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How Much Does a Paintball Party Cost? (+Birthday Package Pricing)

A paintball party typically costs around $200-$400 for 6-15 people, including renting equipment, buying paintballs, and paying for a referee. Some companies may also charge additional transportation to and from the paintball field.

Paintball has styles of play that six or more players can enjoy. It is a per-person activity, with each player having their private paintball marker. There is no limit to the number of paintballs used per player, making it an unlimited game. Many private party packages include ten private paintball games for ages 10 and up. No paintball experience is necessary. You can play with friends and family from 10-12 years of age and older. It is a great corporate team building activity.

Why are paintball parties so expensive?

Paintball parties are expensive because running a paintball venue is not cheap. They need a lot of paintball equipment, such as paintball markers, air tanks, hoppers, masks, protection gear, paintballs, and a compressed air refill station. These prices can add up quickly. The field owners need to charge money to recoup their investment, and renting out their fields to groups or parties is one of the revenue streams for the field owners.

Some paintball venues are cheaper to host parties because paintball venues are often outdoors and therefore do not require as much maintenance as an indoor venue.

What Does a Paintball Rental Package Include?

A basic paintball party rental package includes:

  • marker
  • mask
  • Hopper
  • CO2 or HPA tank
  • compressed air or co2 gas
  • Barrel sock
  • other protective gear
  • 500 paintballs

An extended rental package may include:

  • Everything in the basic rental package, plus:
  • Jersey
  • Pants
  • Gloves
  • Arm pads
  • additional paintballs
  • extra compressed air refills

How Much is a Paintball Birthday Party?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the cost of a paintball party will vary depending on the location, the number of guests, and other factors. However, a rough estimate for a small party would be around $200-$400 for 6-15 players.

A basic private paintball birthday party may include:

  • paintball guns for six players
  • paintball masks for six players
  • referee or paintball field marshal

An extended paintball birthday party may include:

  • paintball package for ten players
  • paintball package for 15 players
  • upgrade available for additional players for an extra fee
  • transportation to and from the venue
  • food and drinks per person

Paintball is the best way to party or celebrate a birthday!

There’s no better way to celebrate a birthday than with a private paintball party! Most birthday packages at a local paintball venue include everything you need for a fun and safe day of paintball, including low-impact paintballs for players of all ages.

Most venues will require at least six players but may have different packages for 10 or 15 players or offer an upgrade for additional players. You may be able to rent an experienced referee or paintball marshal, which will make sure everyone has a great time. Field owners should ensure that their paintball markers are always well-maintained and safe.

Extra Ammo Pricing for Paintballs & Rental

As paintball is a sport that requires ammo, most paintball venues offer 2,000 paintballs for $20. You may have to pay for rental equipment if you’re a new player or don’t own a marker. The pricing for this can vary depending on the park, but it’s typically around $10-$20 for the day. If you want to have a private group or reserve a spot at a paintball venue, you may have to put down a deposit. The paintball venue needs to ensure enough people are playing and cover any damage that may occur. Most paintball parks require you to sign a waiver to release the park from any responsibility in case of injuries. Once you’ve made the reservation, signed the waiver, and paid the deposit (if required), you’re all set to play! Just be sure to checkout with a staff member before you leave.


Paintball is a prevalent group activity; many people enjoy playing paintball together as a group or party. Paintball Parks often arrange corporate events, birthday parties, bachelor parties, and other group events. When you book a party at a paintball park, you will usually have a package with a referee, paintballs, and all the necessary equipment.

A paintball birthday party is a great way to celebrate your birthday with friends and is perfect for any age group above 10-12 if supervised by adults. The party package includes everything you need for a great paintball birthday party, like paintball guns, masks, and 500 paintballs. The pricing for the birthday party packages is very reasonable, and the package includes everything you need for a great time.

Book a paintball party today and celebrate in style!