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Empire Mini GS Review – Little Beast Empire Paintball Marker

In our Empire Mini GS review, we have tried to cover all the information that is available on the offline, and online market including interviewing and gaining knowledge for several pro players.

Empire paintball industry is gaining popularity in the marker market with their exceptionally good, affordable markers.

The company is relatively new in the market compared to other giants like dye, but their complex paintball guns with accurate shooting and comfortable handling make them most wanted in the speedball play style.

I have tried my level best to help you make a purchasing decision, and trust me, the Mini GS paintball gun is a little beast without a shadow of a doubt.

Let’s get to the detailed empire mini gs review:

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker Review



  • Made for beginner to intermediate player
  • Aluminum barrel
  • 9-volt battery plugs to the front grip
  • Easy to assemble. Two hex wrenched for entire screws
  • High quality, anti-slip rubber grip
  • Anti-chop eyes.
  • Gauge added. 0 – 300
  • 15 – 20 bps.
  • Multiple firing settings.
  • Shockwave board
  • Feed neck clamps on the gun.
  • Redesign model from the original mini GS
  • 12-inch stock barrel. Auto cocker Threaded
  • .68 caliber fully automatic
  • Electronic trigger
  • Extremely lightweight. Less than 2 pounds
  • Venting ASA ON/OFF regulator switch
  • Poppet Engine: Pressure operated
  • Firing modes: Multiple
  • Firing speed: 250 – 330. Adjustable
  • Internal Laser eye makes it more convenient

Empire Mini GS Review

The original Mini GS had many mistakes in its design, trigger, grips, and shooting in general. It was frustrating for most players to handle that marker on the field. That needed to be improved.

Thank GOD, the empire paintball team rectified those flaws and they have assembled probably the most cost-effective mini style paintball marker ever.

The latest Empire Mini GS paintball marker is an absolute beast with a beautiful design, shockwave mainboard, multiple firing modes including PPL and semi-auto, it is light as a feather, the shooting is highly accurate, it is air efficient, and most importantly, Mini GS is budget-friendly.

Further detailed Empire Mini GS review including barrel settings and their impact on the shooting performance can be found in our main article about the latest markers of 2022.

 Why choose Mini GS paintball marker 

  • I will point out the obvious that this marker is best suited for speedball.
  • The ON/OFF relay makes the removal of the gun easier than before. The pressure gauge shows 0 – 300PSI.
  • 15 – 20 balls shooting speed is the average. It can go beyond 20 BPS under some circumstances, but it won’t be wise to go that far.
  • There were thread issues in the original Mini GS. During unthreading, players tend to snap it off or ruin the body during threading and unthreading, and it was a pain in the ass.
  • The latest Mini GS marker has a clamping feed neck with only one set of screws that holds the neck. It is much easier to fit and remove the hopper.
  • Mini GS is using ultra-quality, comfortable, and anti-slip rubber grips. You can grip the gun properly even if your hands are wet or muddy.
  • The newer Mini GS has tabs to change the battery instead of wires which is more convenient. Previously, the players tend to rip or smash wires during a speedy battery change. A lot of guns malfunctioned due to such clumsiness.
  • The internal mechanism and working are similar to the older version with an exception of air efficiency. We have noticed that the new Mini GS marker is more air efficient.
  • Instead of a magnetic switch which tends to get a little problem which was the case with previous models, the newer models come with a micro-switch trigger. Micro-switches are standard and more efficient.

 Performance of Mini GS paintball gun 

Although the original Mini GS had some problems and technical issues as far as design is concerned. Empire paintball team worked extremely hard to improve its overall design and comfortability.


Original Mini GS was a little beast in terms of performance on the field, especially in the tournaments. It was always reliable to knock out some opponents, and the new Mini GS marker is no different.

Mini GS doesn’t kick much, it is super silent at work. The average speed is 285+ FPS. It can easily go higher but not recommend due to safety reasons.

It uses an Allen wrench to regulate the velocity. I would love it if the velocity could have been adjusted without the need for any tools, but considering the price tag, it is fair enough.

I have seen a complaint about its size and not being spacious enough for guys with big hands. It feels cramped to hold and shoot this gun if you got monstrous hands. For me, it is perfect because I got normal-sized hands.

The shockwave mainboard comes with multiple firing settings including ramping, semi and fully automatic, and burst.

In our Empire Mini GS Review, we have brought the actual figures. and it can shoot between 15 – 29 balls at an operating between 178 – 200 psi which is a standard in the tournaments.

Mini GS comes with a 12-inch aluminum barrel which makes it accurate and reliable on the field, but I always play with a 14-inch barrel. I feel more comfortable and lively with it. A 12-inch barrel is completely fine. It depends on personal preference.

Bad paintball can ruin your day even if you are equipped with heavy artillery. To prevent it a bit, Mini GS is using break-beam anti-chop eyes. Mini GS marker doesn’t break or chop paintballs. It can even shoot brittle paint.

Overall, the Mini GS paintball gun is a little beast as I have mentioned above. It is super reliable and accurate on the field. Doesn’t use much gas and shoots smooth.


The frame is made of milled-aluminum which is famous for toughness, corrosion resistance, and lightweight. High-grade rubber is being used in both front and rear grips.

Overall, the marker is damn strong and durable.


External parts of Mini GS are easy to clean and maintain, but internal cleaning is a bit complex when it comes to those eye sensors.

To make it simple, the empire paintball team does supply a full kit containing wrenches, lube, springs, detents, and screws.

You can purchase the O-rings separately but there is no need for it since there is very little usage of O-rings in the marker.

I would’ve loved it if the empire team supply one of those color manuals to make maintenance further easy.

Overall, Mini GS is a bit sophisticated machine, but cleaning and maintenance aren’t that hard.

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  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • Easy to handle
  • Multiple firing modes
  • Highly accurate shooting
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Programmable
  • Comfortable rubber grips
  • Air efficient
  • Micro-switch trigger
  • Beginner to intermediate friendly
  • Value for money
  • Not good for very large hands.
  • It is a bit of a process to reach the eye sensors for cleaning.

Final verdict

Mini GS paintball gun which is also known as the little beast is a highly improved version than its predecessor. It is lightweight, easy to handle, it shoots 15 – 20 balls accurately without breaking or chopping them, and it is an air effect.

Everything about this marker is elite and is super budget-friendly. The rubber grips are so comfortable. They also have anti-slip properties.

I must highlight that it is not suitable for monstrous hands. Might feel a bit cramped if you got such hands.