How much does paintball cost-Depth Analysis About Expenses

Our team found that the most frequent question about paintball games is How much does paintball cost? So today we are going to discuss this in detail hopefully you will get your answers.

paintballing cost solely depends on the player it can be costly as hell or it can be very cheap some players want to buy luxury equipment while others get their work done with cheap or rental equipment.

we can divide the paintballing cost into two parts one is the initial cost and the other is the ongoing cost.

all the equipment, hopper, and clothing is considered as initial cost while the field booking, paintballs, and compressed air for guns are the ongoing costs.

You can minimize the initial cost by using the rental equipment available at the various field also you can get a discount for ongoing costs.

if you are a beginner we highly recommend you to use rental equipment because you have to find your interest first however once you become a paintball pro you can buy the expensive mask, guns, and other equipment.

let’s discuss this in deep.

The Initial Cost of Paintballing

as we already explained above that all the equipment like masks, guns, hooper, and clothing are the initial cost of paintballing, now let’s discuss in detail the various cheapest and expensive options for each piece of equipment.

How Much Does A Paintball Mask Cost?

how much does a paintball Mask Cost

One of the most necessary pieces of equipment for paintballing is a mask without having a mask you cant enter into paintball field because of safety reasons.

there are lots of masks available in the market with different price range tags, either you can get a very expensive mask with high-end features or you can get a mask at very cheap with a bunch of essential features.

generally, masks start from $20 to $200 off course you will get extra features inexpensive one.

Note: You can rent a mask within few bucks as well if this is your first time I highly recommend you to rent a mask first to discover your interest once you become a paintball geek then bought your high-end mask. make sure to rent an antifog mask because the non-fog-proof mask is a nightmare for beginners. let’s check out our list of top paintball mask for beginner

how much does a paintball Gun or marker Cost

how much does a paintball Gun

guns or marker is equally important as a mask because how can we shoot without having shooting equipment?

there are a wide variety of guns available in the market including inexpensive and expensive ones. pump refiles are the cheapest option for you, you can find several deals that include pump rifle, hooper, and mask within a very cheap price tag to start your paintball journey.

however you can find expensive air-compressed fancy guns with lots of features, it totally depends on how much you want to spend.

Note: we don’t recommend you to buy expensive markers initially you can rent them. if you are interested to buy your own then go with semi-automatic markers instead of pump riffles because pump rifles come with inaccuracy and low power while semi-automatic guns have sufficient power. some players lose their interests because of inaccuracy and low power gun that’s why we suggest you start with mid-quality guns. later you can go for high-quality fully automatic guns with rapid-fire functionality. if you are interested to read the working process of these guns click here

How Much Does A Paintball Hopper Cost

how much does a paintball hopper Cost

hopper is the most important component of the paintball gun, all the paintballs store in the hooper, a hopper is the magazine of paintball guns?

the cost of hoopers starts from $5 to $100 or more depending on the storage and material.

Clothing Or Kit Expenses

Clothing of paintballing cost

some paintball geeks are very conscious about the clothing they need military-looking clothes to enhance their excitement and confidence but we can use regular t-shirt and trouser to start the game there are no restrictions.

I suggest you  bring your own clothes if it’s your first-time

Shoes Cost

paintballing shoe Cost

ankle injuries are very common in paintball some players bring their own hiking or jogging shoes to play paintball but this is not safe.

if it’s your first time you can use jogging and hiking shoes but if you are a regular player you must have a pair of paintball shoes because these shoes are perfectly designed to make your feet comfortable during the field.

we can’t compromise our safety at any cost because if we are not safe how we can dominate the game.

Rental Vs Buying your Own Equipment

Rental Equipmentown Equipment

  • rental equipment is somehow considered as ongoing cost if you are not willing your own

  • rented equipment may have some defect and inaccurate because of more usage, maybe you found scratches on the mask mirror or some lose parts in the gun

  • if it's your first time go for rental

  • recommend for newbies

  • this is your one-time investment it will last for a long time and most importantly your personal equipment will be hell accurate because every person use their own thing very carefully rather then others thing it is bitter

  • accurate and less defected because of intense

  • if you are willing to take your paintball journey to another bought your own

  • not recommend for newbies

Used Vs New Equipment

Used equipmentNew equipment

  • used equipments are fine but you have to check out each part to make sure that equipment is not

  • less costly

  • new equipments are perfect if you got a defected piece you can claim

  • more costly

The Ongoing Cost of Paintballing

field booking, paintballs, compressed air for guns are ongoing costs you can get some discount but you have to pay every time when you will play.

let’s discuss this in detail.

Field Booking Cost

paintball field cost

obviously, you need a particular field either indoor or outdoor for playing so be prepared to spend a few bucks every time for booking the field.

field fees vary depending on the field area, location, and indoor and outdoor. but the good news is.

all fields are affordable ranges from $10 to $30 excluding paintballs.

many paintball fields sales their seasonal passes with impressive discount make sure to do some research before booking a field.

also, some field offers some amount of free paintballs and air refilling that’s why we emphasize you to hunt the best field for you.

Note: Some paintball diehard, make their own field in their properties but again this is not for beginner because this is a very costly process. please don’t try to play paintball at others property because you don’t have proper permit maybe you will be fined

Paintballs Cost

paintballing cost

another ongoing expense is paintballs we have to buy a certain number of paintballs for each game and it needs some bucks.

we cant calculate the number of paintballs spends each player because every player has its own style of playing some players play a defensive game without wasting too much paintball while other wants to play an attacking game which needs more paintballs.

but we have done some research that each player spends about 350 to 450 paintballs in the half-day game and 600 to 700 in the full day game.

don’t get nervous paintballs are not that expensive.

you will get 100 paintballs at $7 to $8 and cost reduces when you purchase in bulk.

also, the cost of paintballs depends on the quality of paint you will get cheap paintballs with medium quality paint, on the other hand, you will get expensive thin skin highly quality paintballs. high-quality paintballs are mostly used in professional tournaments while medium-quality paintballs are used in every entry and medium level field.

if you are a beginner practice first on medium quality paintball then go for high-quality paintballs.

Compressed Air or CO2 For Guns

compressed air or CO2 Cost

final cost ongoing cost is compressed air or CO2 for the gun because your gun meeds pressurized air or CO2 to release a paintball with speed.

so you have to refill your tanks once it becomes empty, many stores are filling tank within $4 to

$7 depending on the size of your tank and CO2 may cost more as compared to compressed air.

you can buy your own large CO2 tank or air compressor to mitigate this cost but still, this will be your ongoing cost because the CO2 tank again needs refills and the air compressor needs electricity which is also an expense.

Note: I suggest you use guns which work on compressed air because these are environment friendly and less costly on the other hand we know CO2 is dangerous for the environment.

Search for deals and discount

some of the paintball fields offers a massive discount you need to hunt them by comparing each paintball field in your area.

you may save lots of bucks by hunting a cheap paintball field.

some fields offer a flat discount on equipment, booking cost, paintballs and refill cost I highly recommend you to find that kind of paintball field in your area.

you need to compare a few things to select the best one.

  • rental kits expense
  • cost of paintballs and field
  • booking cost
  • group discount

do your own research and find an affordable one for you to reduce the price of paintballing.

Final Thoughts

to be honest it is very difficult for us to give an accurate answer to “How much does paintball cost?”

but we have tried our best to gives you some ideas about the expenses of paintballing.

don’t get nervous paintballing isn’t a very expensive game you can enjoy within few bucks though some paintball diehard is crazy to spend lots of money on paintball equipment it totally depends on the player how much he/she want to spend.

a beginner should start with cheap and later they should spend to make their own inventory to make their paintball journey to another level.

I personally start with rental equipment though they are not new still we can discover our interest.

I tried my best to answer your queries please let me know in the comment section if you have other queries.


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