quality: 

In my humble opinion, Empire sniper is a better pump shooting marker than KP3 is. The pump handle as spaces for your fingers to fit right in.

The hitman mod at the back of the pump when within the reach of the front grip. Many people use the back instead of the pump itself so it is a kinda nice feature to it. The pump itself is super smooth to pull.

  • Quite and smooth firing
  • Auto-trigger is light
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Highly air efficient
  • Minimum leak problems
  • Better ergonomics
  • Budget-friendly
  • Marker is spacious
  • A ton of lube applied to the marker from the factory

There you go, Empire sniper is an awesome shot quality, smooth, quiet, and good pump-action, solid, and a reliable pump paintball marker.

There are three barrel backs with longer control bores. Paintball in general is going towards longer control bores to increase the shooting accuracy.

Empire sniper’s barrel kit is cheap and elite. Even if you don’t have an auto-cocker gun, this barrel kit will still come in handy.

You also get a cool ten-round tube stock class-style feed system. Many pump players are efficient in using paint to enhance their shooting skills. The stock class is a great addition to the kit.

I highly recommend getting one of Empire snipers if you are into the pump.

 3.  Umarex T4E HDS .68 Caliber Shotgun Paintball Marker Review

Umarex T4E HDS .68 Caliber Shotgun Paintball Marker Review


  • Built-in trigger safety
  • Front pica tiny rail
  • Durable, wiggling free
  • Breech load action
  • Good for home defense
  • 200 – 250 FPS
  • Shoots .68 caliber paint or rubber balls
  • Weight: 3.75 pounds
  • Length: 490mm
  • Power source: CO2
  • Single-shot/dual shot
  • Material: Polymer

Umarex T4E HDS is a very funky, heavy, durable, badass home defense shotgun, or a paintball shotgun with a lot of power and accuracy. It got some weight to it like a real shotgun. It doesn’t feel cheap at all.

 Why choose Umarex T4E HDS: 
  • It is powered by a 12-gram CO2 canister that goes up to the stock/grip.
  • There is a little release at the bottom. It releases the front of the barrel where you can load your paint.
  • There is a Picatinny rail at the front if you want to mount a flashlight or foregrip. You can use the rail.
  • Co2 goes butt end first. Then screw the bolt back right in. When you are ready to puncture, hit the bottom of the bolt. It will collapse down and pushes the pinout of the CO2 cartridge.
  • It is made for .68 caliber pain but it can also shoot first-strike You can load the shot directly without the shells.
  • If your target is about 70 – 80 ft. away, Umarex T4E HDS will shoot accurate pain/first-strike without wobbling or wiggling in the air.
  • It does not have a velocity adjustment regulator, but shoots between 200 – 250 FPS which is kinda OK for a shotgun.
  • It has that super cool look to it if you are like that scenario, realism woodsball play.
  • It just a badass shotgun, why not try playing with it a couple of times.
 Single shot or dual shot: 

It is a double-barrel gun with 2 shots per load. There is a selector at the top which allows you to control what barrel you are using. Switch it to the right, you will be shooting from the barrel, switch it to the left, you will be shooting from the left side, and at the middle, you will get two shots per load.

  • Accurate shooting
  • Feels like a real shotgun. Got some weight to it.
  • Single shot or dual shot.
  • Mount a flashlight or anything else on the rail
  • It is air efficient
  • Mostly used for home defense, but it is popular among paintballers as well
  • Budget-friendly
  • For a dual shot, it uses twice the air.

For a shotgun paintball marker, you will have a lot of fun playing with this bad boy.

Nowadays electronic and mechanical markers are dominating the market, but old-school and methodical paintball players still use pumps in the woods. Umarex T4E HDS gives you that unique feeling when you are in the woods.

I won’t recommend shooting from both barrels at once because it will drain away from your co2. It shoots first-strike rounds without the shell which is super convenient considering how much pain in the ass those shells can be.

In the modern era where everybody is going for the latest tech, I highly recommend using Umarex T4E HDS to slow things down a bit.

 4. JT SplatMaster Z18 .50 CAL Paintball Marker with 200 round Hopper Review

JT SplatMaster Z18 .50 CAL Paintball Marker with 200 round Hopper Review


  • Beginner level marker
  • Shoots accurately up to 50 ft.
  • Magazine: 25 rounds of .50 cal paint
  • 200 round hopper included
  • Quick pump action paintball gun
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Shoots up to 100 – 120 ft.
  • No batteries
  • No air
  • Spring system powered
  • Loader fed
  • Lightweight

JT SplatMaster Z18 is a low-impact fun shotgun for entry-level players, or kids to play in the backyard. It is still a paintball marker so a shot might hurt.

 Why choose JT SplatMaster Z18: 
  • It is super lightweight and easy to carry and hold with the help of adjustable stock.
  • It doesn’t require any co2, compressed air, or batteries.
  • It uses spring to generate power and shoot the paint.
  • It can only shoot .50 cal paint. Great for beginners and kids.
  • The cool thing about this budget-friendly model is that it is dual feed. It is meg-fed, and a 200 round hopper-fed which is included with the package.
  • Pretty smooth pump action paintball gun. It is made of plastic and it uses springs so there will be a lot of rattling, but the marker is durable. It won’t malfunction on you.
  • Depending on the skills, JT SplatMaster Z18 is pretty within the 50 ft. range.
  • The ergonomics are great. The marker is spacious. There is a ton of space between both grips.
  • Entry-level
  • Budget-friendly
  • The spring pump action is smooth
  • Accurate shooting within 50 ft. range
  • Easy to carry.
  • Adjustable stock for people with long arms
  • Dual fed. Meg-fed and hopper-fed.
  • 200 round hopper is included
  • Doesn’t require co2
  • Changing from to magazine is a bit complicated.

JT SplatMaster Z18 is an entry-level paintball shotgun with a lot of style to it. The gun itself is pretty much accurate within a short distance.

I won’t recommend using it in a high-level game, but for kids and trainee paintballers, the gun is great to have some fun with.

It is cheap and uses a spring to fire the paint. Doesn’t require air or co2.

That is pretty much it. A very good paintball toy to have some fun with.

Best Pump Paintball Marker Comparison Chart


Azodin KP3.5 KAOS

Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker

  • Highly accurate
  • Acoustic bolt
  • Better ergonomics
[Begineers to Pro]

Empire Paintball Sniper

Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker
  • Quite and smooth firing
  • Tournament level shooting accuracy
  • Bleeding ON/OFF AS
[Begineers to Pro]

DLX Luxe X

DLX Luxe X Paintball Gun
  • Built-in trigger safety
  • Front pica tiny rail
  • 200 – 250 FPS
[Begineers to Mid-Level]

Dye M3S

Dye M3S Paintball Gun 
  • 200 round hopper included
  • Quick pump action paintball gun
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Does Playing With A Pump Paintball Gun Make You A Better Player?

No. it doesn’t make you a better player, but it will force you to play differently than you normally do which will allow you to work on your basic skills.

If you are out there on the field, you are not good at communicating, you don’t move, and you are shooting too much paint, pump paintball gun will force you to improve these things.

It will force you to move a lot, communicate with your players, and you will be shooting a lot less paintball but with accuracy, because you are not going to catch a guy running around in your lane by shooting 15 BPS. You will have to improvise and improve your shooting accuracy.


Each marker on your list has positive reviews from pros. We have tried hard to those pump guns which are not only budget-friendly and beginner-friendly, but durable, accurate, lightweight, comfortable while shooting, and stylish with good ergonomics.

Empire Sniper and Azodin KP3.5 are already famous in the market, but Umarex and JT Splatmaster shotguns are built for entry-level players.

It was really hard to find the best pump paintball gun, but we have tried our best to make some sense in our reviews. If you like your unbiased opinions, kindly share this article with other pump lovers too.

Thank you so much.

If you are still unsatisfied with our list, check this forum, maybe it will help you.