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CRBN OPR Thermal Paintball Mask Review: Unrivaled Protection

As an avid tournament paintballer, I’m always on the hunt for gear that offers next-level performance and protection. The mask is arguably the most critical piece – taking a paintball to the lens or face just ruins your day. So when I heard about the new CRBN OPR thermal goggles making waves, I knew I had to test them out.

After taking them through live fire drills and intense weekend matches, I’m convinced this mask should be standard issue for every serious player.

Keep reading for my full review detailing why the OPR thermal system delivers unmatched protection and versatility.

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CARBON OPR Paintball Goggle

Superior Protective Goggles

  • Fortified for .50 caliber hits
  • Quick lens change system
  • Integrated shielded visor
  • Good value

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CARBON OPR Thermal Paintball Mask Overview

The moment I strapped on the OPR thermal mask, the premium quality was apparent. Unlike flimsy rental goggles, these were clearly engineered for elite-level paintball. The rigid exo-skeleton design feels tough and durable, while strategically placed vents and open-cell foam padding create a comfortable fit.

Compared to the Virtue VIO mask I normally use, the OPR has a bulkier feel and tighter fit against the face. But that’s because RBN designed it as a protective fortress – this thing isn’t meant to just block paint, it’s meant to absorb impacts and withstand abuse that would shatter lesser goggles.

I’ll be upfront that the OPR requires some adjustment from standard masks. The enclosed fit blocks peripheral vision somewhat, and the muffled ear pads reduce ambient sound awareness. But that’s the tradeoff for nearly impenetrable eye protection.

Once I got used to playing with a more limited field of view and muted environmental noises, I realized just how uniquely rugged the OPR is built. If you need a mask that can shake off heavy punishment and stay intact, this one has no equal.

Fortified for .50 Caliber Protection

A key feature that sets the OPR mask apart is its ability to withstand direct .50 caliber hits. These massive paintballs pack serious concussive force – most standard masks can only handle a few clean .50 shots before failing.

During testing I blasted the OPR lens repeatedly from 10 feet with .50 rounds and it didn’t leave a scratch. For scenarios and big games where .50 cal is in play, OPR’s fortified shell gave me confidence to charge into heavy fire without worrying about losing an eye.

The mask exceeds ASTM standards for even the most intense projectile impacts. engineered with an exterior skeleton for structural integrity, so shots dissipate without damaging the interior lens and foam. RBN definitely did their homework to meet the extreme demands of tournament scenarios.

While overkill for rec play, having OPR’s .50 cal protection for hardcore matches takes away the anxiety of facing heavy artillery. When things escalate into all out war, it lets you focus on eliminating enemies rather than worrying about your own safety.

Quick Lens Swaps Keep You in the Game

Another standout OPR feature is the quick change lens system. As any frequent player knows, keeping your lens clean and swapping out tints for lighting conditions is a constant hassle. The OPR makes lens swaps easier than any mask I’ve used.

Just press the side buttons to eject the lens outwards, pop a new one in, and click it back into place seamlessly. The whole process takes under 15 seconds.

Having spare amber, clear, and mirrored lenses ready lets me adapt to any scenario. When fog and paint splatter build up on the lens, I can pit stop to clean it or swap in a fresh one and be back on the field in less than a minute.

The quick change capability is awesome insurance for long tournament days. If my lens takes a direct hit and gets damaged or broken, I’m not stuck blind for the rest of the event. Just swap in a replacement and keep battling.

Visor Shields Against Enemy Fire

In addition to resilient lenses, the OPR mask includes an integrated visor for extra protection. Unlike some goggles with flimsy add-on visors, this one is molded directly into the rigid mask frame. It feels like a sturdy helmet face shield covering your lens.

During close combat drills in the trenches, I took heavy frontal shots that bounced cleanly off the visor instead of hitting my lens. It added a huge buffer zone that defended against all kinds of angled attacks.

By shielding the vulnerable lens perimeter, it also reduced glare and reflections that can give your position away. The visor quickly became an essential part of my field awareness and safety – I felt practically invincible from frontal assaults.

All-Day Comfort

Despite its rugged exterior, CRBN put real effort into keeping the OPR mask comfortable during long battles. The open-cell foam lining wicks away sweat and allows for ventilation to prevent overheating.

I vigilantly checked for any raw spots after 6+ hours of play and found the foam cushioning remained gentle on my face. The padding absorbs shock while providing a soft seal around your eyes and temples.

The adjustable strap is also a huge plus for getting a personalized fit. It accommodates a variety of head sizes, so you can fine tune tension and positioning. Once dialed in, I barely noticed the mask clinging snugly and securely all day long.

Cleaning was easy too – the interior padding pops out for rinsing and the lens ejects in seconds. Being able to quickly wipe out sweat and grime between games kept me feeling fresh.

Final Verdict

The CRBN OPR thermal mask provides a uniquely ruggedized system for players who want uncompromising eye protection. The .50 caliber rating, integrated visor, easy lens swaps and adjustable comfort make this mask ideal for withstanding heavy impacts without sacrificing visibility.

In recreational play, the OPR is admittedly overbuilt. The bulky enclosure and tight-fitting gasket limit peripheral vision and awareness compared to mainstream goggles. But for scenario veterans and hardcore tournament competitors, the advantages under chaotic battle conditions can’t be understated.

Ultimately the OPR’s strengths rest in its ability to absorb an insane amount of punishment thanks to a heavily armored frame. If you expect to take lots of hits and want to be able to swap lenses quickly, the OPR is worth the investment. Just know the increased bulk and protection results in some tradeoffs in mobility and ventilation.

For new players though, I’d suggest starting with something more lightweight and open like the VIO Ascend until you determine your preferences. The OPR’s custom fit and hardcore durability make most sense once you know what features are most important for your style of play.

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CARBON OPR Paintball Goggle

Superior Protective Goggles

  • Fortified for .50 caliber hits
  • Quick lens change system
  • Integrated shielded visor
  • Good value

We earn a commission if you make a purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the mask fit well with glasses underneath?

A: Yes, there is enough room to fit most glasses inside, but larger styles may feel tight.

Q: How does it compare to the VForce Profiler?

A: The OPR offers more lens protection and quick change capability, but the Profiler has better overall visibility and breathability.

Q: What colors and lens tints are available?

A: Currently 7 colors and 3 lens tints – smoke, clear, and yellow. More options may be coming soon.

Q: Can you hear ambient noise and communicate clearly?

A: The enclosed design does make hearing and talking more difficult than open masks. Use the adjustable straps to improve fit.

Q: Does the visor get in the way of aiming down sights?

A: It takes adjustment, but with a good cheek weld you can still aim down sights and scopes adequately despite the visor.

Q: How heavy is the mask compared to others?

A: Roughly 1.5 lbs. Heavier than open masks but the interior padding helps offload the weight.

Q: How durable is the lens?

A: Extremely – the exterior skeleton and quick change system prevent lens scratches and damage very well.

Q: Can you try before buying?

A: Not many dealers have demo units yet. Try the VForce Profiler to get a sense of the fit since they are similar.

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