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How Far Can a Paintball Gun Shoot? Paintball Gun Range

The question isn’t how far can a paintball gun shoot, the question is, what range is safe? To answer the question of the topic, the average maximum shooting range of a paintball gun is between 80 – 100 feet. Some markers can go beyond.

This range is a standard for most beginner to intermediate level markers like Etha 2, GTEK 170r, Cronus, etc. Expensive high-end markers like Planet Eclipse cs2, dye m3+, AXE 2.0 can go beyond this range

Most beginners to intermediate level players don’t think about paintball gun range which is completely fine in most local games, but if you want to be a pro-level tournament player, understating the shooting range of marker is extremely important.

Taking 80 – 100 feet in mind, you can practice with your marker within that range to figure out how far a paintball gun can shoot, your paintball gun.

Too much speed is not recommended

270 – 280 FPS (feet per second) is the standard shooting speed in most paintball fields, local tournaments, and pro tournaments.

Paintball markers are calibrated to achieve a maximum speed of 280 feet per second. Anything above that is not good at all.

The reason is, paintball shots can inflict some damage, bruises, welts, or cuts to the exposed skin. I have seen some bad injuries over the years.

I am not saying that paintball is not safe, but people wear a ton of protective gear including vests, pads, etc. still, paint leaves its mark on the victim.

A speed above 280 feet per second is not safe at all. You can hurt your opponent by doing so. We have to take care of others as well. Never try to hurt your opponents.

What Is The Safe Shooting Paintball Gun Range?

What Is The Safe Shooting Paintball Gun Range

Anything below 280 FPS is the safe range. A lot of paintball guns are velocity adjustments at the bottom of the front or bottom grip, some have at the back of the gun near the bolt.

Paintball guns are pre-calibrated. It is not like that match referee will check the velocity of the mark again and again. Most fields have a set standard of around 270 – 280 FPS.

Factors on which Paintball gun range depends on;

80 – 100 feet is a rough estimation, but that estimation depends on many factors like a barrel, gas you are using, type of paintball gun, how expensive it is, etc.

  • An electronic marker is bound to have more accuracy and speed than an electronic, or pump paintball gun.
  • 14+ inches long barrel also contributes to speed and accuracy. The porting at the end of the barrel helps to thrust the paint in a straight trajectory.
  • HPA paintball tank is superior to CO2 paintball tank in terms of constant pressure and constant velocity. So ultimately, it will also contribute to speed and consistency.
  • Finally, FPS largely depends on the rate of the marker. High-End paintball guns like GTEK, CS2 PRO, M3+, EMEK 100, or GTEK M170R will be speedy and accurate compared to Tippmann Cronus, 98 custom, etc.


If you don’t know how far a paintball gun can shoot, consider 80 – 100 as a standard range, and 280 FPS as a standard shooting speed. Anything above that can hurt another player that is not cool at all.

Paintball is a safe game, but some bruises and welts are always part of it. Follow the safety rules, and listen to your match referee.

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