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Virtue Vio Ascend Paintball Mask Review: A Game Changer

As an avid paintballer with years of experience playing woodsball and speedball, I’m always on the lookout for masks that provide premium protection and performance without breaking the bank.

My usual go-to for the last year has been the tried and true JT Proflex, but the new Virtue Vio Ascend caught my eye and convinced me to give it a shot.

After testing it out extensively on the field over the past few months, I’m confident in saying the Vio Ascend is an absolute game changer and the best mid-range mask option available today.

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Virtue Vio Ascend

Best Mid-Range Mask

  • Premium performance + affordable price
  • Elite-level features
  • Quick change lens
  • Anti-fog dual pane lens

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Unbeatable Value and Features

The first thing that jumped out to me about the Vio Ascend was its unbelievably affordable price point considering the pro-level features it packs. At a mid-range price range, it delivers the same elite-level performance as masks double the cost.

The full list of features is staggering: single piece goggle construction, dual-material flexible protection, quick change lens capability, thermal anti-fog lens, stealth visors, replaceable straps/ear pads, and chromatic lens options just to name a few.

After seeing the specs, I knew this wasn’t just another cheap mask – the Vio Ascend means business.

Putting it on for the first time, I immediately noticed how lightweight and comfortable it felt while still providing complete face protection.

The single piece wrapped goggle design improves flexibility compared to my old Proflex and offers better coverage around the temples.

I’ve taken some brutal bounces off the mask while diving into bunkers and it stood up to heavy abuse. The dual material construction combines rigid and flexible zones to get the ideal blend of protection and comfort.

Fog-Free, Quick Change Lenses

One of the most annoying things about paintball masks is lenses fogging up, obscuring your vision at key moments. The Vio Ascend completely eliminates this issue with its dual pane thermal lens and anti-fog coatings. After hours of play in hot, humid Florida weather, my lens stayed crystal clear. I never had to stop to wipe or defog my goggles. Being able to always see your targets clearly is a huge advantage on the field.

The quick change lens system also makes swapping lenses a breeze. I typically run the dark smoke lens for outdoor speedball but will pop in the bright mirror lens when playing indoor or scenario games. Having options for different conditions is great, and the Vio Ascend makes it easy to switch on the fly. No more fiddling with tiny screws!

Hear and Communicate Clearly

Another big upgrade I noticed from my old mask is how well I can hear and communicate with the Vio Ascend. The streamlined single piece design brings the ear pads in tighter for improved sound transmission. I can clearly make out audible calls and cues from teammates during games. The mask also allows your voice to carry much better compared to bulkier masks with more material around the jaw and mouth. Communication is key in team games, and the Vio Ascend gives you a big edge.

Customizable Comfort and Style

While the stock Vio Ascend mask fits and feels great right out of the box, Virtue also includes options to customize the fit and style for your preferences. The removable ear pads and straps allow you to dial in the ideal sizing and tension to match your head shape and comfort needs. I did opt to swap the stock foam for the thinner “Speed Padding” material which improved breathability on hot days.

Virtue also offers the mask in a variety of sick colorways and graphic prints to match your jersey, gear, or style preferences. I’m currently rocking the bold Graphic Lime colorway which looks super slick on the field. It definitely helps you stand out from the crowd of black and olive masks. The variety of lens tints are also great for customizing your optics for indoor/outdoor play.

Final Thoughts – A Top Pick for Any Player

After putting the Virtue Vio Ascend through its paces on the field, I can confidently say it’s one of the best values on the market and a mask I’d recommend to any fellow paintballers. The premium performance and features it delivers at a mid-range price point are unmatched.


  • Elite performance and features at a mid-range price
  • Single piece goggle provides great coverage and flexibility
  • Quick change lens system is easy to use
  • Dual pane thermal lens prevents fogging
  • Allows clear communication on the field
  • Comfortable and customizable fit
  • Variety of stylish color and graphic options


  • Not built on a modular frame like higher end VIO goggles
  • Price is slightly higher than entry level goggles
81FvMD+1qfL. AC SL250

Virtue Vio Ascend

Best Mid-Range Mask

  • Premium performance + affordable price
  • Elite-level features
  • Quick change lens
  • Anti-fog dual pane lens

We earn a commission if you make a purchase

If you’re looking to upgrade your old mask or buy your first quality goggles, this needs to be at the top of your list. The improved protection, anti-fog performance, communication, and customization options give you everything you need to elevate your game. Don’t just take my word for it – see for yourself and join the Vio Ascend revolution!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Virtue Vio Ascend Paintball Mask

What are the key features of the Vio Ascend?

The Vio Ascend offers premium performance and features like a thermal anti-fog lens, quick change lens capability, removable ear pads and straps, and chromatic lens options.

How does it compare to higher end masks?

It delivers elite-level features and performance at a mid-range price point, unlike masks double the cost.

Does it prevent lens fogging?

Yes, the dual pane thermal lens prevents fogging even in hot and humid conditions.

Can you change lenses quickly?

Yes, the quick change lens system makes swapping lenses fast and easy without tools.

How is the fit and comfort?

The mask is lightweight, wraps the face well, and has customizable pads and straps for adjusted fit.

What colors and graphics are available?

It comes in a variety of colors like black, blue, purple, lime, and cool graphics.

Who is this mask ideal for?

It’s great for any player, from beginners to experienced tournament players looking for premium performance on a budget.

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