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GTEK 170R Review – Best Value Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun

In my GTEK 170r review, I have tried to cover as much information as I can. I have gathered from the offline and online market, from pro players, and ordinary players.

GTEK 170r is an updated version of 160r paintball markers with no air transfer pipe, it has a blade trigger instead of a curved trigger, and the foregrip is a bit smaller.

This is a supreme quality marker that is easy to shoot and handle, it is durable and lightweight, accurate and air efficient.

Most importantly,

It is budget-friendly.

Planet Eclipse is known for manufacturing high-quality paintball markers at a very affordable price tag, and they have done it again.

Check out the full review.

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R Paintball Gun Review



  • Composite + Aluminum manufacturing
  • Tool-less grip assembly and disassembly
  • Clamping locking feed neck
  • Pop ASA
  • Velocity adjustment. At the bottom
  • Accurate and smooth shooting
  • Air efficient
  • Customizable trigger
  • Pal loader compatible
  • Rebuilt kit included
  • Item weight: a little over 2 pounds
  • Smooth spool valve technology
  • No pipes
  • 135- 140 PSI operating pressure
  • 14” 2 piece shaft barrel
  • Quick release bolt mechanism
  • Gamma core

GTEK 170r Review

One of the best mid-range, cost-effective paintball markers, and the best planet eclipse mid-range gun, GTEK 170r is an upgraded version of 160r with no air transfer pipes.

GTEK 170r is smooth while shooting, accurate, has more range to it, lightweight, highly durable, super air efficient thanks to the gamma core drivetrain, and it is beginner-intermediate friendly. This marker is legit.

Previously, 160r has those air transfer pipes which were kinda standard design back in those days. I wasn’t particularly bad, but it chewed up a lot of designing updates that could have been possible without 80 pipes.

To get rid of those pipes, planet eclipse had to modify a lot of things in GTEK 170r to save up some space. The regulator is now sitting inside the grip frame which deals with the most expensive markers is.

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 Why choose planet eclipse GTEK 170r 

  • GTEK 170r has highly accurate shooting without chopping paintballs.
  • Breech sensing technology is one of its main selling points. Its traps 30psi pressure of CO2 while shooting. It makes sure to get as many shots as possible from the tank hence, the tank lasts longer.
  • GTEK 170r fires at between 135 – 140PSI which makes it one of the lowest pressure shooting guns ever.
  • It is highly air efficient.
  • Super silent at work.
  • The 9-volt battery sits inside the front grip now. It saves a lot of space for more things in the rear grip.
  • The regulator is adjustable. Sit at the bottom of the grip frame.
  • The latest POP ASA ON/OFF is installed in it. It is easier to maintain and clean.
  • GTEK 170r comes with an LED screen that can be upgraded to OLED for visibility in broad sunlight.
  • Instead of scythe triggers with S-shape, newer models come with blade triggers. Both are awesome. It boils down to personal preference. I prefer the blade trigger because it shoots faster.
  • You can now access eye covers without using tools. Cleaning and accessing has always been a challenge, so it is a welcoming change.
  • GTEK 170r has a low-rise feed neck which also helps for better sighting.

 Efficiency: GTEK 170r comes with Gamma Core drive train 

Gamma core engines are used in all high-end paintball markers. Even if GTEK 170r falls under the mid-range price category, the performance is well above par.

Gamma core engines are built on breech sensing technology with a pneumatically latching spool.

The main purpose of the gamma core is to release the perfect amount of air for each shot to not only conserve air but to shoot smoothly and accurately as well. That is why GTEK 170r is a super air-efficient paintball marker.


There were a lot of wires inside 160r. Players usually end up breaking or pinching them during maintenance.

In the GTEK 170r, solenoid, manifold, and everything else are in the frame assembly. They have done a good job of getting rid of those annoying wires.

The system is completely mechanical. Assembly and disassembly are really simple. Cleaning is really simple as well. It rarely requires any maintenance.

It does need a bit of oil to O-rings though after using the gun.

 Performance and Reliability of GTEK 170r 

One thing I noticed about this marker is its reliability and toughness. It works like a tiger under any weather.

Some people that I know used this paintball marker in cold temperatures, and in the scorching heat of 100 degrees Fahrenheit just to check whether it is working like it’s supposed or not.

The good news is,

GTEK 170r excelled in both conditions. The shooting and accuracy were perfect.

The overall performance of this marker is more than you pay for it. It shoots well, easy to clean and maintain, it is affordable and reliable.

One thing I would like to mention in my GTEK 170r review is the factory defects some people have complained about.

Planet eclipse needs to address this issue. Factory defects are a common practice among planet eclipse markers.

 GTEK 170r Upgrades and Accessories 

There are a ton of options for GTEK 170r upgrades. The ones I would suggest are:

  • Soft tip bolt kit
  • MI70R grip kit
  • 170r mechanical frame

Apart from these, GTEK 170r already comes with cool accessories like clamping feed neck, gamma core drive train, LED board which can be upgraded to OLED cheaply.

Check out this forum for more customization knowledge.

 What is the difference between GTEK 170r and GTEK 160R 

GTEK 170r is an improved and updated version of the already incredible GTEK 160r. Some of the noticeable difference is:

 Air transfer pipe: 

There is no air transfer pipe in GTEK 170r which is a relief for some players. The marker looks more spacious and beautiful that way. There is more space to hold the grips.

But, for some people, air transfer pipe was like a balancing mechanism. It balanced out the gun while holding and shooting.

It is strange but true. So overall it boils down to the personal preference whether you want an air transfer pipe or not.

All the high-end markers come without an external hose, so I guess it’s a welcoming change for me at least.

 GTEK 170r’s fore grip is smaller: 

GTEK 170r has a fractionally small foregrip compared to 160r. It is not that much of a big deal. Well, maybe for large hands.

 Trigger difference: 

GTEK 170r comes with a blade trigger and 160r with a curved trigger. Both are cool. I would prefer a blade trigger for smooth shooting, but it depends upon individual choice.

  • No external hose.
  • Gamma core is air efficient.
  • Doesn’t chop paintballs.
  • Highly accurate.
  • Reliable under any weather.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Fantastic performance for a mid-range marker.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Eye covers are accessible without using tools.
  • Durable.
  • Little recoil.
  • A bit cramped for very big hands.

My Take

So in my GTEK 170r review, I have mentioned that it is one of the best mid-range paintball markers in the business today. I honestly mean it.

If your budget is below $1k, I would highly recommend getting GTEK 170r even if you are just a beginner.

It is super easy to maintain and handle, doesn’t require much cleaning, shoots accurately under any situation, doesn’t use much air, and comes with a complete rebuild kit.

170r operates at very low pressure. It is an updated version for a reason.

9.5/10 FROM ME.