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Can you play paintball in the rain?

Yes, but you should take precautions such as wearing a raincoat and using a waterproof marker. Playing in the rain can be slippery and dangerous, so ensure you take the proper safety measures.

Tips on How To Play Paintball in the Rain

Playing paintball in the rain is unlike playing paintball on an average day. It is much harder to play in the rain because the slippery ground and the paintballs are likelier to break. Many people think playing paintball in the rain is impossible, but you can do it with the proper precautions (read more here).

Here are some tips to make paintballing in the rain safer and more enjoyable.

#1 Wear a poncho or waterproof clothing

One of the most important things to do is to wear a rain poncho or some other form of waterproof clothing, and this will keep you from your clothes getting too muddy and slippery. 

#2 Wear gloves

It is also a good idea to wear gloves to keep your hands from getting cold. 

Gloves can also help keep your hands dry and prevent moisture in the air from interfering with the trigger. 

#3 Keep your paintball barrel dry

Another essential thing to do is ensure the barrel is dry. If water gets into the barrel, it can make it slippery or jam up and may impact the accuracy of the paintballs shot from your gun.

#3 Avoid fog

Also, the fog can make it difficult to see your opponents. An anti-fog paintball mask with good ventilation and a thermal lens can help reduce condensation.

Another tip to reduce fog is to keep your maks clean and dry. You can wipe it or use a hair dryer on a low setting to dry it between games.

#4 wear good grippy shoes

When it’s raining, the ground is more slippery. Wearing good shoes that grip well will reduce the chances of slipping and falling on wet surfaces, and with good traction, you can enjoy the game like you would on a sunny day.

#5 use a water-resistant paintball gun and hopper

  • First, ensure your loader and paintball gun are as water-resistant as possible.
  • Keep your paintballs in a tightly sealed container with a lid. 
  • If your hopper gets water, it can jam up the paintballs in the hopper or barrel.
  • If your hopper gets too wet, it could start to malfunction, so it’s also essential to keep it covered. 

#6 waterproof your port with hockey tape

The port is the hole where you insert the CO2 cartridge. You can use hockey tape to seal the port.

#7 Cover Holes On Top of Paintball Mask

There are several ways to cover holes on the top of your paintball mask. You can use a piece of duct tape, electrical tape, cloth, or even a paper towel.

#8 Cover Marker With Bag Between Games

When it’s raining during a paintball game, it’s essential to cover your marker with a plastic bag between rounds, which will help keep your gun from getting wet and ruined.

If your hopper gets too wet, it could start to malfunction, so it’s also essential to keep it covered. 

#9 Avoid getting water in the hopper when reloading

If you need to feed more paintballs into your hopper, try to do it under shelter, so you can prevent rainwater from getting into your hopper. If you are on the speedball field and can’t find shelter, move your body forward to block the rain from coming into your loader as you reload.

#10 Wear warm clothes

Using a wool shirt and leggings underneath your clothes can help you stay warm. A fleece jacket or thick sweater under a water-resistant outer coat also helps to retain heat. Wool socks in thick boots and a wool beanie under a rain hoodie also reduce heat loss from both ends of the body.

#11 Bring an extra set of clothes

You may get soaking wet and cold after a paintball session, so you will benefit from bringing an extra set of clothes to change into before heading home. Once your body cools down from the exercise, you may start feeling cold, and changing into warm and dry clothes may prevent you from getting sick.

#12 Bring microfiber cloths to wipe your lens

Water on your mask’s lens makes it hard to see. Keeping lots of dry microfiber clothes in a dry inner pocket to wipe the outside lens when it gets wet can help improve visibility.

#13 Tape the Grip of Your Paintball Marker when it’s raining

When it rains, the grip of your paintball marker can become slippery and difficult to hold. To avoid this, you can tape the clasp of your paintball marker with a strip of duct tape, which will provide a better grip and make it easier to hold when playing in the rain.

#14 Plan ahead

Watch the weather reports and plan. Be prepared for an emergency rain situation by bringing extra rain ponchos, towels, and extra sets of clothes.

#15 Have Fun

And finally, don’t forget to have fun! Even though you may get soaked, paintball is still a blast.

Common Questions About Playing Paintball In The Rain

Can a paintball gun get wet?

While most markers are not waterproof, many are water-resistant and can handle a little moisture. Check with your manufacturer before exposing your paintball gun to the elements.

Is it safe to play paintball in the rain?

Playing paintball in the rain is possible if you take the necessary precautions to stay dry and avoid getting wet and muddy. The risk of slipping and falling and causing injuries is higher, so take it slow.

The most important thing is to follow the rules. They may have special rules for playing in the rain if you’re playing at a paintball park. Wear good grippy shoes to avoid slipping on wet surfaces.

One thing to look out for when playing in the rain is low body temperature (hypothermia) which can be pretty dangerous. You should be okay if you dress according to the weather. But here are the signs and symptoms of hypothermia to look out for when it starts getting cold:

  • Shivering
  • Confusion
  • Exhaustion
  • Slow and shallow breathing
  • Fumbling hands
  • Slurred speech
  • Drowsiness
  • Memory loss
  • Low body temperature (average body temperature is 98.6° F or 37° C)

Hypothermia is when the body temperature drops below 95° F or 35° C, which is very dangerous. If you or any other players experience these symptoms, you should seek immediate medical help and keep warm and dry.

What gear is needed to stay dry when paintballing in the rain?

  • Grippy shoes or boots. Paintball fields can be foggy and slippery when wet, so it’s essential to wear shoes with good traction. 
  • A hoodie can help keep water off your face and body, and a visor will help keep water out of your eyes. 
  • Gloves. It helps to keep your hands dry and warm.
  • Wool undershirt if it is cold
  • Wool leggings if it is cold
  • Wool socks if it is cold
  • Wool beanie under your hoodie if it is cold
  • A waterproof jacket or rain poncho

How to Protect My Paintball Gear From The Rain?

When playing paintball in the rain, you can do a few things to protect your gear. 

  • Tape up any holes in your visor to keep water from dripping into your mask. Moisture and water inside your paintball mask cause fog.
  • Use a sealed loader lid. If the inside of your loader gets wet, it could start to malfunction or jam paintballs, so it’s also essential to keep it covered. 
  • Use a waterproof paintball marker, so water doesn’t enter the barrel.
  • Tape any holes or ports where water may leak into your gear.

How to Protect My Paintballs From The Rain?

The rain can wreak havoc on your paintballs, and nobody wants to see their favorite hobby go to waste. Here are some tips to help keep the water from ruining your game.

  1. First, ensure that your hopper has a lid or port cover, which will help keep moisture in the air from getting into your paintballs.
  2. Second, if you’re using a paintball gun with a pod, try to keep the pod covered as much as possible. Direct contact with your paintballs can cause them to absorb moisture and swell up, making them unusable.
  3. Third, consider using a rain cover for your gun if it rains heavily, which helps keep water off your paintballs and prevents them from getting soaked.
  4. Fourth, if you get caught in the rain, keep your paintballs covered as much as possible. If they get wet, they may not be usable.
  5. Finally, if you’re playing speedball, tape around the barrel of your gun to help prevent rainwater from getting inside.

Following these tips can help prevent the rain from ruining your game.

How to Keep Paintball Mask Lens From Fogging In The Rain?

You can try a few different things to keep your paintball mask lens from fogging up in the rain:

  1. First, ensure your lens is clean and free of fingerprints or smudges.
  2. Second, try using a lens hood to keep the rain off of the lens.
  3. Third, you can try using a silica gel packet to absorb any moisture in the air.
  4. Fourth, If you still have trouble with your lens fogging up, you can try changing it to a thermal lens.
  5. Fifth, if the thermal lens doesn’t work, you can try using a hair dryer on the lowest setting to dry the lens and remove fog between games.

Are Paintball Fields Open When It’s Raining?

It depends on the paintball venue and the chance of rain. Call the paintball venue and ask them. Some paintball fields close when it rains heavily, while others stay open. If you still want to have fun and like paintball, playing in the rain can be like playing another game. Just be sure to check the forecast beforehand.

Another thing you can do is to check for indoor fields in your area when it rains.


If you’re determined to play paintball in the rain, there are many things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable. Remember that playing paintball in the rain is different from playing on a sunny day. Some people find it fun and exciting. Good luck.