Paintball Mask Arena – Student Scholarship Program 2021


Welcome to the Paintball mask arena’s Student Scholarship Program. We are here to help you in harsh times like this.

How COVID-19 is affecting scholarships around the World

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the World is left in a state of confusion. Everyone is trying to keep their loved ones safe while learning the safety precautions along the road.

Paintballmaskarena is aware that several students have lost their opportunities for financial aids (scholarships). Many students lost their side job due to this Pandemic.

For many students, this side job was their primary source of income and it is heartbreaking to see they can’t cover their educational expenses anymore.

While many Universities are supporting their current students by supplying food and safety equipment and helping the new ones by giving scholarships, a little extra contribution from independent firms like ours is required.

COVID-19 Affecting scholarships

That is why we have decided to contribute to the educational institutions and scholarship providers by giving $500 to the deserving students.

Note: We understand semesters in many Universities might be postponed due to COVID-19, but we are willing to offer scholarships anyway because we understand the financial situation of unemployed students.

Paintball Mask Arena’s  Student Student Scholarship Program

Paintballmaskarena is offering two $500 scholarships, both for the fall semester to eligible students pursuing a degree in an ungraduated, or graduate program.

Students should submit a 500-1000 word essay here that describes:

  • Who you are
  • What your goal is
  • In which field you are studying, or going to apply, and why have you chosen that field?

The essay should be submitted in a Microsoft word or pdf document to be eligible for our scholarship. He/she must attach proof of current enrollment in an accredited United States University or college or proof that he/she has applied for the ungraduated program.

Note: Students must submit their essays at noon EST before October 16th to be eligible for our student scholarship scholarship. The winner will be selected before the end of November. Scholarship payment will either be directly sent to their school as tuition payment or in their account so they could fulfill their daily life necessities.
  1. Amount: $1000.
  2. The number of scholarships: 2.
  3. Eligibility: Graduate, or undergraduate student with proof.
  4. A resume.
  5. Minimum GPA: N/A.
  6. Required: A 500-1000 word essay.
  7. New Deadline: October 16th

Our Goal

Paintballmaskarena wants to help those who are pursuing education but are unable to cover their finances. We are supporting deserving candidates in this pandemic to play our part in the efforts to restore stability in this Chaos.

Part-time job for a good writer.

We are offering jobs at paintballmaskarena as a “writer” to the scholarship winners. We will pay for each article/blog post. A student must focus on his/her essay to be eligible for the post.

A writer must possess the following qualities:

  • Good English
  • Little knowledge of SEO
  • How to rewrite
  • How to manage keywords in a post

We will further train the selected candidates.

Further questions and confusion shall be entertained via email at [email protected]