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How to Make a Deathstroke Paintball Mask

After decades of playing paintball, I’ve seen some terrible Halloween costumes that claim to be paintball masks sold on websites like Wish, Amazon, and AliExpress.

Warning: Don’t buy these masks for paintball!

If you want a Deathstroke paintball mask, you are better off customizing a proper paintball goggle to get the style you want.

The problem with those costume masks is that they only have wire mesh around the eyes to protect against BB guns.

They list “paintball mask” in the product title, but there is no way of knowing if these masks have been tested for paintball or if they list that to get more sales. One mask I saw listed on had the product description stating that the material is carbon fiber + fiber-reinforced plastic. Still, one of the reviews said it’s not real carbon, just hydro-dipped and came with damage. I would be skeptical and not take the risk and use this for paintball.

Here’s how I would do it: I would create a custom-made mask, which is much safer.

How to Custom Make a Deathstroke Paintball Mask (Step by Step Guide)

Step 1: Find a design and color for inspiration.

Here are a few examples of how Deathstroke should look.

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Deathstroke cosplayer (33738805411)

Deathstroke cosplayer (23597208595)

Dragon Con 2013 - Deathstroke (9697527770)

Step 2: Get a standard paintball goggle or helmet.

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Virtue Ascend Paintball Goggle – Dark lens without visor

Virtue Ascend Paintball Goggle – Dark lens without visor

Get yourself a proper paintball goggle or helmet from a big brand.

To have the style of a Deathstroke mask, it needs to have a dark lens and no visor, such as Virtue Vio Ascend or HK Army KLR.

Step 3: Buy a balaclava face mask in black and one in red or orange.

Buy a black balaclava here

Buy a red balaclava here

Buy an orange balaclava here

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Step 4: Try to fit the balaclava over the paintball mask and draw a line down the center with a pencil or marker.

You must get two halves, or maybe a little more if it is very tight around the paintball mask. After sewing it, you will lose fabric to the sewing hem on the inside, so consider that.

Step 5: Cut the balaclava masks in halves along the mark and sew the two parts back together.

Cut the balaclava into two halves and sew the parts together on the insides so you won’t have a sewing hem outside the balaclava.

deahtstroke mask

Step 6: Sew the middle of the opening together to create the eyes.

When creating the eyes, ensure you have big enough openings to have good visibility still when wearing the mask.

Dragon Con 2013 - Deathstroke (9681565403)

Step 7: Put the new balaclava over your paintball mask.

Voila! There you have your new Deathstroke paintball mask.

deathstroke paintball mask transparent

Buying a Deathstroke cosplay mask – additional information

If you do not want to create your mask or don’t wish to use it for paintball, but instead use it for cosplay, Halloween, or costume, then you don’t care about it offering eye protection and how the mask is made. But there are still many low-quality products on the market, so you must be cautious when shopping from unknown websites. I always recommend using Amazon or the official websites of big paintball mask brands, so I know it’s legit.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a Deathstroke mask:

  • Is it a full face tactical mask that offers protection against paintball and airsoft?
  • Is it just a cheap Deathstroke resin mask at a low price with fake customer reviews, or high strength fiberglass that can endure impact from paintballs?
  • Does the manufacturer offer good packaging for the item?
  • Does it have a good return policy if it turns out it is low quality?
  • Do they accept cancellations if you change your mind?
  • Does it come with a full refund?
  • What is the estimated delivery date?
  • Is it shipped from the united states or a warehouse in China?
  • Is there additional information about the product or company manufacturing and selling it?
  • What is the condition? Is it brand new, or is it used?
  • Does the seller offer customer service? Do they have an email contact address?
  • Is it a costume, toy, decoration, sport, or other usage?
  • What is the payment processing? What is the original method of payment?
  • What are the product details and instructions for use?
  • Does it come with an accessory? Strap, head band, or similar?
  • Are there any new reviews recently?
  • What is the size?

Please ask yourself these questions before purchasing a product so you won’t be easily fooled and charged for the wrong product.