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Best Paintball Mask For Glasses 2023 – Top 6 Masks With Buyer Guide

Hi. Welcome to my best paintball mask for glasses review, updated for 2023.

My name is Freddy, and I’ve been playing paintball for almost two decades and been wearing glasses and contact lenses for just as long.

Paintballing with glasses isn’t a problem if you can find a paintball mask that fits.

My paintball team and I have tested a lot of masks and found only 6 paintball masks that we recommend for people wearing glasses.


DYE i5 

51XyDYeE1iL. AC SL1000

  • E.voke Wireless
  • GSR Pro Strap
  • Wide Interior Space




61WxbKUdx L. AC SL1200

  • Super comfy foam
  • Magnetic chin strap
  • Quad thermal lens


Best Paintball Mask for Glasses

The best paintball goggle to wear with glasses should have an anti-fog thermal lens coating, enough space so you could fit your glasses without any pressure or restriction, a broad peripheral vision so you could even see from the corner of the mask.

Such a mask is comfortable from the inside so that your glasses do not hurt your nose, and rigid from the outside to protect you from hard impacts.

Above all, the best paintball goggle with glasses must have a high-end ventilation system so that you could breathe easily without adding fog to the lens, And it will not distort your hearing or communication during the play.

So, let’s dive into our reviews of the top 6 best paintball masks for glasses.

 Top 6 best paintball masks for glasses 

Paintball MaskOur Rating Price
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Dye i5 paintball mask/goggles

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Push Unite Paintball Goggles MASK

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JT Spectra Proflex LE Thermal Goggle

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Empire EVS Paintball Mask

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JT Spectra Flex 8

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Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle


1. Dye i5 Paintball Mask review


Dye i5 paintball goggles Review


  • Versatile colors
  • Supreme facial comfort
  • Interchangeable foam and lens
  • 290 degrees peripheral vision
  • Anti-fog thermal lens
  • UV rays & glare protection
  • Scratch proof
  • Multi-dimensional vents
  • For big heads too
  • Improved hearing and communication
  • Comfortable with glasses
  • GSR pro strap
  • Beefed up ear pads
  • Brand:  Dye
  • item Weight:  12.6 Ounces
  • ASTM certified: Yes


Dye i5 is 20% to 25% bigger than Dye i4, which means, it provides more space to fir your glasses comfortably without any tension or pressure on your face.

In my humble opinion, Dye i5 goggle is not only the best paintball mask for glasses but overall. It is equipped with an anti-fog, dual-pane thermal lens with 290 degrees supreme peripheral field of vision.

Check out our top anti fog paintball masks too.

Moreover, the optically improved design provides clear vision and maximum eye protection while eliminating glare which is necessary for glasses users.

Dye i5 gives protection from UV rays too. The thing that separates i5 from other masks is its GSR pro strap with the adjustment dial.

Think about it: You can now get your secure and comfortable fit with the GSR strap even if you have a small head. For example, turn the dial and ratchet down your mask if you that perfect fit.

The E.Voke wireless air syn live communication between M2 MOS AIR and i5 is a futuristic technology.

The multi-layer soft facial foam is replaceable with a single push into the chassis of the mask. In other words, facial foams do get dirty and sweaty, and they mess up the eyes during the play by adding fog if they cannot absorb any more sweat and heat.

I5’s foam is high quality, it absorbs sweat and heat generated by the body to keep the fog away from your glasses and lens, and it protects your face from pellet impacts. The multi-direction venting system is set to release moisture and heat quickly without adding fog to the lens.

And the good news is,

The improved venting system enables super breathability, the voice doesn’t echo in your head during communication, and most importantly, it doesn’t affect hearing at all.

The POV camera mount in i5 sits parallel with your line of sight so that you can record your videos just perfectly. In this beast, the lens won’t fog at all, but if it does, or if the lens gets dirty with the paint, you can change it within 10 to 20 seconds.

Why is it glasses-friendly?

  • The sheer interior size of the goggle provides enough space for any style of glasses.
  • The beefier compression-formed ear padding and super comfy facial form protect your face from injuries and impacts.
  • The frame is lightweight so that it won’t put extra pressure on your face.
  • Thermally treated anti-fog lens and multi-directional venting eliminate fog from the lens and glasses.
  • The form and lens, are replaceable, so if you see any sign of fog on the lens or the foam is not absorbing sweat anymore, just change them both.
  • fog free dual-pane thermal lens
  • beefier ear padding
  • Massive frame for glasses users
  • For big head
  • Comfy facial foam
  • Breathtaking field of vision
  • 20-25% bigger than i4
  • Improved venting and breathing
  • Anti-scratch, UV proof, glare-proof lens
  • Moisture and heat quickly dissipates from the mask
  • Fantastic optical clarity
  • Rapid lens change: 10 seconds
  • Messiah for glasses users
  • A bit pricy.


Dye i5 paintball mask has a vast interior space for glasses users. The lens is anti-fog, and the perfectly engineered design keeps the fog away from glasses as well.

From its ear protection, perfect fit in the shape of GSR pro strap, comfy facial foam, flexible external material, maximum coverage for safety, multi-directional venting to its optical clarity, Dye i5 has won many hearts in the pro paintball audience, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Dye i5 is good enough for airsoft play as well.

I would personally recommend this mask for glasses users.

2. Push Unite Paintball Goggles/MASK with Quad PANE Lens Review


Push Unite Paintball Goggles Mask Review


  • Quick lens change function
  • Quad layer ant fog thermal lens
  • Anti-scratch
  • 16 strategic ventilation zones
  • Protective case
  • Super comfy foam
  • Magnetic chin strap adjustment
  • Multi colors
  • Brand:  Push Unite
  • Shipping Weight:  3 pounds


The cutting-edge technology of Push unite is a combination of experience and craftsmanship. This mask has some remarkable features. The improved design comes with a universal fit for everyone. The goggle attaches to your head like glue with comfort.

The adjustable nose bridge is an impressive option for glasses wearers. Now you can adjust it according to your need. Moreover, the super-soft ear pads and facial foam is impressive.

I would recommend you to cut sections into the foam, but you can use a glasses strap for a secure fit. Do not ruin the soft foam. The 16 loud strategic vents keep the hot air out while letting cooler air inside.

That is to say; this fantastic design removes any sign of fog which is excellent for glasses users. The lens is a Quad layer thermal and anti-fog, so don’t worry about a lens.

I vouch for its hindrance-free optical clarity. That is why it is one of the best paintball masks for glasses wearers. I like its soft squishy facial foam. It protects from shots while absorbing the sweat to keep the fog out. As a result, the quality of the foam is top-notch.

The mask is protective, durable, got a magnetic chin strap for a comfortable fit, and I haven’t heard any complaints about the quality. Go for this one if you can afford a pricy mask, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • Supreme venting
  • Improved breathability
  • Glasses friendly
  • Magnetic chin strap for a perfect fit
  • Maximum coverage
  • Eco proof
  • Comfortable on head
  • Quad layer thermal lens
  • Anti-fog
  • For oversized/small heads
  • Not budget-friendly.


For a premium paintball goggle, push unite fulfills every single detail. From anti-fog lens, adjustable quality strap, a fantastic field of vision, squishy facial foam, beefier ear pads, to qual layer thermal lens.

But, the thing that separates Push unite from other premium masks is 16 loud strategic vents.

It improves breathability, dissipates warmer air and heat while entering cooler air to keep the fog away. For a glasses wearer, it is a plus point.

The ventilation system is just a plus point; the interior space is enough for you to adjust your specs in it.

Most importantly, you don’t even need to cut sections into the foam to fit the arms of glasses; the design is set to hold the glasses without pressing the frame on the bridge of your nose, but I do it anyway.

Speaking of the nose, the adjustable nose bridge also adds up in the glasses discussion.

3. JT Spectra Proflex LE Thermal Goggle Review


JT Spectra Proflex LE Thermal Goggle Review


  • Glasses compatible
  • Fog-free spectra thermal lens
  • 260 degrees peripheral vision
  • Full customization
  • Removable visor
  • Improved breathability and ventilation
  • Glare proof
  • UV protection to some extent
  • JT Vortex II fan
  • Super comfy facial foam
  • Brand:  JT
  • Shipping Weight:  1.4 pounds


JT Spectra Proflex LE Thermal Goggle is for professional paintball players. It is one of the most comfortable goggles in the game in terms of glasses compatibility and comfy fit.

The basic design that holds the lens together is the same on various models. The JT frames are especially known for their glasses compatibility.

The glasses will sit comfortably on your JT Spectra Proflex. Though it is a bit tight, don’t worry, it will not get scratched.

This one has an anti-fog spectra thermal lens system with a 260 degrees peripheral vision, as a result, seamless vision.

The removable visor will protect your eyes from glare. The lens also protects you from UV rays.

The JT Proflex paintball mask provides ultra-face protection using JT’s unique insert molding technology.

Therefore, giving you a rigid upper for maximum eye protection while providing a soft, flexible lower mandible.

Above all,

The ultra-soft foam will press on your glasses slightly, however, it won’t be hard. Therefore, you will be comfortable with your glasses.

The fantastic ventilation system coupled with a JT Vortex 2 goggle fan (your choice) provides excellent breathability.

In other words, it instantly kills any fog and keeps your face cool by removing the heat and warm air quickly with the help of Vortex 2 fan. Moreover, it will dry off your sweat so your glasses won’t be blurred because vision distortion is a massive problem for glasses wearers.

  • Big frame for glasses
  • Improved ventilation
  • Can be coupled with JT vortex 2 goggle fan
  • Anti-fog thermal lens
  • The super-soft foam keeps it together
  • Glare proof
  • Removable visor
  • Glasses fit tight without restrictions
  • Budget-friendly  
  • A-frame may press your glasses


JT Spectra Proflex LE Thermal mask is a newer edition to the JT family, but it has gained respect among pro players.

It will fit your glasses comfortably while removing the fog with the help of fog-free spectra thermal lens, delicately designed ventilation, and Vortex 2 goggle fan if you purchase it too.

Most importantly, facial foam is super soft; it absorbs sweat and heat, which also helps to prevent fogging.

All these minor details help to provide a distortion-free optical clarity which is crucial for glasses wearers.

To sum it up, JT prolex is one of the best paintball mask for glasses.


4. Empire EVS Paintball Mask / Thermal Goggles Review


Empire EVS paintball mask thermal goggles Review


  • Versatile colours
  • Thermoformed earpads
  • Super comfy
  • Anti-fog dual-pane thermal lens
  • Glasses friendly
  • Excellent venting
  • 270 degrees peripheral field of vision
  • Scratch proof, UV resistant
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Non-slip strap
  • Maximum coverage
  • Brand:  Empire
  • Shipping Weight:  2.1 pounds
  • Item Weight: 1.98 pounds


Empire EVS was the “World’s first smart” paintball mask. It is up there in the best paintball mask for glasses category.

There is plenty of room for small to large frame glasses.

Venting is top-notch in this mask. There are plenty of balanced holes to improves breathability while adding cooler air into the cover by replacing warmer air as a result, very good fog remover.

The hearing and communication are not disturbed either. With a wide range of peripheral vision, you can see from the corner of the lens. Good for specs users.

It comes with a dual-pane spherical anti-fog thermal lens, and it provides UV A/B rays protection too. Above all, it protects specs users from glare.

Both the lens and foam are replaceable without tools. The lens only takes 30 seconds to replace.

Above all, the triple-density facial foam absorbs all the moisture and running sweat so it won’t get into your eyes It also keeps the fog away. The facial foam protects your face from shots, and the beefier earpads provide extra security without hearing distortion.

It is excellent for glasses users; it provides maximum coverage and ultra-protection from paintball shots. In other words, your glasses are secure all the time.

  • For small face & big heads
  • Awesome for glasses
  • Anti-fog
  • Triple density facial foam protects sensitive parts.
  • Maximum coverage
  • Thermal layer over lens
  • Scratch proof
  • Distortion-free hearing and communication
  • Beefier earpads
  • A bit costly
  • Less horizontal field of vision


The intense look of Empire EVS is impressive. It is designed for any size of the head, you can fit your glasses without any restriction, and it will give you that remarkable optical clarity.

Empie EVS was World’s first smart paintball mask because the lens and foam, both were replaceable in mere seconds.

It has dual-pane spherical anti fog thermal lens, proper venting, a paintball goggle fan if possible, and the triple-density facial foam. In short, all these things add up to no fog policy, which is excellent for glasses users

like me.

It feels light and comfortable on your head. I recommend this mask.

5. JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Goggles Review


JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles Review


  • Glasses compatibility
  • Super comfortable on the head
  • 260 degrees wide-angle field of vision
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Scream venting system
  • Built-in visor
  • Glare protection
  • UV protection
  • Adjustable head and chin strap
  • Full head coverage
  • Lightweight
  • Brand:  JT
  • Shipping Weight:  1.9 pounds


I have seen many people who wear glasses under this mask with a little modification in the foam as we have explained in our “HOW TO” section.

One of the best paintball mask to wear with glasses, JT spectra flex 8 gives maximum head coverage, and it is light on the head.

The scream venting design improves breathability, communication, and distortion-free hearing is on the table as well.

To clarify, the vents are helpful to get rid of the fog while keeping your insides cool.

With its massive face coverage, 260 degrees wide-angle field of vision is an idea for glasses users.

If you can spend some extra bucks, install a JT vortex two goggle fan, trust me it is beneficial in the anti-fog department, and it will keep you cool during those humid and hot conditions.

Firstly, I have noticed people ignore visors, but for a glasses wearer, a visor can be lifesaving. It will keep the glare away, which is all we need.

JT masks are around since the 90s, and they have never disappointed pros to beginners.

One of the highlights of this best paintball mask for glasses users is its strap adjustment. Adjust the chin and head strap so that you can get that extra tight fit for you and your specs.

NOTE: The mask fits reasonably well for oversized heads.
  • Best for big heads
  • Perfect for glasses with little modifications
  • Wide-angle field of vision
  • Full head coverage
  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable
  • Anti-fog
  • Comfortable on your face
  • No rapid lens change


This mask is my favorite in terms of glasses compatibility, customization, and full head coverage.

The lens has a 260-degree wide-angle view that gives optical clarity. I have never heard any complaints regarding vision distortion. Moreover, the relaxing facial is good at sweat and heat absorption, and the venting system is designed to let the fresh air while keeping fog away.

Both the foam and venting adds up to the anti-fog properties of this goggle. To sum it up, If you are looking for a mask that is glasses friendly and well within your budget, go for JT spectra flex 8. It will not disappoint you.

Check out these top paintball masks under $100 as well.

6. Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System Review


Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System Review


  • Zero optical distortion
  • Fog-free clear thermal lens
  • Flexible face skirt
  • Excellent venting
  • Ultra-comfort facial foam
  • UV rays proof
  • Echo proof
  • Maximum coverage
  • Quality strap
  • Glasses compatibility
  • Brand:  Empire
  • Shipping Weight:  1.9 pounds
  • Item Weight: 1.9 pounds


One of flexibles goggles, Empire E-lex, comes with an extra flexible facial skirt and squishy foam which means, your glasses will not be pressed against the bridge of your nose.

There is enough room to fit any size of glasses without any hindrance or modification. Many pros consider Empire E-lex best paintball mask for glasses with valid reasons.

Specially designed venting improves breathability, communication, and most importantly, it resists fogging by rapidly adding cooler air inside. The sole purpose of this mask is to provide supreme comfort while providing safety from shots.

Moreover, Empire E-lex comes with an anti-fog, anti-scratch, UV proof thermal lens with optical clarity. The vision is fantastic.

There is more,

It fully echo proof; the beefier earpads will not affect your hearing at all.

The lens changing system takes mere seconds. This mask suits everyone whether there are glasses wearers, or not.

  • Durable
  • Glasses friendly
  • Fog-free
  • Secure
  • Flexible
  • Budget-friendly
  • Doesn’t need modifications to install glasses
  • Clear vision lens
  • The foam quality is a bit dull


Empire E-lex comes with excellent breathability and comfort for beginners to pros.

The quick lens change system is beneficial in the intense battle.

The mask doesn’t support fogging at all; you can easily fit your glasses without restrictions. In other words, it is strong enough to protect you from getting shot.

To sum it up, I would recommend this if you are after a wide-angle of view without visual distortion.

For a glasses user, blurriness, fogging, and glare is not valid, Empire E-lex covers all the above things, so you don’t need to worry.

How to Choose the Best Paintball Mask for Glasses – A complete Buyer’s Guide

Wearing glasses underneath a paintball mask during an intense battle could be a pain in the ass if your cover doesn’t fit well on glasses.

If worrying about fogging on the lens wasn’t enough, now you need to clean your glasses as well. However, you can’t remove your mask due to safety reasons.

You might get hit on sensitive parts of the face like the nose, cheeks, or even eyes because those glasses won’t survive the direct impact of a pellet.

So not wearing a mask is out of the equation, you just need to find the appropriate methods to use glasses under the cover, and fortunately, we got the following methods for you.

Let’s get into it:

  • Choosing the best paintball mask for glasses
  • Using a fan
  • Anti-fog spray
  • Wear a headband or bandana
  • Use glasses strap
  • Cut into the foam

best paintball mask for glasses

 Choosing the best paintball mask for glasses 

Choosing the perfect mask for glasses wearers is crucial. The first thing you need to do is check the furrow in the foam of such covers that can hold the legs of glasses.

  • Normally your glasses get pressed too close to your eyes, and it will help to reduce that side effect.
  • Always choose a bigger mask like Dye i5, Empire EVS, JT mask, or other entries in our list. The giant cover provides enough interior space to fit your glasses.
  • Above all, an oversized frame will not press the glasses too hard against the bridge of your nose.
  • Always look for a dual-pane anti-fog thermal lens to minimize as much fog as possible.
  • The main reason a paintball mask fog is because it gets hot inside. Look for a mask with proper ventilation like multi-direction venting in Dye i5, or JT Spectra Flex 8.
  • Look for a comfy and squishy facial foam because it will provide some separation between the mask lens and glasses, and it will also protect you and your glasses from paint impact.

JT Spectra Proflex, Dye i5 Paintball Goggle, Empire EVS, and Push Unite Paintball Goggles, all provide fantastic, removable foam. Usually, a mask with foam that is cut on either side where glasses arms are fit is recommended.

A similar topic has been discussed on this forum. Check it out.

 Using a fan 

Some goggles have the option of clipping in a small paintball fan as JT masks do. The JT vortex 2 goggle fan is small but powerful. Such fans are an extra expense, but trust me; they are worthwhile.

It will help you to keep your head cooler, both the glasses and mask lens won’t fog up as nearly as much, and you can enjoy more extended drills.

There is a single toggle switch on the outside of the mask; you can activate your fan by it. That is to say, use it when your glasses are fogging. It will blow cooler air into the mask while dissipating warmer air outside; keeping fog away.

I usually se a fan of my virtue contour in woodsball because I hate the sweat and humid conditions. It is up to personal preference but I would advise using it once in a while, especially during woodsball.

 Use Anti-fog spray 

High-quality anti-fog spray will do the job. Spray some of that no fog solution onto your glasses, rub with a tissue paper or paper cloth before heading out. It will keep the fog away from your glasses for a few games. However, you need to reapply it throughout the day, though.

The frequency of the spray depends on:

  • How hot and humid the climate is
  • Quality of the paintball lens
  • Venting and thermal layers of the lens
  • How much you sweat.

There are many no fog sprays on the market, but only choose a mild brand that doesn’t have any abrasive chemical in it.

 Use a Headband or Bandana 

If you are using a streamlined paintball mask with an open forehead, a headband will not only protect your forehead from bruises and welts if you get shot, but it will also absorb the sweat and keep it out of your mask and glasses.

Sweat and heat around your fog and glasses will create fogging, and irritation. Wear it low enough to keep the paint out of your eyes. Most people use beanies, or headbands to protect themselves from sunburns.

Not a bad idea if you are not a fan of a full-coverage mask.

 Use Glasses Strap 

It will not help to remove the fog, but when it comes to the usefulness, trust me, it is a lifesaver. It is frustrating when glasses slip down your nose due to sweat. You need to fix your glasses again and again.

A strap will ensure a secure fit so that you can focus on your game rather than fixing your glasses.

 Cut into the foam 

Though it is not recommended to cut your pricy foam, if you are struggling to keep the glasses in place, then cut small sections (length of glasses arms) of the foam, and place the branches into them.

However, if you got a high-quality mask-like Push unite goggles or Dye i5, the foam will hold the arms.

I am a pr0 player and I have all sorts of masks and other necessary gear, despite that, I usually cut a section into the form to perfectly fit my specs. I wear glasses and I can’t deal with its slipping frequently.


  • Proper venting will reduce the fogging exponentially, choose a mask with a lot of holes.
  • Get a looser fit.
  • Use dish wash soap. Pour some water on the glasses, apply a drop on each lens, wipe it but don’t wash it. This trick will prevent fogging to some extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear a paintball mask/goggle with glasses?

Yes. The struggle is there too. Fogging, glare, frame pressing against your glasses is real. Masks like Dye i5, Push Unite, Dye i4, Empire EVS allows players to fit their glasses without any restrictions.

But, we have covered the top 6 best paintball masks for glasses in our list so that you don’t have to struggle to find one.

How do you wear a mask with glasses?

Choose a mask with loose fits like Empire EVS and JT masks, use glasses strap, and cut sections in the foam about the length of the glasses arms for a secure and tight fit.

A dual-pane anti-fog thermal lens and a goggle fan will help to remove fog from our glasses and the lens.

How do you keep a paintball mask from fogging up?

Use a mask with dual pane anti-fog thermal lens like Dye i5 and Push unite. Use anti-fog spray (there are not expensive). a JT vortex 2 goggle fan will do that job too. Above all, proper venting will keep the warmer air out while letting cooler air in. Hence, no fog.

Can you wear airsoft masks under glasses?

Dye precision i4 and Dye i5 are paintball masks, but well suited for airsoft. They provide a comfortable over any type of glasses. The anti-fog thermal lens prevents fogging, the lens is UV proof, and the mask is glare-proof. The foam supports glasses, and it doesn’t press against your nose bridge so, overall, recommended for glasses users in airsoft.

Does shaving creams stops fogging over glasses?

Yes, because of the soap. It creates a protective layer over glasses which stops it from fogging for quite some time. After applying the shaving cream, don’t wet the glasses, just wipe the cream with tissue paper.

What is the best paintball mask to wear with glasses?

Dye i5, Dye precision i4, Empire EVS/E-lex, JT series, Push unite, and Bunkerkings CMD goggles are the favourite glasses friendly paintball masks. But, I would put Dye i5 and JT series masks in my top two because of their vast interior space, quality of the lens, and ventilation system. Overall, the above masks are anti-fog in case you might be asking yourself.

Final verdict

Being a glasses wearer, I have researched this topic to find the best paintball mask for glasses, so I asked my whole team to review each product with honesty.

Therefore, on our list, we have carefully selected some of the best paintball goggles to use with glasses.

It is a struggle to clear your glasses several times during a play, glasses may hurt the bridge of your nose, they might not fit well, or the mask

the frame keeps pressing the glasses against your face.

In our article, we have addressed such issues in detail, and our top 6 paintball goggles will serve their purpose.

Trust me, I am a glasses user too, and I know the pain.

Some of the masks are budget-friendly, but we have not compromised with the quality.

Each mask is unique in its way like Dye i5 is best overall, JT masks and Empire masks are known for glasses users, and big heads, Push unite the newer tech in the market, etc.

If you like our article, share it with other paintball nerds like us.