Top 19 Paintball Clothing Tips With Checklists-Never Seen Before

if you are struggling to find what to wear for paintball, congratulation you are at the right, our team found some pro paintball clothing tips for you.

I am very happy that finally, you have decided to kick start your paintball journey, believe me, your excitement will touch the sky because paintball is love.

being a paintball geek, I highly recommend a newbie to read out this guide because clothing is the most crucial and important part of paintballing.

most of the players get injuries because of improper clothing, proper clothing will help you to play comfortably without having fear of getting the worst injuries.

paintball is not that dangerous however, minor injuries are the part of games, twisted ankles and cuts are minor injuries so don’t get fear from those injuries.

without further wasting time lets discuss what to wear for paintball.

Top 19 Paintball Clothing Tips

Paintball clothing tips

#1. Choose the right paintball mask for you

Paintball Mask

the paintball mask is the backbone of paintball, without having a paintball mask you may not be allowed to enter in the paintball field.

choose the right paintball mask that works for you rather then works against you.

  • select a fog proof mask with wide a peripheral vision
  • make sure that your mask has a durable dual-pane thermal lens.
  • check out the ventilation of mask
  • check out the comfortable foam
  • checkout ear protections.
  • A beginner should wear 360 degrees coverage mask
  • check out the fitting of the mask
  • protection mask later he/she can ho for partial protection.
  • if you are wearing glasses make sure to select a glasses friendly mask

let’s have a look at our most detailed guide about paintball mask

#2. Glass strap

Glass strap

  • trust me glass strap is life sever it is very frustrating when your glasses slip down again and again during the field.
  • I believe a glasses player can’t play efficiently without having a glass strap because it is nearly impossible to set up your glasses again and again. After all, you have already worn a mask.
  • this tip is only for glasses persons.

#3. Hats/ headbands

  • headbands not only protect your forehead head but also socks your sweat and stay you fresh during the field.
  • hats are used to mitigate the reflection of sun and protection from sun radiations.
  • in summers solar radiations are very harsh there for we advised you to wear a hat to keep safe from solar radiations

#4. Use visor according to weather conditions

Visor of paintball mask

Make sure to attach visor with your mask to get rid of sun radiations in harsh conditions.

moreover, you can use visor on rainy days to make your lens free from water droplets.

most of the mask comes with builtin visors select one of them if you have a low budget

we also have prepared the list of best paintball mask under 50 let’s have a look.

#5. Protect your neck

Neck guard

  • lots of players come with breathing difficulty after hitting in the neck, they confess that they don’t wear any neck guard.
  • make sure to select a comfortable neck guard for you, this will help you to bounce back all the hits from oppositions.
  • In summers it is nearly impossible to wear a neck guard but you can use a scarf or shemagh scarves to protect your neck.

#6. Choose clothes according to weather conditions

weather condition

  • select your clothes according to weather conditions, in winter we can wear multilayers of thick cloths but it is impossible to wear in summer.
  • I suggest you keep two sets of paintball clothes on is for summer and another for winter so that you can enjoy paintballing in both winters and summer.

#7. Choose old dark And durable clothes

paintball clothes

  • dark will help to keep safe from opponents because the dark colour is less visible especially in woodsball because there are lots of dark colours in environments.
  • avoid light colours because it can expose you, the dark colour will reduce the chance to expose you to the opponents.
  • paintball is a rough and tough game you may need some military type stunts so it is necessary to select and old and durable clothes because you don’t need to destroy your new clothes.

#8. Select long sleeves shirts

paintball full sleeve shirt

  • select a thick long sleeves sweatshirts for you especially in winters, you can wear multilayer of shirts but in summers wearing a single long sleeves shirt is the best option for us.
  • long sleeve shirts will protect you from direct hits on bare skins, if you get hits on bare skin you may get bruises and wrinkles.
  • full sleeves will somehow reduce the chances of bruise and wrinkles.

#9. Specific paintball pants

paintball pant

  • specially designed paintball paints are very comfortable to make movements and durable enough to last for a long time
  • another benefit of paintball specific pants are your lower parts will be protected from cuts and bruises.
  • in winter you can get thick camouflage specially designed to minimize the chances of cuts and bruises.
  • you can wear multilayers to reduce further risks of cuts and bruises.
  • during summers you can get different cargos which have lots of space to cross air and able to protect you from cuts and bruises.
  • don’t get confused paintball specific pants are thick enough but they will not distract your movements, you can make your movements easily.

#10. Wear a vest

paintball vest

  • the vest is another important item of paintball clothing because it will absorb the shocks of hits, your chest, and other internal parts that will be protected.
  • you may know that a young boy lost his life after being hit several times at the right side and he didn’t wear a vest. (Source)
  • don’t get confused paintball is the safest game according to modern researches just you have to follow safety rules checkout out our article about how much paintball is dangerous
  • to select a vest with multiple pockets so that you can hold your other important things like wallets, keys, paintball pistol, paintballs, water bottle, watch, map, radio, etc.

#11. Wear a paintball jersey

paintball jersey

  • the paintball jerseys are designed to absorb the shocks of paintballs by bouncing back the paintballs.
  • specially designed paintball jerseys are very lightweight and well ventilated having enough space to wear beneath the vest.
  • these jerseys are fully customizable you can choose any colour logs names etc according to your team.
  • impressive fitting of these jerseys will never enter the dust of outside and comfortable

#12. Wear a pair of gloves

Paintballl gloves

  • Specially designed gloves will reduce the chances of bruises, cuts and other injuries.
  • Though you will be not thrown out of the field, because of not wearing gloves, but believe me, once you get hit on your hand, you feel like your bone has been crushed.
  • Make sure to choose a pair of thin gloves because, it is somehow difficult to press trigger effectively with thick gloves.
  • Normal weight lifting gloves, football gloves, golf gloves and paintball specific gloves are enough for you.
  • You can customize your gloves and make them fingerless to improve trigger pressing speed

#13. Wear a groin cup or exalt pant


  • I believe our private parts are the most important, and sensitive parts of our body. Nobody wants to get hit on their nuts. I mean, come on, isn’t that the worst injury possible?
  • Believe me, it is a very painful moment when you get hit at your private parts. You may receive gruesome injuries.
  • Make sure to wear a groin cup or exalt pant during the field to avoid such incidents.

#14. Arm and knee pads specially designed for paintball

  • make sure to wear a specially designed elbow and knee pads because it will protect you when you fall on the ground or strike with the bunker/tree.
  • you can minimize almost 50% injuries by wearing safety equipment because most of the injuries occur due to falling in the ground or striking with trees or bunker.

#15. Holster/ belt


  • holster or belt is very useful for paintballing you can attach paintball pistol and other necessary things.
  • at some extent, we need these pistols because sometimes we don’t have sufficient time to refill our marks

#16. Wear paintball shoes


  • before purchasing shoes for paintball you have to decide whether you want to play woodsball or speedball.
  • woodsball fields are rough with the irregular surface you have to purchase specially designed shoes for woodsball however, you can use ordinary hiking or soccer shoes for speedball because speedball field is flat.
  • I recommend you to wear specially designed paintball shoes in both woodsball and speedball to reduce the risk of ankles injuries. Check out our article about (speedball vs woodsball)
  • specially designed paintball shoes come with rubber spikes which reduce the risk of twisted ankles injuries.

#17. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and accessories during the field

  • paintball is the game of movements your expensive jewelry or accessories may be lost.
  • make sure to place your expensive things at a safe place before entering the field.

#18. Extra pod packs

pod packs

  • paintball pods are very necessary for every player, pods are designed to carry your extra paintballs.
  • pods come with a harness but if you have your own belt then you can attach extra pods in your belt.

#19. Ghillie suit

Ghillie suit

  • you can use ghillie suits if you are interested, ghillie suits are very useful for those who don’t want to expose them sleeves.
  • generally, these suites are suitable for woodsball because their colours will perfectly blend with the environment.

Clothing checklist for beginners

  • fog-proof paintball mask with 360-degree protection.
  • attach a visor if needed
  • long sleeve sweatshirts single or multi-layer.
  • paintball specific pants single or multi-layer according to weather.
  • choose a dark color for woodsball and vibrant color for speedball
  • make sure to select durable clothes.
  • neck guard.
  • groin cup or exalt paints.
  • vest if weather condition allows
  • special paintball arm and knee pads.
  • wear a special paintball jersey for protection
  • holster/belt with extra pods and pistols

we have prepared a list of best paintball mask for beginners as well

Note: if it’s your first time you can rent equipment and clothes, I highly recommend you to try with rented items because it’s your first time. once your interest is developed in paintball then purchase your equipment and clothes.

Clothing checklist for pro players

  • fog-proof partial protection mask is enough for the pro player because they have experience.
  • visor if needed.
  • long sleeves sweatshirts according to weather conditions.
  • paintball specific pants
  • dark-colored or vibrant color according to the game.
  • old and durable cloths.
  • neck guard and groin protection
  • gloves specially designed for paintball.
  • arm and knee pads.
  • paintball jerseys.
  • belt/holster with extra pads.
  • extra pistols and guns.
  • vest for chest protection.
  • ghillie suits.
  • extra goggles.

Note: Don’t get confused paintball is not that much expensive game lets read our another detailed article about paintballing expenses


Do paintballs stain clothes?
no, paintball is environmental friendly made from non-toxic materials your clothes will be free from stains you can easily washout your cloths with normal washing machine.

paintball paint is non-toxic do not afraid of paintball paint.

Can I wear jeans to paintball?
yes, you can but we recommend you to wear specially designed paintball pants because they are comfortable you can make your movements without distraction.

another benefit of paintball pants is to mitigate the risks of cuts and bruises.

What do I wear to paintball so it doesn't hurt?
we have mentioned 2 checklists above
Can you wear leggings to paintball?
yes, you can but we recommend you to wear leggings like yoga pants shorts beneath the paintball paints for additional safety.

normal tight leggings will distract your movements as well.

Should you wear a cup for paintball?
Yes, but you have an alternative to wear exalt pants for your private part safety.

keep in mind you have to wear one of them because it is very painful movement when you get hit one private part

Can you put paintball clothes in the washer?
yes, paintball clothes are water-soluble and durable you can wash it in your ordinary washer.
How many layers should I wear for paintball?
In winters many players wear multi-layers like double or triple layers, however in summers it is impossible to wear multilayers, a single layer is sufficient for summers.
Do you need gloves for paintball?
yes, you should have a pair of gloves for paintballing.

though you will not out from the field because of gloves, Still you should have a special type of gloves for safety

Can you wear a hat with a paintball mask?
yes, you can wear a hat on the mask but some mask is not comfortable with hats if you have a mask which works well even if you wear a hat, you are good to go with.
How long do paintball marks last?
some high-quality paintball mask last for a very long time like 3 4 years.

however, some cheap quality masks loss not more than 6 to 7 months, So keep select a durable one for you

Should I wear a jock for paintball?
No, if you have good exalt paint you don’t need to have a jockstrap but if you don’t have a exalt pant then you have to wear a jockstrap.
What do you wear under paintball pants?
you can wear yoga pant or shorts to further reduce the risk of cuts and bruises but keep in mind you have to wear a safety guard for your private parts this is very important.

Final thoughts

guys, paintball is not a dangerous game, in fact, some researched data also proves that paintball is not a dangerous game if you follow the proper clothing and safety.

you can read this article for further clarification.

now your 2nd question will be is paintball expensive the answer is maybe or not.

It depends on you it can be expensive as hell or it can be very cheap.

check out another article about paintball expenses.

Guyz, we have done in-depth research to collect these 20 proven paintball clothing tips for you also we have made 2 checklists after a long debate with some experienced players keep share with your beloved ones.

stay safe, fill your paintball journey with excitement and fun.

An Engineer and a paintball dye hard with a vision to promote safe paintball around the world, Currently Teaching lots of students about actual paintball.

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